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  1. My friend pointed out theres little threat assesment in arma2, as in 5 men will not run from 5 tanks. I have an idea for a script to sort this but written in c# for another engine i was testing, firstly will this affect missions alot prebuilt and will it be fesable to transfer the script from c# to arma2
  2. its easier to use a way point then a timed trigger activating a stop in movement
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    well i exported to single player again its in my lsit twice but not in that folder or on my hard drive anywhere :S ---------- Post added at 09:49 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:48 AM ---------- in my documents i found a folder with the same name now but only as a sqm file with the position of objects in it i believe
  4. Hey there i've made my first mission in Arma 2 i've never made a mission before and I am unsure how to export the .pbo when i try and export to single player i can never find the mission .pbo is there a tutorial or am i being silly. Also are there other dedicated sites worth posting on apart from armaholic.