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  1. Roush


    Qwertt, is there a way to recruit in the demo? If not, will you be able to recruit in the final version. Since you do need two to operate armor. Were a very small squad and we like to run armor with AI gunners. Roush
  2. Roush


    Qwertt, Welcome back!! Me and my guys loved playing your War-3 front for Arma2, will definately check this out!! Cheers! Roush
  3. Roush

    CO16 Insurgency

    Thats quite alright!! Were still going around and finding and killing the enemy!! Great fun!! Roush
  4. Roush

    CO16 Insurgency

    This mission is frigging awesome!! Question though, we have destroyed all 9 caches, but the mission wont end. Do we have to clear the complete grid, or is there no end trigger?? Roush
  5. Actually we still had some errors with BAF installed, would constantly disconnect us from the server. When Defcon received the full 1.54 build they reloaded the complete game with BAF. Runs smooth as silk now!! Hope this helps. Roush
  6. Your server providers need to get the BAF (Lite) portion of the patch. Double check with them and see if they have it. If not they can probably get it from Defcon Servers. Roush
  7. Defcon was missing the BAF mod portion. They had to get it from another provider. Didnt realize the typo, my mistake!! Roush
  8. Defcon added the BAF mod to our server and it works now. It seems alot of providers did not get the mod or did not make it available to the server renters. Make sure your provider has it, if not have them contact Defcon Servers. Now were getting a Battleye error!! Damn!! Solved that problem, disabled BattlEye on our server. Roush
  9. Check with your server provider to see if they received the BAF mod with the patch. This might be the issue. My server provider just received the BAF mod and im currently installing on the server. I'll let you know the results! Roush
  10. Defcon told me it was because they did receive the BAF mod portion of the patch. They got it from a French provider, I am installing on the server as we speak. I'll let you know the results. You might want to contact your provider and ask if they got the BAF Mod also. Hope this helps!! Cheers! Roush
  11. Same thing here. Ive been working with Defcon Servers since Thursday night and we still cant find a fix. If we do I will post it here. Roush
  12. Roush

    ArmA 2: OA Beta Build 72967

    I never said it was BIS fault! Its a known issue with combined ops servers through a number of server hosters. I'm trying everything i can to find a fix, and if I do I make sure I post the fix as others would do. Roush
  13. Roush

    ArmA 2: OA Beta Build 72967

    Excuse me, I have every right to be concerned!! I am paying for a server I cannot use!! I am not whining I am trying to find a fix!! Ive been working with Defcon server for the last 4 hours trying to get the server working so we could join!! You pay my bill and i'll quit WHINING as you put it!! I love BI and their games, but there is a problem here with combined ops servers. Roush