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  1. LukeB

    Patch 1.04 Stability Survey

    1.04 has been reasonable stable for me except for the Dogs Of War mission in single user campaign. Here I have experienceds several graphical bugs (partially frozen characters etc, in Hand Over Lopotev) and AI bugs (Razor members not responding to commands and leaving the scene for some reason). Usually this type of bug leads to the death of one of the Razor team members and kills the mission from that point. In my opinion, I cannot see the scense of killing the mission if one of the other Razor team members dies. All this does is force you to play the mission Rambo style as one against the world, with the rest of Razor team somewhere safe, because some member always gets himself killed due to not following orders or something else. I must admit that I haven't been game enough to try the multiplayer servers yet due to not being able to get a proper handle on all the controls, menus, etc. In the abscence of a complete user manual, it would be very helpful if there could be a menu structure diagram (flow chart style) produced that showed the menu functionality through the game. Cheers, Luke
  2. LukeB

    Sigh. Dogs of War. Again.

    Well it doesn't matter now. I just installed Windows 7 on my PC, installed all my games (Steam) and now back to the beginning. :) It will be interesting to see how the game performs under Win 7 and if I experience the same bugs. Stay tuned :) Cheers, Luke
  3. LukeB

    How old are Arma2 Players?

    59 years young :) Cheers all, Luke.
  4. LukeB

    Sigh. Dogs of War. Again.

    I think you're right there. I just found another one.:eek: I finished Deal with the Russians and went back to HQ with the intention of getting ready to go finding and destroying the enemy base, but when I got back and ordered the rest of the team to dissembark from the truck, I noticed that Number2 wasn't with us.:confused: He didn't follow my order to get into the truck at the Lopotev hand over point. I found him kms away heading to who knows where? I ordered him to regroup but he ignored the order. I ordered to stop, but he ignored the order. I didn't want him to go getting himself killed and so I ordered to get down, but again he ignored the order. It didn't matter what I ordered him to do, he just ignored it and continued going where ever the AI was sending him??? I tried to exchange roles with him but couldn't and so I decided to go and get him if I could. After fighting my way around his path (I had to do this a couple of times to protect him) I finaly realised where he was going. He was trying to get back to the island where we got Lopotev???? Well I had almost caught up to him when he decided to try to swim to the island and then he drowned before I could do any thing. Well it looks like that's it. I can't see how I can go any further because I can't control him? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm stuck. :(
  5. LukeB

    Sigh. Dogs of War. Again.

    Hi, Don't give up on it. Obvoiusly there are still some bugs for BI to sort out and I hope they do sort them out. When I captured Lopotev, I got a radio message from Don saying he was sending a helo to pick us up and shortly after that we were in the helo and back to base and everything worked out as I expected. Did you get the radio message and choose to ignore it? Maybe that could have some affect on the outcome? Bugs not withstanding, we really should commend BI for such an terrific game. Tha fact that every player can choose a different and unique method of play and the game copes with it is just incredible. I'm really amazed that there are not more bugs than we seem to experience given the complexity of what is going on concurrently at any one instant. Try reverting to an earlier save before you left the island and see if the problem happens again. Or try waiting for the helo to pick you up and transport you and the prisoner back to base. An interesting observation during the flight was that Lopotev is actually in the pilot seat and appears to be flying the helo. Cheers, Luke
  6. Hi All, I'm playing through Dogs Of War again since updating to 1.04nnnn and although I have experienced few serious bugs I am finding that the cut scene for handind over Lopotev to the Russians is still bugged. What happens is that as the handover happens and we are attacked by the Spetnatz guys, some things get frozen while others don't. For example, the rest of Razor team are frozen in mid stride, but no me. The guys taking Lopotev away to the truck are frozen in mis stride, but the other truck explodes and the attack continues. The only way out of this is to hit the ESC key which brings up a different menu that allows you to skip out of that scene. Then everything continues OK. The Hand Over Loptev task completes and the Deal With The Russians task continues normally. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this bug? I also found it in version 1.03 as well. Cheers, Luke
  7. I did it the hard way but for me, the fun way. I let the other forces capture and hold the villages and armed only a sniper rifle and satchel charges slowly took out all the infantry and heavy vehicles except the Tanks. There were three Tanks in my version. I took one out with two satchel charges and the other two with the Howitzer gun I found in the field near the base. I particularly like the UAZs. Once I had shot the gunner and driver I was able to use the vehicle to drive around and cause havock by switching from driver to gunner. I had to do a lot of running and hiding because the UAzs come looking for you once you start to pick off the infantry, but they are an easy target. It took me about 5 hours but I really liked the hit and run aproach. This is really a great game because it lets you decide how you are going to play it and how long you want to take. I haven't tried the multi-player mode yet because from what I've read, you really need to know some other players so that you can join a team. I would like to try but I really don't quite know how to go about it. Any help here would be appreciated. Cheers, Luke.
  8. Have you completed Harvest Red? If not, that will keep you busy for quite a while:) Cheers, Luke.
  9. LukeB

    Land Vehicle - Basic Training

    Hi, Whenever you approach a vehicle, a symbol will appear. A steering wheel or seat, etc, depending on your position relative to the vehicle. For example, if you approach from the drivers side door, a steering wheel symbol will appear and if you approach from the passenger side, seat symbol should appear. You can then press the enter key to enter the vehicle. Another way to control the situation is th use your mouse wheel. When you rotate your mouse wheel, a selectionof actions will appear. Kust select what you need or press the BS key to cancel. Have you read the basic manual? It has some good information on how to control things from a starting point. It's a great game but it has quite a steep learning curve due to the very poor documentation. But stay with it and all will become clear as you work you way through the missions. Also, keep asking questions on this forum. There are lots of peaple (me included) who have been in the same position as you are now. Have fun. Cheers, Luke.
  10. LukeB

    Into the Storm

    If you save the woman, she reappears in a later mission and provides you with some helpful information. She is in the building across the road from where you destroy the communications tower. Be careful in the discussion with her though because if you say the wrong thing when you find her she will think that you are going to abuse her and will run off. Actually, this was one of my favourite missions. Cheers, Luke.
  11. Sorry for such a dumb question, but how do you play coop missions? Cheers, Luke.
  12. Hi Cuzer, The deliver Lopotev part was badly bugged in version 1.03 and I was hoping to see how that was working in V1.04 when I got stuck by the island bug that crashed the game. I am going to start the mission again and hopefully won't experience the bug this time. The deal with the Russians task ends after all the Spetnatz have been dispatched and the Russian guy comes up to you and identifies the body of the blond soldier. You don't need to take all the towns but you have to find and destroy the main Chedaki base to complete the mission. I found that nothing happend by going back to HQ but it was useful to get healed and rearm. Building Helicopter gunships is a waste of money as they will get shot down as soon as they fly over an enemy town, however they are a quick but expensive way of finding the enemy towns. Cheers, Luke.
  13. Yep, that how it played out for me. As soon as i captured Moglievka I got the radio message from Don to get the prisoner and a new Deliver prisoner task was created. When I delivered the prisoner to Lt Marny at HQ he said that the prisoner told him about the communications tower on the island. It was after that that I took all the towns on the coast but I didn't get a radio message from Shaftoe. I did get the message when I previously played the mission but I didn't take any notice if it was before or after the prisoner task. Anyway I'm now stuck because the game crashes when trying to complete the Island task. I would like to hear from ofthers playing with V1.04 if they have come across any serious crashing bugs when completing the Island task or other tasks. Cuzer, I hope it works OK for you. I think that it may have something to do with what the AI is doing in the background at this time. I'm going to start this mission again but let the AI command and see what happens. I'm getting quite good at this mission now as I have played it about 8 times. Previouslt with 1.03, it took me about 6 tries before I understood enough the mission to complete it. However I did not come across such a serious bug. It may just have been that the order things were happening were different then. Who knows? It would be great if BI could say if they were debugging the single player missions. Cheers, Luke.
  14. I got the Lopotev info from the prisoner hand over and now I'm on the island, have removed all but two guards, but now the game crashes completely and shuts down with the Microsoft bug report window. I have played the whole game through again since updating to version 1.04 and up until now had not had any serious problems. However now I cannot go passed this point. It just crashes every time after 30 or 04 seconds of entering the mission at the save point. I've had to give up on it. It's a real shame as when I played it through with version 1.03, everything worked fine. The only difference is that now it's dark and before it was day time. Also I captured Chernogorst and the other towns on the coast and didn't hear from Shaftoe. A shame as this bug is a real show stopper. Cheers, Luke
  15. The first time I played this mission Razor Team had NVGs. Since then, I've played it again a couple of times with no NVGs and I don't know why? Cheers, Luke.