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  1. ahh i even remember the Christmas present you guys gave one of those years back during OFP days. i think it was the demo release or something, it sure made my christmas! :D
  2. lol wolf i like that precise time, it seems like big things happen with scheduled events? i dunno its hard for me to find servers that are active as well. i need to CO before the release and im only getting CO for this reason haha. BI should hire you Inv44 guys as promoters :P Random question though, ive been playing Inv44 since OFP days so were going back 10 years when the game came out, is it mostly the same team as you guys are now?
  3. i love caen!! you guys are doin an awesome job! id like to see some cities in ruins and awesome spots to set up positions. maybe like a sniper in a bell tower? :) im hoping we'll have something like that.
  4. that would be awesome for a fix for the voices as well. i love hearing the occasional yelling in german and such especially playing as the opposing team. The radio though is one thing that just needs to fixed since you randomly hear them talk in english and then hear them talk in russian. really happy to hear of the updates and as always, this will be another hit release :)
  5. really really like it. much better than the current recoil for ARMA2. cant wait for the new release. seriously, this recoil fix def made me more excited for the new release!
  6. agreed. the way it is now is fine. as far as the shooting goes though, im hoping to see the recoil toned down a bit, mainly for the automatic weapons which makes it very hard to do even a burst fire. Sorry i know this has been talked about, but just putting in my opinion. And honestly after that.. the mod is solid and i cant complain about anything! just looking forward to more :) ive always been an Inv44 fan since the day i got it for OFP
  7. got it! so get OA and run it as CO and were good to go here. thanks guys! looking forward to the next release!
  8. ahh i see! this may be dumb but what exactly is CO? is it Arma2 and operation arrowhead? since i have arma2 already and just that, what should i get then? thanks!
  9. for the CO release, is it going to be extra stuff that the arma2 release wont have? basically, i dont have CO so ill be missing out on stuff?
  10. awesome! btw, Omaha is beautiful, great job guys! endless mission making! haha :)
  11. I'm not sure if this was mentioned BUT west of Coellville (not sure of the spelling) at the beginning where the town starts, theres a plank leading up to a nice sniping spot to snipe intruders from the west. Only problem is the shots barely go through the hole and constantly hit the wall. This goes for the other spaces to the left while sitting. Can this be fixed? if you need a better understanding i can get a screenshot!
  12. haha awesome! thanks alot Pac! and b17! :D i definitely wanna check things out to get a nice start on making some missions!
  13. interesting. are you guys talking about using already created missions like the omaha mission as templates in the mission editor!? like opening the mission in mission editor and playing around with it? if so id love to figure out many things from it! is there a wayy? thanks!
  14. Hey guys i remember a while ago i saw German soldiers with the overcoats or "greatcoats" in a WIP video. Will those be added in the next update or so? Also i hear talk of a mission called Aloft? i dont see that in my "Scenarios"/SP missions section of the game :(
  15. I only see like 3 servers with the mod and they have like 2 people in it at most :/ anyone planning any events or something going along with like a big manned server? cause this mod looks beautiful and needs to be put to its awesome potential! so any good servers that i might be missing out on?
  16. The mod is absolutely excellent and i've been playing i44 since OFP! The only thing im finding eh is the kick back on the weapons making it quite difficult killing people. Is this just a realism thing?
  17. the videos were removed on youtube i didnt get to see :(
  18. Seriously, if you don't want to play the beta now and wait for the full release then just wait for the full release lol. i myself love this mod even if it is a beta simply because i love WWII and WWII in the Arma2 world is simply amazing and 31st Normandy mod is letting this happen! plus i remember how generous Rip31st was with basically asking from the community if they wanted an early release to get some hands on playing with units and such, so im very thankful for that. Cant wait for 1.00 and awesome job guys! :)
  19. This mod looks amazing. Been following Invasion 1944 since Operation Flashpoint and couldn't get enough of it. I was also really impressed with the island and also the smoothness of walking through the trenches which i usually see in Arma II isn't a strong point with the close quarter battles and movement. ill be following the updates all the way through :D
  20. can. not. wait.!! Im also very appreciative about how polite and helpful Rip has been with the community. really involved and putting up with all of our questions and our anxiousness haha
  21. those are small things but i get what your saying. It def isnt a big deal though. im anticipating this very much! WWII in ARMA2 would be amazing!
  22. looks pretty sweet and glad to hear theyre moving to ARMA2. loved the mod in OFP and def lookin forward to it in arma2 :)
  23. is it possible in the editor to have a unit start off in the guard tower instead of commanding them in game?