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  1. was running using old six updater... issue resolved. Thanks sickboy
  2. Getting run time error on six when downloading AiA, is the image out of sync?
  3. Just saw this after my other post. Will try it out ! Your campaign are awesome as usual, expecting the same here :)
  4. Just came back from a long Arma hiatus and gotten Arma3, Bardosy, any full campaign releases from you so far? Tks buddy
  5. Noticed that arma3 alpha uses cpu for phyX. Would be possible that sheer amount of physics cal. Causing the shutter?
  6. Sorry if this has been asked, how do I test this out?
  7. Muahaha

    [SP] Old MacDonalds Farm adventure.

    2 thumbs up! awesome voice acting.
  8. it was disabled or got the driver killed, couldn't confirm it but definitely not destroyed.
  9. I am referring to the convoy, didn't pay attention how long before it got deleted but I took my time to tactically move my squad in, just to make sure no surprises. Should be the latest just got it downloaded again today.
  10. liking this mission so far, very fun to go witch hunting the villagers. 1 thing though, destroyed or disabled enemy vehicle despawn too fast for my guys to carefully approach it. possible to prolong the timer?
  11. Is the updated version available for download yet?
  12. This sounds interesting, will try it out.
  13. Muahaha

    [CAMP/COOP] Day of NAPA

    Really hope I can get to play the SP version of this. Sounds really interesting.
  14. Muahaha

    [CAMP/COOP] Day of NAPA

    Sad to hear this is too hard for SP, your campaign is always top notched Bardosy. Thanks for the release.
  15. So we can't install RC2 over RC1 basically?
  16. My experience with bird watching AI is when they throw smoke grenades or attempting to throw 1. The ai will start looking up the sky and spin, but this was not due to this suppression mod. Maybe you could try to check on it.
  17. Muahaha

    Running Arma2 from SSD

    Guys, Quick and I hope easy question, will having my OS on normal HDD and Arma2 on SSD increase performance drastically comparing to fully having everything on SSD (OS+Arma2) ? Planning to get 1 SSD but lazy to reinstall the entire OS to the SSD and I don't think the capacity is large enough for it. Thanks
  18. Muahaha

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    Alright Foxhound sir, time to dig out the old SSD thread...
  19. Muahaha

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    Slightly off topic, will installing Arma2 on SSD with the OS on normal HDD increases performance ? I plan to get a SSD but lazy to reinstall everything again in SSD.
  20. I used ASR with this mod, haven't seen that odd behavior either.
  21. This mod should be nominated for best mod of the year! Thanks guys, it's nice to see proper suppression implemented finally.
  22. Muahaha

    Rejenorst's Missions [SP/MP/COOP]

    i normally flies with 2 wingman. Probably that why it was always called off once 1 wingman is down. Can it be done that the flight leader prioritze the main objective rather than the vehicles ? Currently the target assigned to other AI n player are the tanks n trucks
  23. Muahaha

    Rejenorst's Missions [SP/MP/COOP]

    Interesting mission, very tough to beat as my wingman normally dies off during the 1st encounter and every time i played i am tasked to kill everything around AO.
  24. Muahaha

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    25% off, get it now for those who want it.