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    Best armory

    Wow how insightful of you, thank you for that revaltion. I guess you can call the United States Government and inform them that they can cut down on their 250+ billion $ defense budget, because "technology is irrelevant". Tell that to the soldiers in Iraq who use UAV's to scout out terrain for snipers and ambushes....
  2. hozer

    Chernarus Life (RPG)

    I really like the mod, but I do agree stuff is to exspensive. I only have a few hours a night to play and you can't get anything done in this game in that time frame unfortunately. But the mod is very fun, great job.
  3. While I agree with your first paragraph, your second is complete crap. Have you been involved in any real life conflicts involving "modern munitions"?. I highly doubt it, if not please don't comment about things you have no idea about.
  4. hozer

    Multiplayer rant/suggestions

    Is bezerk a map or game type?
  5. hozer

    TrackIR 5 ArmA2 Thread!

    Does this product only work for these two games?
  6. hozer

    Drag/Carry Players

    You have to drag them first, then an option in the action menu to pick them up will appear.
  7. hozer

    Your favourite vehicle in ARMA 2

    ya but I said an RPG 29 :), completely different which I am sure you know. And he never mentioned anything about tusk. I am talking about a stock abrams and a RPG 29.
  8. Mission accomplished :)
  9. hozer

    Your favourite vehicle in ARMA 2

    You obviously have no idea how an RPG works, nor how a modern tank such as the Abrams can absorb such an impact. An RPG does not simply hit it's target and explode. Using shape carges, such as in a HEAT they can penetrate armor and explode on the inside of the tank. Using an RPG-7 you would be correct, however using the rpg-29 it's plausible to destroy an A1. RPG-29's are common amongest insurgents in Iraq. HEAT rounds can penetrate reactive armor, which is what the Abrams uses.