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    Clients cant connect to modded server?

    Thx for quick reply. The server in question is ArmA 1 Dedicated, and the mods are Arma Effects and FFAMM. Will the connecting players be obligated to have these two in order to connect, or will they be able to connect without them too (vanilla)? Thx.
  2. Hi. One server admin is having trouble with setting up some addons on his server. Iv tried to find the answer with "search" but no luck. My question to him was: "could we have some mods running on the server?" His answer was: "If i fitted the mods on the server side, everyone would have to download them in order to play the game. If someone come in and did not have the mod fitted it would result in them receiving a message saying they have not got certain files to play it". So, as I understood him, players that dont have those server side mods enabled on their client side machines, they could not connect? I know that it is possible to setup the server like that, because am playing on such servers, where I can play with or without the server enabled mods. But I know nothing about setting up a server, so I need your help. If you know if this is some known thing that needs an extra setup or some tutorial on how to do it would be super. Thank You.