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    Crew Glitch in the OPFOR tank

    Don't even get me started
  2. M2rine

    Reality Check

    BTW those who think "quality over quantity" checks in and are saying, that they'd rather had 2 well made tanks instead of bunch... they really need some rethinking Edit I reckon BIS made some "changes" about it so I made second revision of my presentation so noone can say "it's working now"
  3. M2rine


    Quick question. Why NLAW, which is in real live guided, is now considered unguided just because OPFOR RPG was changed to unguided?
  4. I've been thinking. Since ArmA (or arguably ofp) we have seen the very skeleton of the game practically unchanged. Things like AI, commands, action scroll menu etc. they have been so hardcoded to engine we see them now as they were 7+ years ago. So here comes the question. Are developers who designed, created, coded original engine systems like those above are still working at BiS? If not, are contemporary devs even aware how all those things work? Or they're just adding "fluff" (physix, animations, scuba, thermo etc., you get the idea) on top of an old skeleton, without touching the "sticky parts" as them now has to be completely rewritten or reverse engineered? And I'm serious, no troll question.
  5. They need to be reworked or turned off. Seriously, flying in helicopter causes epilepsy from strobe like flickering rotor shadow. It combines with atrocious looking canopy shadows skewed in weird angles and on top of that they're low fidelity, aliased and hard as coal. They look [...]. Imagine the worst adjective yourselves because mods are jumpy about it.
  6. Just because something is "manageable" doesn't make it good. ATM there is no keybind that allows do the "action" without bringing the "action menu". THAT'S THE POINT. Give us a button that does "action" connected to object we are pointing on AND ONLY THAT. I don't want to click RMB for x times to dismiss action menu, because this ladder I wanted to climb up on has an illusive hitpoint. We have 3 goddamn keys binded to the very same control. How's that even allowed in any game ever? EDIT for foolproof Anyone who says "if you miss 1st time and end up with action menu open, just scroll to it and MMB" has to think really hard about aspects of life like "wtf is wrong with me" and "why I'm willing to defend crap like this".
  7. Tl;DR most posts F**k your logic, this is arma. And yes, I had hope that after all those years we would get an "action" key just for actions we already have recognized as default with icon like doors, ladders, entering a vehicle and healing teammate, but instead we have 3 keys doing the very same thing (space, enter, mmb). Yes, when icon appears they do the action, but why every one of them has to bring the action menu with weapon change etc. ? Noone knows.
  8. M2rine

    Oculus Rift VR headset

    To be honestly blunt, I don't want "sluggish" folks input to be considered. It's about choice, right? It looks like, you don't want capable people to even have this opportunity, just because you can't play without looking at keyboard. Think about it.
  9. M2rine

    Will Arma 3 have better mouse controls?

    Yes please do this CoD style so I can make some of these And in all seriousness, Arma 2 without v-sync (triple buffering absent or so?) which is hampering mouse movement, smoothing set to 0 in controls menu and deadzone about 1mm in order to reduce small movement jerkiness handles great. Default settings suck hard but it's purely BiS fault as they can't make them proper (like hindered helicopter controls which can be easily fixed by changing them to BF2 settings). 1:1 ghost aiming is good in other FPSes but Arma shouldn't allow to do 720 spins with weapon.
  10. Hi. There is something wrong with my Six-updater. Gui version gives me this error: NoMethodError: undefined method `new' for nil:NilClass My six-updater-gui.log http://www.sendspace.com/file/p7s7ab There was no problems with old versions.