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    SLX Mod WIP

    @Solus: There is a huge problem with the ai_skill.pbo and the A10 (planes) since version 2.1. The AI can't handle the GAU 8 anymore. Once the GAU is fired , the AI is screwed up. They constantly fire the cannon, in the air , on the ground, no matter if theres a target. With version 1.9 it is all fine.
  2. -=Firewall=-

    SLX Mod WIP

    I found 3 bugs: 1) A funny one: After I destroyed the weapon of a captured soldier, I could order my medic to "heal" this destroyed weapon via menu. :D 2) Is it possible to overdo the healing system for injured enemy soldiers. Despite they surrendered they get shot by my men.... (I know I asked this before). Also its very difficult to determine via the menu to order my medic to heal a specific enemy soldier. 3) With your last version, the Ai inf seems to waste ammo. Even in small firefights some soldiers ran out of ammo, especially the soldiers equipped with assault rifels, like the M16.
  3. -=Firewall=-


    Hi, is there a detailed map for the celle addon like the ones for Takistan or Chernarus?
  4. -=Firewall=-

    Gossamer's Warfare --- Variant of Warfare BE

    Hi GossamerS, after having played many warfare missions(on both sides!), your type, BE and AWP, I think it's indispensable to strengthen the WEST antiAir! The Avenger is really useless, they are hit by the SU's and Kamovs before they could do anything. It's a good solution in BE version to add the CDF Shilka to the USA to provide something that deserves the name "airdefense". I don't want to whine about the diversities like some other players, but it couldn't be wrong to have a look at it. :) Cheers.
  5. -=Firewall=-

    SLX Mod WIP

    Good morning, I have to ask the following question: When I place an Infsquad with a vehicle in the editor, the the group will use the vehicle to get to a waypoint which is far away. (SLX behaviour, right?) But if I spawn the same group and the vehicle via script, the group does not use its vehicle and moves to the waypoint by foot.... Aren't the scripted units influenced by the SLX AI?
  6. -=Firewall=-

    Strength of the CDF

    Thank you! :) This means our map is just a part of Chernarus. Ok, didn't know that. It would be awesome if we get the whole map some day. :cool: We could not translate the strategy of the marines in game to real life. I don't think that they would send in only 1 MEU. After the marines would have conquered some beachheads, the army surely would succeed. Maybe its a reinforced MEU with all kinds of tropps. I hope there will be an aircraft carrier addon soon.
  7. -=Firewall=-

    SLX Mod WIP

    Wow, the last version. :cool: A great addon is completed. P.S. :Maybe it's my mistake, but I can't order my men to do supressive fire. I select the unit and select "supressing fire" in the action menu, but nothing happens. Is there another way to order my men to do this effective suppressing fire the enemy can do.
  8. -=Firewall=-

    Strength of the CDF

    Are there any maps showing the frontlines, the regions, the warzones and so on? In the beginning of the SP campaign there was a short look on a map which showed the ground occupied by the insurgents.
  9. -=Firewall=-

    SLX Mod WIP

    Good evening, After having fought a really heavy battle, I have some suggestions for SLX. The apc - vehicles dont throw smoke when being damaged. Only the tanks? The LAV seems to have a problem in recognizing enemy units. (ok, could be a vanilla issue) If I remeber right, the AI should be able to man empty defences or units around them but they didn't..? I the mission there were serveral empty defences and vehicles, but the AI didn't use them. Sometimes if you put your units back form danger mode to aware mode, they still stay in danger mode. Maybe it would be good if the player could call in supporting units like the AI with GL3. If the player calls for help one of the units avaiable in GL3 the unit should react on the call. Greetings :)
  10. -=Firewall=-

    SLX Mod WIP

    Thank you for investing that much time to make ARMA 2 a great experience.
  11. -=Firewall=-

    SLX Mod WIP

    Thanks for your attention, but UPSMON Patrol Script (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=91696)it is not a Pbo and you have to put it directly in mission folder:it's not an addon like SLX. Ok. The instructions to the AI of the patrol script have the "highest priority". But commom AI behaviour, like finding cover or doing evasive maneuvers still are the SLX way. Maybe this could have negative influences. The best thing you can do is making some testmissions and evaluate the result. :) @Solus: The tanks do no longer throw smoke. 2 M1 got hit, disableing the tracks, but they didn't throw smoke to cover themselfs. It's strange anyway, that even if the tanks are hit directly into the front armour, mostly the tracks are destroyed. Its awesome now, how smart the Ai is in recognizing the enemy. In vanilla arma sometimes the enemy walked infront of some tanks, and they did not recognize the enemy.
  12. -=Firewall=-

    SLX Mod WIP

    All problems are solved for me with the latest SLX version. :bounce3: Install it with the normal modfolder method in the same install directory. @fideco: SLX is compatible to nearly all other mods. If you load the patrol script AFTER SLX (...@SLX;@patrolscrtipt;...) then you could be sure, if there is an interference, the patrol scripts are used. But I could not obviate any negative issues. For SLX use without OA, copy the slx_a2_backcompatability.pbo int @SLX addons folder. @Solus: I discovered a funny thing(minor bug): An inf squad was advancing slowly over a field of hay bales. There were 3 soldiers taking cover behind the same hay bale at the same position. Their bodys were merged into eachother.
  13. -=Firewall=-

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    Looks great, but HOW (what options) could you pay for it?
  14. Hopefully this mod will be integrated in the warefare missions.
  15. -=Firewall=-

    Mexican Conflict Mod

    Ok, thanks. It's a good alternative to the normal USA vs RUSSIAN / RUSSIAN equipment. When will the beta stage be reached? Well, I have to mention that I wont have much time to do large tests, but some bug finding will be possible.