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  1. Ill try to be more specific, I have made a briefing.sqf, briefing.html and init.sqf already and they are located in "arma2 other users..." library where my mission is saved. Init.sqf looks like yours. When I play myself in the editor everything is working fine. However when I export my mission theese files doesnt follow. Tried to copy them manually to the new location, but I still didnt manage to show them ingame. Are they files supposed to follow to the new directory? Do you need more info? Cellus: None of the links you provided actually fits my description, and yes, Ive already read them before posting ;-). I tried to add so my init.sqf looks like http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=78855 (TurokGMTs post), but no difference. Hope this will work out...
  2. My mulitplayermission is about done thanks to the help I got from this forum. However, after Ive exported my mission to "multiplayer" and started a new internet server, my briefing doesnt show up ingame for me or any other. What happened?
  3. I have the exact same prb as described here. I tried the settings above but I cant figure it out. Did you mange it? For me the trigger activates from far away, and Im not able to figure out how to "activate by my group".
  4. Well I havent solved this issue yet... However I believe that the command nearestobject could make this happen, that is... - If Bluefor comes close enough to Prisoner then setcaptive = 0. But how on earth would I be able to work this out? Im about to give up... Help me BI-forum, your my only hope :-)
  5. Multiplayer map where a player (bluefor) is held captive by OPFOR (so far so good using the setcaptive command). However, OPFOR is transporting the prisoner to a location. I want the "setcaptive" command to end when the rescue team (BLUEFOR) detects the prisoner. I have read a lot of places but havnt found anything about this. Can someone please point me in the right direction?
  6. Thank you very much! It works perfectly! However, anyone have the answer to my second question? I want BLUEFOR to loose if they kill any of the 7 civilians on the map, and vice versa for OPFOR. Is it possible to make a trigger for this? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello, and thanks for a great forum. I am putting up a multiplayer mission where OPFOR is taking a prisoner (also a player) to a specific location. BLUEFOR have to save the prisoner before he reaches that location, and bring him to an extractionpoint. There are 3 different possible endings. a) OPFOR wins. (Prisoner is taken to location). b) BLUEFOR wins. (Prisoner is taken to extractionpoint). c) No one win. (Prisoner is killed). Now to my questions. 1) Is it possible to put different text in the "end" dialogue box that pops up when one of the mentioned endings take place? Do I need to make a file like the "briefing.sqf" but with endings instead? 2) Is it possible to make BLUEFOR win if OPFOR kills a civilian and vice versa. I have tried to look for an answer in the forums, but its too complicated to find something that fits my scenario. Looking forward to your reply! Thx in advance!