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  1. tcp

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    I noticed a dialog error about no entry for scrollbars pops up in 097 and some of the community edits. Here is a fix: https://gist.github.com/ted23p/08f94ff993b0cd2560ff/revisions
  2. ArmA 3 SQF Scheme for EditPadPro7 v1.0.0 Download: https://tacden.net/arma/epp/dl.php?v=latest Features: Syntax highlighting - Includes scripting commands up to ArmA 3 preliminary. Keywords are separated into special variables, config commands, engine globals, general commands, and BIS functions. Instructions: Copy SQF.jgcscs into the install directory of EditPadPro7. Go to Options -> Configure File Types. Import SQF.ini Feel free to inform me of any missing or incorrect keywords / scripting commands. Email: arma@tacden.net Credits: Scripting commands compiled from: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Scripting_Commands http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147365-ArmA-3-Notepad-Syntax-Highlighting http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18830 http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-special-variables/ https://dev-heaven.net/projects/cmb Special thanks for assistance to kju Changelog: 1.0.0 - Initial release
  3. zeu_ace_c_wep_dispersion.pbo This PBO is not signed correctly.
  4. galzohar: You have a couple of options. Put the rsync files on an external drive if you aren't going to use them frequently. If this is a special mod that is large and not updated frequently, then the author probably releases small incremental patches (the config files and new data files in seperate PBOs from the all the original data files). Just delete the .rsync folder and start updating by direct download from the author. Bandwidth is way more precious than HDD space so I doubt if it any mod authors would insist their mods be released without patching support. Do you know of any?
  5. Oh yea, I forgot about that, weapon resting is a nice bonus feature. Luckily, near buildings you shouldn't need it. I did change the positioning code a bit for when you drop a ruck. I would still make sure the space in front of you is clear (with a small buffer to the left and right of that space as well) and that its height is level with where you are standing. It will probably still have problems though. I will consider adding a special button that let's your grab (and move) a ruck that you just dropped in case it goes into the floor or something.
  6. nodlew: Don't use the 6 command menu to open up AI gear. Open up your own gear. To the left and right of your name (top right) there are arrows to cycle through the gear of your units. Regarding the other stuff, post a bug report as stated above by Sickboy with more detail because it's hard to tell what you were trying to do. Dropping rucks near buildings is not supported. The only reason to drop a ruck is if you want to lose the weight for an extended period of time and come back for it later. You shouldn't be doing it on a routine basis (almost never). The contents of a dropped ruck will be lost if the unit picking up the ruck already has a ruck or has items in their ruck arrays. The only way to swap rucks between units is if you both use the Drop Ruck button (so you both end up with empty arrays) then pick up each other's rucks. You can now use rucksack sharing (Rucksack on the interaction menu) if you are trying to easily get into the ruck of another unit.
  7. Default battery life for rangefinder can be found here. SOFLAM lasts 90 minutes by default (with or without laser on, laser just creates heat, not completely realistic). Vector 21 does not run out of batteries.
  8. My mistake. The way the code is written is confusing though. If he just needs a probability, he should just use: if (random 1 > 0.6) If the array is representative of something more, he should not hard code the array or count and use: floor(random(count _arrayy))
  9. BTW, round (random 4) will sometimes round up to 4 which is out of bounds of your array which is zero-based and only has indexes from 0-3.
  10. /*The following should already be set in init.sqf or similar, but not this script tt7 = false; tt8 = false; */ private ["_array_y", "_num"]; //standard practice to contain variables in the proper scope _array_y = [0,1,2,3,4]; _num = _array_y select floor(random(count _array_y)); if ( _num > 2 ) then { tt8 = true; } else { tt7 = true; }; // ^ an equal probability would be (random 1 > 0.6) titleCut [format["All objectives complete\nCall Dow Jones\nRandom number is %1 and tt8 %2 and tt7 %3", _num, tt8, tt7], "PLAIN"]; //exit is not a SQF command
  11. PSPadAS v0.02 Download: http://tcp.servegame.org/arma/pspad/dl.php?v=latest Features: Syntax extension - Includes scripting commands up to ArmA2 v1.56. Keywords are separated into general commands, control structure reserved words, engine-defined variables, and config commands. Script extension - Inserts private statement with local variables at top of selection. Local variables must begin with an underscore (_) and may contain uppercase. Ignores variables that begin with a double underscore (__) and are closed by a single quote (') or double quote ("). Instructions: Copy the Syntax and Script folders into the install directory of PSPad. Go to Settings -> Highlighter Settings. Select a <not assigned> slot and under list of User Highlighters, select SQF. Change the colors to your preference. Feel free to inform me of any missing or incorrect keywords / scripting commands. Any requests for the Script extension are also welcome. Changelog: 0.02 - Fixed script ignoring similar variables 0.01 - Initial release - Added commands through ArmA 1.56 - Added Insert private script
  12. Please read the manual. There is no duplication. Rucks cannot be considered unique by the game engine. Ruck contents can only be stored in two locations in script, the player object and the addAction created by the Drop Ruck button. There is no other way to drop a ruck, putting it in a car does nothing, you will just not have access to it until you pick up another ruck (any ruck). When you pick up a ruck with too low of a capacity to carry all the contents still tied to your player. You will have to drop some of them until you are within capacity or suffer a heavy weight penalty. I shouldn't have to explain this because if you had problems, you should have first turned to the documentation. If you had a legitimate concern, you would not post on this thread, but would have made a ticket on the issue tracker. The ruck system will stay exactly as shitty as it currently is unless you create detailed bug reports and give me a valid path for troubleshooting. Sorry, but as far as I can tell, everything I do with rucks works perfectly. EE, I don't know what you mean by clear the contents list, but a volume check when you swap packs is already in place.
  13. @woodstock21: First, is Stamina disabled? Second, please create a support ticket as stated and I would also like to see the mission file. The ruck system underwent a few changes on Monday so it's worth looking into.
  14. There is also another issue with Steam no longer being updated past 1.04. I reinstalled Windows and only backed up my A2 directory. I tried installing steam and dropping the A2 game files into the steamapps\common folder, turning automatically keep this game updated off, and running A2 to update the registry. However, I think because it does have the GCF file for A2, it tries to "update" (1.05 is reverted to 1.04) your game anyway before you can launch it. In short, backup your GCF file or your registry entries (if you don't plan on using steam again) before reinstalling. Although, keep in mind the registry key location might change depending on the Windows version. Is there a way to manually enter your serial key or convert your key to the hash it is stored in the registry as?
  15. Packing inside of vehicles is disabled, the reason you still see the pack/unpack button is because the dialog refuses to update while inside of a vehicle. It's best to keep it disabled to prevent further errors.