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  1. =TFB= Operation Arrowhead is in full swing. Join us for our FRIDAY NIGHT FRAG FEASTS, a public co-op tactical event held every Friday at 9est/6pst If you like large scale multifaceted tactical game play, then =TFB= is the place for you. If you are interested in joining a great mature an funlovin organization, go to our website at: www.tf-blackjack.com
  2. tractorking

    Server browser only showing OA servers...

    No I believe you are quite right. This is serious bull, to have to go to this extent to play with old and new players. If you have Arma up in whatever version, you should see ALL the servers and be limited or filter out the ones availible to your version. CO should be playable with everyone because thats why it costs more right? This whole release from the multiplayer perspective has done nothing but split the community and once again forcethe community to do alot of work for free just to get this program usable for all. The Steam issues should have never happened, the constant version pop up when the OA patch should have updated everything. I cant see most of the servers and I cant even get into my own server in plan vanilla Arma2 because of a vfersion mismatch that really doesnt exist. Can someone explain to me why this has been such a difficult process when the 3rd party community has been modding up ARMA for a decade, BIS cant really create a usable mod for all. Yes an already small community is being fragmented even more.:confused:
  3. tractorking

    AmmoBox crash

    CONFIRMED Crashes using all ammo boxes in Domination
  4. Unless you download with steam, then no, it wont work, but if your a hardcore script'er/programmer, you can force it to work. Oh, and you cant go to the store to buy a hard copy for another week so.....I guess the answer is.... No, at the moment it doesnt combine.
  5. I wouldve thought Steam would have a fix for this, or that it should not have been a problem to begin with. You can move your AOexpansions folder over but it doesnt allow access to the maps in the editor and you still wont see MP games using OA If I had known this I woulda spent the extra few bucks and bought the full version or Arma2/OA In fact, at this point, I think Steam owes us that. If you already have a version of A2 and bought OA and it would not integrate, they should offer a free download of the complete package.
  6. tractorking

    10th Special Forces Group

    Just caught this post. I want to thank the 10th SFG for supporting our regular friday night events on our server. You guys have been awsome fun to work with! :) I will put the word out and get our guys to your events as well. Looking forward to good times guys... Cheers Capt Tavenner Task Force Black Jack Reaper Company Commander
  7. tractorking

    Friday night fights

    No not true, not sure where that rumor came out. Might be that we have an admin with the same name as the 15th MEU. Task Force Black Jack is alive and kicking. www.tf-blackjack.com We are working hard on our website so be patient and check back soon. Hope to see you guys for the big co-ops on fridays. 9est/8cst/7mst/6pst
  8. FRAG-TASTIC FRIDAYS We are hosting a HUGE game on our servers every Friday night. Black Jack will be hosting other units from the JSOC community, and other outstanding units from around the community in LARGE Coop missions. These missions will be played tactically and we prefer if those joining have teamspeak. Also, you will need the ACE 2 mod. So if you are looking for fun and have a free Friday Night to kill some bad guys, join us! Our Server is located at Our teamspeak is located at ts3.defconservers.com port 10019 Hope to see everyone there.
  9. tractorking

    "Random" BattlEye kicks

    Still unable to stop battleye on ded server any help
  10. tractorking

    Respawn Editor

    How do I make respawn points (base type)? Put the following into your description.ext (in your mission's folder): respawn="base" respawndelay=15 Respawn delay is in seconds. In OFP, place a marker, e.g. a circle. Name it "respawn_west" for West's respawn, "respawn_east" for East's respawn, and "respawn_guerrila" for Resistance' respawn. Notice the typo of guerrila (correctly spelled it's guerrilla or guerilla (both are correct), but for respawn in OFP it's guerrila).
  11. Ive done several Single Player missions and would like to make some for multiplayer. What are the diffrences and what files and scripts need to be in place or edited to simply convert SP missions to MP. Searched but couldnt find the basics.
  12. tractorking

    This is amazing

    Definatly FSW, but I like it, I thought it worked well. Keep working on this I think this is something ARMA needs to get the AI even more realistic for CQB
  13. tractorking

    Why are public games in ArmA II so terrible?

    I mentioned this earlier and have no particular ties to this server but..... Ive found good admin and teamplay in only one open server 3rdMD Any of the other good games Ive had were in passworded servs. 3rdMD really keeps people in line or boots them, In fact lately we have seen very little bad players doing stupid things because they have been consistent in kicking people for bad gameplay and they just dont come back to that server anymore. Goes to prove that good admining can force good game play but I will also say that they have had a heck of a time getting there and it is a constant job to monitor plyers and ensure that only teamplayers stay in the server. And oh yeah, they run Domination most of the time.
  14. tractorking

    ARMA game league??

    You know I was gonna refrain but...... This is how projects and things start. You throw something out there and toss it around a little and see what comes back or comes about....if I had designed this mission as you would like me to explain in full minut detail.....I would have built it already.....and this thread would have been titled "play my three way reacharound multiplayer mission"....but its not......I think Ive just grown tired of you trying to highjack my thread on the tottally off topic issue. So if you please. You ve already said you wish you had more ideas for making missions. I granted you your wish. Myself and several others have provided you with a plethera of possible mission concepts. Now just be gratefull, say thank you, and walk away. ---------- Post added at 07:00 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:48 AM ---------- I always thought the US Army vs Insurgents and toss in some Blackwater type independent contractors.. For example: The Marines are in a major fire fight against Insurgents for control of the city. Mean while, the Blackwater guys are trying to guard a convoy that has the misfortune of stumbling in between the fire fight. The contractors main priority is security of the convoy and get them from point A to B while the other 2 are fighting over the territory. Gonna have to work on this if I have some time.
  15. tractorking

    ARMA game league??

    Well..lets see...Opfor...Blufor...Independent and um...no auto balance.....seems like its built in already. Why cant you have 3 factions attempting to gain control over the same objective...or....3 faction trying to accomplish different tasks within the same AO. It would not be that difficult, Ive done SP missions but havent taken a shot at MP missions but now maybe I will. If someone has any insight to this or has tried and failed then please speak up now. This thread has sparked some interesting topics and soem new information for some people.. But I digress....... Back on topic...... The Idea was to have a central thread or stomping ground for squads to be able to contact and arrange events...they dont have to be against each other all the time...say if 4 squads get together they could split into two or whatever combination. We have alot of squads that specialize in certain abilities ie: Snipers, Recon, Armor, Aviation. You could have joint operations if you like or just team vs team.. My thought is to still keep it light and breezy inregards to structure but if we wanted to post the results for the purpose of fun and bragging right then thats cool too. Maybe just another category in the threads would do it, or a sticky somewhere to get the ball rolling. It just needs a central communtications point. Right now every squad has a diffrent website and server and most stick to theyre own in co-op mode. Just a suggestion