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    Server setup

    Thanks Surgeon!
  2. Sgt.Rock27

    Server setup

    Gentlemen, I am trying to figure out (2) things for a server setup. 1 - Is there a setup guide out there, one that walks you through the steps? and 2 - How do you change the number of Random targets, I have C030 Dom loaded, but it defaults to random targets 8...(I know this could be answered by #1, if I could just find the guide) disclaimer - I'm new to the whole server setup thing, so bear with me. :cool: Any and all help is appreciated! Respectfully, Sgt.Rock
  3. Sgt.Rock27

    Best Co-op Mission for Multi-player

    Thanks Doc. We enjoy realism. We've tried a few different ones, but have yet to hit the right combo. We especially like assaulting w/ combined arms, although infantry only is cool too. I appreciate the suggestions. Thanks. =ST6= Sgt.Rock
  4. Gents, I'm new to the ARMA series and am wondering what is the best multiplayer Co-op mission? We are looking to set this up on our clan server. Please let me know if any add-ons are required or suggested! Thanks for the help. =ST6= Sgt.Rock
  5. Sgt.Rock27


    Cool thanks...I can't believe that they actually missed this one, especially when I was sure that I just missed the read me or something and just never mapped it. Well, I look forward to the port of this add on, as I think it will make a great game...even that much better! Thanks. Respectfully, = ST6= Sgt.Rock
  6. Sgt.Rock27


    Gentlemen, First off, I'd like to say that my clan (=ST6=) and I are thoroughly pleased with this simulation! You guys have done an outstanding job! I can't think of one item that you have not covered or thought of from actual graphics to game play and teamwork. Outstanding! This is what brings me to my point...Countermeasures. I have not been able to locate the keystroke that deploys the countermeasures. There are not too many things you guys have missed, but I am befuddled on this one. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks again. Respectfully, =ST6= Sgt.Rock