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    The ArmA 2 tips 'n trick thread

    i disagree. These methods of locating enemy are fair because of the limitations of squad communications. Usually all you get from your squadmates is "enemy soldier 100 meters to the front" or some such generic description. This is very problematic considering "front" may not be the direction you are currently facing but rather the direction that the spotting soldier is facing. In reality you'd get much more description enemy locations from your squad mates to help you: i.e. "prone enemy spotted at 1 o'clock about 100 meters near that small group of trees." Also in reality you would be able to ask for clarifications and continuous updates on spotted enemy. Since all of this detail is just not possible in the current game engine then any of these methods to obtain enemy locations is fair game.
  2. If I remember correctly, killing all of the soldiers and getting close to lopotev will make him surrender. Not sure about your helicopter problem. I used one of the Marine helicopters to get to the island and go back to base. You should be able to do this also in the command mode.
  3. jeffroland

    Dogs of War Helo use

    order your squad mates into the helo. This will make the helo land so they and you can get in. When you get to your destination, order your squad mates to disembark. This will make it land. It's not very intuitive but once you know how to do it, then it's simple.
  4. This is true of any Top xxx list. It's all subjective. But, my major beef with the list is that there's no criteria for how the list was picked. Why Solitaire would make any Top xxx list based on ANY criteria imaginable is beyond comprehension. The only thing I can think of is that Solitare is probably one of the most played games ever, but that's because it's been free on everyone's computer since the dawn of Windows OS. However, that can't be the criteria of this list because we know that Deus Ex did not sell that many copies compared to many of the other games on the list.
  5. isn't that what the internet is for? :p ---------- Post added at 04:39 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:37 PM ---------- sorry, I meant that in jest, not a bitchy attitude as it must have come across as. Need to use the smileys more :D
  6. please, we have room to argue. Solitare at 82??? Descent, which I consider the first true 3D game, didn't even make it on the list. It's either we bitch about this list or bitch about how ARMA II is still bugged. which would you rather hear?
  7. Jason, OFP and ARMA series are definitely ground breaking for several reasons but I don't think they'll ever reach the incredible popularity or influence that Doom or Starcraft achieved back in their day. ARMA II has potential but it was released (and still is) a buggy mess of software; and even more importantly is more of a niche game not quite reaching the levels Doom or Starcraft. Most of us on this forum can and do see the potential of this game but it has yet to impact the gaming world like many others.
  8. Solitaire is listed at 82. Enough said. This list is trash. The editors don't even list their criteria for their picks. Certainly they didn't factor in genre breaking achievements, otherwise games like Descent, Warcraft II, original Wolf 3D, Doom, original Civ would be on this list.
  9. jeffroland

    Dog of War, can't capture town

    Almost forgot to mention. Once you get the task to go to the island I think you're supposed to drop the prisoner off at the base first (I went the CDF route and have yet to replay as NAPA ally). I'm not sure how the whole prisoner thing works if you have allied with NAPA. Maybe someone else can chime in.
  10. jeffroland

    Manhattan... Unplayably Buggy?

    The Shaftoe thing is a well known bug and I think some people still have a problem with it even in 1.04. The helicopter crashing is NOT a bug, it is being shot down by the enemy and is a legitimate outcome to the mission. You must realize that it's possible that you will not be able to accomplish some of your tasks, just like in real life. Not sure about your bin error but it's moot since you have to restart the entire mission because Shaftoe is dead.
  11. jeffroland

    Mission 7 help

    Tusler, If the task is active then an orange circular target should appear on the map that denotes the LZ. IIRC it is located due west of Manhattan on the other side of a mountain. She should follow you automatically. If not then it's a bug I suppose but I've never heard of anyone complaining that she didn't follow. She should hop in the vehicle that you're in if there is room for her.
  12. jeffroland

    Must ***** Die????

    well, armstrong never had platoon size units, max was 12 soldiers IIRC. However, in ARMA II You get to add (buy) soldiers in the last two missions in the campaign. and can have up to 12 soldiers in your squad. In addition, you have high command of other squads, armor, and air units. So, actually you can have a true platoon size unit or larger.
  13. jeffroland

    Must ***** Die????

    yea, but Miles can die in the previous missions and you have to play the mission again. So if they specifically have made a cutscene for Miles dying then you know it's meant to be. Use your heads, people. sorry, I'm just a little tired of this question being asked on this forum. It seems like it happens at least once a week. Use the search function, people.
  14. jeffroland

    Must ***** Die????

    umm, if they take the time to make a cutscene for it specifically then it's definitely meant to be.