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  1. LugNut

    Why not add killstreaks to the game?

    Thanks OP, you made my day.
  2. LugNut

    Automatic Mod Downloading

    +1 for the OP. Yeah, yeah, I've heard all the arguments before on why it's not needed..... Auto downloading from a redirect server is one big answer to growing the community, especially PvP.
  3. I'd throw a serious hissy fit and refuse to eat my vegetables.
  4. :eek::eek::eek::eek: That video..... it's awesome! This mod completely changes things, it should be adopted by all servers.
  5. LugNut

    Feedback to E3 Interview and Ingame Scenes

    Kudos for BIS to even show it at E3. C'mon, it's a year away from release, who else would even show anything that early? I'm looking forward to seeing more as features get added and polished.
  6. LugNut

    Track IR 5 6DOF

    +1 op
  7. Ran across this: http://www.teamorlando.org/gametech/downloads/2011/presentations/20110323_GameTech_Intro_VBS2.pdf Scroll towards the end to see the improvements and changes for VBS2 V1.50, I think it might give us an idea of what we might see for A3. Scuba Underground spaces Terrain overall sizes and cell size Night Vision Lighting improvements Window damage Wounding (gore) Assault ladders Accurate grenade throwing Multiple positions supported for firing rocket launchers weapon safetys
  8. LugNut

    Addon/Mission Synchronization via FTP/HTTP server

    I'm all for it. Trying to understand the whole addon installation and various server requirements is a huge complaint from new users and frequently turns them away. PITA would be a charitable description.
  9. +1 Bots just don't do it for me........
  10. LugNut

    I think we can all agree... optimization

    Ok, maybe the big brainers are right, A2 runs great considering how much elaborate stuff is going on. I'll agree with the intent of the OP's post though, it doesn't run well enough to play smoothly regardless of the reason. There's always stuttering, lag, LOD and texture flashing and loading. Unless I see a BIS developer throw up their hands and say "Hey guys, with todays technology, this is the best we can do" I'll continue to think there's a way to improve it.
  11. LugNut

    Community feedback - improvments for Arma3

    * Better netcode and optimization! It drives too many potential players away, people get fed up with the stuttering/lag. *Better animations and collision detection. It drives too many potential players away, people get fed up with the clunky movements and getting hung up on twigs and such. * An integrated DL and Addon manegment system like every other FPS out there. Visit a server and if you don't have what they're running, you automatically DL and install it. It drives too many potential players away, people get fed up with trying to find, install and update their addons. See a trend here? We could have a much more viable MP community if these 3 things were fixed.
  12. They have to set it in the future you ninnies, it's not coming out until 2012. Which is in the FUTURE.
  13. LugNut

    Netcode and the new engine?

    I'm most hopeful about this, if it ain't fixed this time around, it'll be hard to get too excited.
  14. LugNut

    Arma 3 Officially Announced!

    I'm happy about the new animations and the PhysX effects, but I mainly hope it runs smoother. Any word if it's a new engine or the same?
  15. LugNut

    Revamped animation system

    Did they hire Smookie? :p http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=115889&page=61