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  1. Im making a mission, it's in a city and there are snipers on the rooftops. Sometimes though, they start moving and fall down of the building. Any ideas?
  2. Is there any way to let an Effect module kick in after I activate a certain trigger? Like, when I walk into a certain trigger the effect: Sepia will kick in. Thanks!
  3. Hey Irishman, Fancy a drink in the Officer's mess at www.nakedfanatics.com? Drop by at our forums, and don't let yourself be intimitaded by our harsh spambot filter. It's a good dog, he won't bite..
  4. Hello everybody. I'm from the NF, normally a CoD-fragger clan but a few of us have thrown of the shackles of fragging and are concentrating on ArmA! We're mostly based in Holland, and play around the GMT+1 times. If you're looking for a fun team, who play pretty serious, but whoms main goal is fun you should come check us out. www.nakedfanatics.com > FPS cabana > ArmA
  5. Is there any way to make the birds shut up? They really destroy the feeling of a post-nuke mission.
  6. PorkyJack

    Deployable MG

    Heh. Okay. And how do I make it so that if the player respawns, he gets the action too?
  7. I'd like to have a script which gives me the option to deploy a machine gun in front of me. I tried the CoIn but after respawn, the CoIn is lost. Any ideas?
  8. PorkyJack

    Deployable MG

    Thanks mate. I tested it and it works, only downside is that you cant turn the MG. you cant really define in depth where it needs to stand.
  9. PorkyJack

    Deployable MG

    Yo, GUYS! Bump? :P
  10. When my guy with the CoIn dies, the CoIn is gone. How can I make it respawn-proof?
  11. PorkyJack


    Crap, I too have this problem, all the files are in the correct folder though..
  12. That's a stupid question.. "I dont like how fast I run, how can I run faster?"
  13. PorkyJack

    Urban City

    Whenever I download Wilbur(the program most people use) my pc gives an error... pritty crap, Ill look into that one though, thanks Madine. Hi Hele. :D
  14. PorkyJack

    Urban City

    I just can't get it to work to make an own map, has anybody made an all-city map yet? If that's not possible, could somebody make me a flat-landmass map so I can make my own city?
  15. PorkyJack

    New maps on server

    I have my own server and I'm wondering how I can upload a new map to the server.
  16. PorkyJack

    New maps on server

    And do I need to have a server key to get an addon running on the server?
  17. PorkyJack

    New maps on server

    No, not mission, map. Like Chernarus or Utes.
  18. PorkyJack

    Namalsk island, v1.10

    Could anyone explain to me how to upload this to a server and make it playable?
  19. PorkyJack

    Close Air Support

    Yes, writing a simple text about what you want is SOOOOOOO hard.
  20. ArmA doesnt recognize my keyboard anymore, my mouse works fine though. I can type a password in the MP screen, but no in game movements. Any ideas?
  21. I want to make a static machine gun using this, whenever I build it, it's not accesible. What am I doing wrong?
  22. PorkyJack

    Keyboard problem Arma 2

    Reboot your PC, it fixes it.
  23. PorkyJack

    Patch 1.04 Problems

    Yup, All checked them right away, it's just like it used to be. One of my mates has it aswell. We're both dutch, english chaps dont have the problem.
  24. PorkyJack

    New patch 1.04

    ArmA doesnt recognize my keyboard anymore, my mouse works fine though. I can type a password in the MP screen, but no in game movements.