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  1. -RIP- Luhgnut

    Domination Introduction / Basics Video Up

    yeah image quality wasn't the greatest. going to recompile it today
  2. First video introducing how to play Domination. Depending on feedback, may do Warfare.
  3. rofl! ---------- Post added at 07:21 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:20 AM ---------- Looks like I'll be doing them. Warming up Sony Vegas.
  4. huh? What's that have to do with anything?
  5. My thinking here, is to make the MP more approachable for the main (albeit) repetitive big games. Then people won't feel as much phobia then will take on the others. Prolly do Domination first (cause that's easy) then do warfare then see how it goes.
  6. hehe, thx. But I won't wear my standard pink boa.
  7. Was thinking it may be helpful to create some instructional video's to the tube explaining Warfare Mode, Domination, etc.... etc.. What I hear so often is that people log in, don't know what to do, so they stand around TK-ing people. Would you be interested in such video's? Maybe 10 min max in length or shorter.
  8. -RIP- Luhgnut

    Where is everybody?

    Thanks for the responses. I've been in a clan or two, and they were good, with no complaints. But Everybody running Domination or a small variant is quite old. Then again, when I had my own server up and posted quality MP maps, nobody played them. For whatever reason. I signed up for the AAS map server circuit but have yet to find a single game running.
  9. -RIP- Luhgnut

    Where is everybody?

    Trying to figure out what's going on lately. Twitter is full of Arma2/OA peeps, armaholic shows many many downloads, servers are free (for the most part), game is excellent, But servers are empty. Tons of em out there, but it's a ghost town.
  10. I can confirm this. The point releases are different. Not knowing what the current release is, I saw the point releases different and patched. Which didn't work. ---------- Post added at 07:34 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:29 AM ---------- USB sound problems figured out (least my problem). New install of OA garbled up my sound both Arma2 and OA. Arma2 worked perfectly prior. I launched OA and got whacky sound which I don't think broke Arma2, but somehow messed with the sound subsystem which made Vanilla Arma2 sound funny after trying to run OA. My setup: Windows 7 64 4 Gig USB headphones AND USB surround speakers. Steam Arma2 and Arma2:OA You have to DISABLE one or the other PRIOR to launching Steam. You can't just choose the default device but must DISABLE the one you aren't going to use PRIOR to launching Steam. If you disable after launching steam but prior to running OA, it will crap out. (It has to be fully DISABLED). Not really a big deal but just an added step. ---------- Post added at 07:38 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:34 AM ---------- When you install OA it gives you an option of placing an OA icon on your desktop.. you agree, it places the ICON but when clicking it just doesn't do anything. Fix: Delete the Icon that was placed during install. Launch Steam and go into Games Library. Right Click OA Properties General TAB Click "Create Desktop Icon" Close Steam Clicky on Desktop Icon and it works. I still think Arma2 on Windows 7 still doesn't manipulate the registry quite right.
  11. -RIP- Luhgnut

    Arma 2 Static sound.

    Everything with Arma2 vanilla has been fine for months. Even applied latest full patch, and all was fine. Installed OA, and heard the sound of some guy screaming at me even after I shutdown the game. Just windows running, no apps in taskman, but still is the sound of somebody explaining a flashlight at full volume. Now I have no sound in OA AT ALL. Arma2 is now static and garbled. When you fire an M16 is sounds like shooting a bolt action rifle at VERY HIGH VOLUME WITH echo and distortion. Windows 7 64bit USB headphones and USB Surround sound. Latest drivers latest directx. guys, seriously.... seriously, I love BIS, but this stuff is amateur. After every major patch or release, I have to fiddle with stuff, reinstall, jump though hoops wearing a ballet outfit to get stuff to run.
  12. after installing Steam version of OA and patching, it gives me the securrom error (secureRom should be illegal btw) it won't launch. I then did a verify integrity and it comes back as passed. So once again, I get to mess around with fixing the Steam versions of Arma2 for the next several days. I never learn. edit: if you get this error and it verifies ok, Close steam, relaunch steam, then do the verify and it will fail and patch correctly. edit edit: now I don't have sound. So, I get to mess with that now.
  13. you can load .pbo's from anywhere. Just gotta point to em. I use a launcher, and just point to the addons directory. done.
  14. you are confusing all the tools and what they do. Start with the basics. Get the Mr. Murray's tutorial for Arma1 (the commands are the same). learn the basics first. You're trying to conquer the world without the basics.
  15. I work on a computer help support desk. Seriously, you would understand the dumbing down of gaming if you ever listen to these morons for more than 10 seconds. We have to open ports for Xbox360/PS3/Wii all day long. You should hear these people, nearly half brain dead. They mention they play MW2 and they are going to have a coronary if they can't get the ports open. These people are totally incapable of understanding even the slightest nuance to Arma2. It's pathetic.