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    German Assault Addons - Army

    The KSK uses Multicam now.
  2. -GLT-Sarge


    Great! Is there anything unclear about the IdZ-2 system's content? Is there any possibility the MUSS of the Puma could work, even if it's just automatic fog deployment when an incoming object is detected? For KSK, check the actual Y-Magazin issue for a selection of weapons and how their gear looks (basicly it's all Crye Precision Multicam of course lol) or check: http://www.bundeswehr.de/portal/a/bwde/!ut/p/c4/NYzBCsIwEET_KNsgUvRmKIg38aL1tm1iXGg2JW4sFj_e5OAMDAOPGbhDMeObPApFxglu0I-0HxY1LNapkCeh4CyhWh1JZu84s639NT4TPcSxCuhxJf7Atb6V1RjZSc1ChUr6hBKTmmOSqZKcUiGKLPSN7oxum7_0d2eOxpy3m7Y7mQvMIRx-XWRNRg!!/ where you can download the centerfold as PDF. The leichte Panzerfaust is the RGW90 system or future Wirkmittel 90. The Grenade launcher is the Milkor. Notice the shaved G36 mags, they also have smaller base plates (~2mm less wide) so they can fit 3 instead of just 2 magazines in one pouch. They aren't interlockable anymore after that modification, but that doesn't really matter to them.
  3. -GLT-Sarge

    Campaign DLC

    No the campaing will follow as cost free dlc. Just got the update by the minute (was on Developer Branch mode), 150 MB. Version Number 1.xxsomething......added quite alot of showcases. Didn't test anything yet because I am on my laptop and in my bed xD
  4. -GLT-Sarge

    Drone Controls

    The CAS Greyhawk can drop two LGBU, even though the model doesn't work pretty well atm because when you release a bomb, both bombs keep attached to the Greyhawk while it spawns a bomb mid-air....still, your ammo count goes towards zero. needs some fixing there BI. Thanks for the vid tutorial, maybe you should mention you have to hold and release right mouse button onto the waypoint, otherwise the menu doesnt show up. But now I know you can switch between drones which I wasnt aware off. thanks again. I lasered an armored target with the darter (flew it to an observation point, then took turret controls and lasered), switched to an airborne Greyhawk CAS, set course and put it in engage&fire at will mode, then switched back to the Darter for observation and damage assesment. Greyhawk flew by and you could see the LGBU gliding on the laser's path right into the tank. that one worked quite nicely, even though the Greyhawk got shot down right after (next time, I think I should use higher altitude, but I think the Greyhawk went into dive mode.....) Anyways, I was thinking if you could use two drone operators controlling one Greyhawk CAS? I mean, like it's done in real life. Both connect to the drone, pilot flys it and the other one operates lasers and weapons. Anyone tried that yet? I have no idea how to set up a training mission. I think this would be the best way to get the drones working, everything else is not solved properly. Having the possibility to use two operators for one drone would be awesome.
  5. When in the mortar (or self propelled howitzer) you can use the scope when you have a target in the line of sight (which is or should not be the case considering all these systems are weapons for indirect line of fire). Assuming you're in the mortar and the scope gives you an error message while keeping a target on point, load a shell for different range, either for more or less range. When the right shell is loaded you should see some numbers on the low right of the scope, elevation etc. One of them changes depending of the direction an angle you're aiming, the other value is yours to be adjusted with holding down the metering buttons on your keyboard (usually picture up and down). as said, try to match both values and then fire your round. It should splash near the target. for the other questions (especially the Auto setting, have to try this, what's the synonym function in the control settings of the game because I have a German layout Keyboard?) I have no answer.
  6. Danke Myke Same here with United States and no shipping adress, but its an Download Code anyways (so probably I can download the Supporter Goodies as a plan for a 3D printer) Smells fishy.
  7. Ok thank you. I just saw I actually got 2 confirmations like you. You also have different order numbers?
  8. Hey, as in the title, I received an Email which says I paid 69,99€ for the A3 Supporters Edition today. I didnt buy it, I was working the whole morning in the garage! Sprocketidea is also down, server maintenance. Has it been hacked? My credit card company also has system maintenance right now, but I am gonna let them stop that transaction because I just bought the regular Alpha. Anyone here with the same problem or some more infos? Thanks!
  9. "Hey! Have a look at that hedge over there.....here, have my helmet so you can look through the binoculars mounted to it"
  10. -GLT-Sarge

    [HMM] Stance Indicator

    same here, except for me it's just the CBA. As soon as I don't load them with the game the radio messages play once as they should. BUT for some reason, my brother can use this stance addon without CBA! Whats the deal? cheers
  11. Want to report a bug. As soon as I start the game with CBA 3, the voice overs in the Showcases play twice. I wanna use this addon, so I need CBA 3 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18998#comments but, for some reason, my brother can use this addon even without CBA. sucks. Dont know whats wrong. also made a post in the addon thread http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148645-HMM-Stance-Indicator&p=2355389#post2355389
  12. How do I receive these updates? Auto Update in Steam is turned on. Steam only downloads either an 7,4 MB or 6 MB file, depending which version I chose to start the alpah with (developer or stable). The version number still is the one the alpha has been released with. Thanks for any adivce.
  13. -GLT-Sarge

    DEV patch (Seagull Attack) reverted

    Everytime I change from Stable to Developer Version something gets downloaded from steam but the version number ingame doesnt change, still have the one the alpha was released with. No idea why its not working, anybody an idea?