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  1. If you're going to sell a military simulator game, I think selling it in Army - Air Force BXs would be as good a place as any... ArmA Gold is there, but no ArmA 2...
  2. Uranium-235

    Best armory

    That's what driver's ed taught me too!
  3. Uranium-235

    Your favourite vehicle in ARMA 2

    Are you on crack? The Blackhawk in BF2 was the most overpowered thing in the game. The miniguns had a splash damage that was comparable to a hand grenade, you could have people resupplying ammo from on-board, people healing everyone on-board, and people repairing it in-flight. The miniguns dealt damage such that a few seconds of concentrated fire would destroy a TANK. And with 6 people on board it'd capture flags in a few seconds. There's a reason why there were 'Blackhawk' squads where everyone had hundreds of points. The only surefire way to keep them out of the air was to suicide a MiG into them.
  4. This only affects me when object detail is set to 'high' or 'very high'. Zooming in around grass decimates my FPS. From 30ish to less than 5. The higher the zoom of the scope, the worse it is. The AMR is unplayable without turning grass down. I assume this is something to do with the 'zoom' function suddenly trying to draw grass out as far as the scope is set...?
  5. Uranium-235

    Is the AMR really an AMR?

    Yeah, I was firing into the hood on some, sometimes in the fenders, sometimes right into the grille. Nothing really seemed absolute. Once time I fired two shots at it and jumped in to see what the health was at and it blew up with me in it :(
  6. Uranium-235

    The USMC needs a physical fitness program...

    Really? How about the part where I've pointed out the act of DROPPING PRONE can cause absurd levels of fatigue, probably about three times now? So when someone points out the running speed is broke, and you respond that it "Doesn't need fixing", what exactly is that saying?
  7. Uranium-235

    The USMC needs a physical fitness program...

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: What's not believable is that you've contradicted your own points like 8 times in three posts and still are trying to argue that you're right. - Running speed is hideously unrealistic. Not only in our OPTIONS for a running speed, but the pace itself is pretty crazy. - Player damage modeling is unrealistic, because it's clear they're not wearing any body armor. - Fatigue is unrealistic because some things fatigue you too fast, fatigue doesn't last long enough, and you can run forever anyway. Note that this applies to 'slick' characters as well, like, say, a vehicle crewman or a pilot, whose helmet is probably the heaviest thing he has on him. Yet you say: - Running speed is fine. - Fatigue is perfect. - Damage model is fine. I'm not even going to get in to how you think what it looks like your character is wearing and what the player actually experiences is totally realistic, even though it's completely contradictory in-game. Maybe you should stick with calling people whining children like you did originally. It's stupid how they get winded in ArmA2. Bludgeoning your point with a barrage of information in what I can only assume is some half-assed attempt to bury your opponents in a sea of utter irrelevance does nothing to change the fact that: 1) There's a lot of character models in the game that are *NOT* wearing anything even close to a 50 pound load - OPFORs for example? 2) Wearing even 100 pounds isn't going to make you gasp and struggle for your next breath, unable to aim.
  8. Uranium-235

    How Stupid is your squad? Keep it Fun

    Bahahahhahahaah. I can just picture everyone going "Did he jump out? I think he just jumped out!"
  9. Uranium-235

    Is the AMR really an AMR?

    I've been playing with this recently, hoping it would work more like what the real .50 cal sniper rifles are used for (ie: more than making greasy stains out of people - anti-equipment). In a few experiments, I have NO idea what is up with this thing. I've shot at a UAZ a few times - sometimes I put 6 bullets into it, one time I only had to put two and it blew up. Is there a trick? Does it really function as an anti-material weapon or... not so much?
  10. Uranium-235

    The USMC needs a physical fitness program...

    I mean a big assed heavy black box that goes inside the jet full of god-knows-what that breaks all the time that the taxpayers would never have paid for if they knew what a piece of crap it was kind of aircraft computer :D
  11. Uranium-235

    Tank Desant

    Generally the whole 'sitting on tanks' (Why did they need to make a special term for this anyway? :P) thing is done when you're simply moving from place to place. When did ANYONE suggest in this thread that you were going to ride it into battle like an epic mount?
  12. What gets me is that all the road signs and such are impossible to read unless you REALLY know Czech... I mean, if your character knows the language, you should be able to read the signs... kinda weird.
  13. Uranium-235

    The USMC needs a physical fitness program...

    Name a single character model in-game that is carrying anything resembling CLOSE to even 80 pounds of gear. There's no "EOD" character option wearing a bigass bomb-proof suit, so... no. Even if encumbrance factored into this, sure, I can see a guy getting pretty beat down if he was carrying a Javelin and a riced-up rifle... but are you telling me the 'sniper' character is carrying 100 pounds of gear? Most of the models in game are wearing nothing heavier than a jacket and a Camelback. Unless they're drinking LEAD I sincerely doubt they're carrying a heavy load whatsoever. Tell me though, how you get hideously out of breath and unable to aim straight just by DROPPING PRONE? ---------- Post added at 02:24 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:18 PM ---------- Actually in total violation of our safety rules, I've gone on a brisk jog with 110 pounds of aircraft computer in my hands (About $1.8 million). I was able to cover the flightline without sounding like I was struggling to draw my next breath of life (hey yeah, flightline - you know, where things like F/A-18s live. Where I work. Because I'm in the military. Hummm) - in ArmA2, they start panting like a bitch in heat if you 'run' more than three or four feet.
  14. Uranium-235

    The need for Afghan mountains

    You do realize over 90% of our military hardware is 20-30 years old, right? The only things that really don't fit are the UAVs, the F-35, and a handful of guns like the XM. EDIT: This poll amazes me. I'm honestly surprised people want to go back to fighting in a brown desert wearing brown camo with brown vehicles fighting inside brown buildings full of brown people, all decorated in shades of brown. Wow.
  15. How come even the most menial activity gets my guy winded, panting like he just had to climb up a flight of stairs after demolishing a tub full of hot dogs? I don't expect to run any marathons here with all my gear, but when the act of simply DROPPING PRONE gets my heart rate up I think it's time to lay off the MREs as snack material. The act of sprinting for a helicopter almost made me wonder if the corpsman brought an AED because I was expecting my guy to simply fall down, puke, and pass out halfway.