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  1. I've never had this issue in this game (or ARMA). But hope they look into it for those being affected.
  2. Is the Nemesis mod compatible with the latest (1.6) patch?
  3. I think thats all everyone is really complaining about - that the AI just does stupid things during its pathfinding. I agree that for this game, the combat is ok as is - if you want it to be better then thats what the manual control is for - although it can take some tweaks in that area too (follow command, etc.) ARMA 3 goes BETA this week i believe. I'm hoping after that there may be some dev-time given to improving this game. Its a real rough gem that deserves more.
  4. jureidinim

    1.05 released.

    Glad to see work still continuing on the game. Other than bug fixes, would there be any changes/additions to the new tech mechanic? Also would there be any AI improvements to look forward to?
  5. jureidinim

    Future of 1.05 Beta?

    Glad to see work continuing on the patches. Was hoping for more to do with the new tech system. But happy nonetheless :-)
  6. jureidinim

    Future of 1.05 Beta?

    I am happy to hear a patch is still being looked at for CCGM. I fully understand that ARMA 3 is the big fish here - but still hope we get some update to CCGM soon.
  7. Hoping the devs can update us on what the plans are for 1.05 Beta. Will changes be made soon to the Beta itself based on the feedback given so far/new improvements? Will 1.05 Beta go Live as is and we wait on a 1.06? I figure Arma 3 is getting a lot of (devs) attention now - just wondering :-)
  8. I had reported the barque stopping issue on their feedback page back in the earlier patches (1.03 i think) - i saw it in the vanilla game when i reported it.
  9. No problem in playing this mod - it makes the game so much more fun :-) To your point - I did have one rear AA gun and one front AA gun. But they were eventually destroyed - and then there is that bug where the rear AA gun doesn't really engage (possibly unless you get both), so i was effectively fighting with only one. And his reinforcements didnt stop even when i was pretty much dead.. so not sure about that 50% cutoff working.. lol.. I don't know if this could be done - but if you capped his reinforcements from the carrier itself (make him get a few but then stop), could further reinforcements be spawned over the island and fly out to him? Maybe only one or two at a time - would make more sense coming in from his friendly island at the rate of a natural spawn time for those units from an island factory.
  10. I guess its how my games go - but i lose enough mantas and walruses that it is already challenging balancing a barque with fuel and resupply equipment. If it moves much slower I think it may just drag the game as your carrier would be dead in the water waiting for fuel to move or equipment to launch an attack. To balance it, they would also have to slow down the enemy carrier resupply rate - but then all you are doing is dragging the game out longer. Probably adding islands - or increasing their spacing a bit - might give you more of the strategic improvement you are looking for. As for making it destroyable - I never played the original - but how many times did that happen in a game? If that was implemented, I would then ask for the ability to set waypoints for the barque myself, so if i suspect the enemy carrier is close enough to intercept it (which would be rare i think), I can move my barque around it. If its slowed down, and you are unlucky enough to have it destroyed enroute for resupply, I think you would be so far behind now that the game is lost. As it is now, you can stay in the fight ,and the enemy carrier does too with his resupplying timer - and the new nemesis mod :-) . ** EDIT ** Of course choice is good.. If a slider for adjusting barque speed or a checkbox to make it destructible is added that's cool.
  11. I always thought the "barque" was a submarine - and so it can't be targetted as nothing in the game uses sonar.
  12. jureidinim

    1.05 feedback

    The topics for that bug tracker needs an update - the eselection only goes up to 1.03 and the SDK. No mention of 1.05. I have noticed that if the enemy takes your island and you recapture it, there is no blueprint recovered from that island. Was this how it was intended? I hope not as that further restricts your upgrades.
  13. Finished a game ... very nice :-) ... One thing though - the auto-resupply when he is at a friendly island needs a cap maybe. He was taking one of my islands, i timewarped to the island and reached a few seconds after he captured it - so now its a friendly island to him. I engaged his returning mantas and destroyed them... then he respawned more manatas.. i destroyed those.. then more came... I think i shot down over 15 mantas... He was continously resupplying mantas. As fast as I killed them, he would launch four more. So eventually he won out as my forces were wiped out and he just kept spamming mantas. Is there a way to set a limit on that? Other than that - it was the longest game i ever had - that was my fourth engagement with him. Fun :-)
  14. jureidinim

    1.05 feedback

    Good to hear! :-)