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  1. I'm getting nowhere fast. It's not just the ammo script but all .sqf files aren't working in MP, only SP. Surely somebody smarter than me has an idea why this could be? Something must've changed since the last update? Maybe the way .sqf files are called or something? Is it still this way... null = this execVM
  2. Not familiar with that at all mate but I will look into. Thanks.
  3. Missions that I previously made that have the intel create diary record module are now acting a little strange but only in MP. Anything in the briefing section is repeated so it shows up twice. Last time I played them several months ago they were normal and I haven't touched anything since. Does anybody know why this may be?
  4. I have an ammobox.sqf in the mission folder that starts with....
  5. Hi, I've noticed since the new launcher has appeared that I can no longer "join game" on friends in the steam friends list. When I do the launcher pops up and that's it. Then even if I hit "play" in the bottom left it starts Arma up but still doesn't put me on the server like it did before. So is the steam friebds 'join game' borked now with this new Arma launcher? Or is there a way to still join on friends? Thanks.
  6. -ami- mofo

    join game on steam friends broken now?

    Yep I know that... was just easier to join on a friend thru steam because my ingame server list is temperamental and doesn't populate properly half the time.
  7. This is even if it's just one player. Can you use the if(isServer) in the create diary module? If not may just have to go back to doing a briefing the old scripted way.
  8. Weird, works for me. You are starting with an empty boat?
  9. The extracted file is called something like rthompson-srs--something. You have to rename it to just SRS otherwise it won't work. Thanks for this script Monsoon... like it very much.
  10. hey man use this (or parts of this) Heli transport
  11. Hi scripters I have a group of AI spawn on a marker then move to another marker. There's enemy AI between the spawn and move to 'attack' markers. When the coast is clear it's all good but until then they just fanny about so much, going forward, lying down, running back, lying down, rinse and repeat 6 times and only finally go forward when it's clear. How do I get them engage the enemy but still move forward at the same time? Here's the script I'm using... GroupOne_X = [getMarkerPos "spawn1", WEST, ["B_Soldier_TL_F", "B_Soldier_F", "B_Soldier_F", "B_Soldier_AR_F", "B_Soldier_AT_F", "B_Medic_F"]] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; {_x allowFleeing 0} forEach units GroupOne_X; GroupTwo_X = [getMarkerPos "spawn2", WEST, ["B_Soldier_TL_F", "B_Soldier_F", "B_Soldier_F", "B_Soldier_AR_F", "B_Soldier_AT_F", "B_Medic_F"]] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; {_x allowFleeing 0} forEach units GroupTwo_X; GroupThree_X = [getMarkerPos "spawn3", WEST, ["B_Soldier_TL_F", "B_Soldier_F", "B_Soldier_F", "B_Soldier_AR_F", "B_Soldier_AT_F", "B_Medic_F"]] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; {_x allowFleeing 0} forEach units GroupThree_X; [GroupOne_X, getMarkerPos "attack1", 600 ] call bis_fnc_taskAttack; [GroupOne_X, 1] setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; [GroupOne_X, 1] setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; [GroupOne_X, 1] setWaypointBehaviour "AWARE"; [GroupTwo_X, getMarkerPos "attack2", 600 ] call bis_fnc_taskAttack; [GroupTwo_X, 1] setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; [GroupTwo_X, 1] setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; [GroupTwo_X, 1] setWaypointBehaviour "AWARE"; [GroupThree_X, getMarkerPos "attack3", 600 ] call bis_fnc_taskAttack; [GroupThree_X, 1] setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; [GroupThree_X, 1] setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; [GroupThree_X, 1] setWaypointBehaviour "AWARE"; sleep 0.2;
  12. -ami- mofo

    Spawned Units Won't Attack

    Check the INTEL options in your editor. Make sure Independents aren't set to be friendly to OPFOR.
  13. -ami- mofo

    Spawned Plane Crashes Instantly

    If you spawn it up fairly high it has the time to fall and gain the momentum it needs to pull out of the dive.
  14. I used EOS to spawn multiple groups of blufor and opfor around the town of Pyrgos as we moved in and sure enough their random patrols had them running into each other all over the town creating pockets of fighting here and there.
  15. Heya mate try this. It'll even land under fire. example
  16. Hi guys I can add 1 first aid kit to a unit in the editor with this this addItem "FirstAidkit"; But couldn't get 3 first aid kits by doing this this addItem ["FirstAidKit",3]; Is there a way to add multiple FAK's? Also I found some BIS anims that work by adding (ie) [this,"REPAIR_VEH_PRONE"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnim; */ to the units init in the editor. However is there a way for the unit to snap out of whatever animation he is doing if he gets shot at? Probably no point using these anims if there's going to be a firefight all around the unit and he just keeps doing what he's doing. Kind of an immersion killer....
  17. -ami- mofo

    first aid kits & anims questions

    Thanks guys.. all sorted. :-)
  18. Hi mate I just ended up grouping the trigger to the group team leader and choosing activation 'anybody in the group'. That works. But I'll try yours too! thanks.
  19. Hi guys I have a trigger activated by blufor with this in the condition: {isPlayer _x} count thisList > 0; as I only want it activated by a player, not AI. The problem is the player is inside an AI controlled vehicle going through the trigger and the trigger won't fire. Anyway to get around this so it still sees the player inside the AI vehicle? Thanks.
  20. I just discovered a bit of a hiccup. this... vehicle player in thislist; works fine in MP for me (being the host machine) but isn't triggered by the other players. this... {vehicle player} count thislist > 0; doesn't work at all for anybody including me. What code would make it work for everybody?
  21. This didn't work.... {vehicle player} count thislist > 0; But this did..... vehicle player in thislist; Not being a scripter could you please tell me what the difference is between these two bits of code?
  22. Top stuff thanks mate. :) Will try later...
  23. Hi community, I'm hosting a MP mission on my own gaming rig that myself and several friends join in on and I'm having a little trouble with the custom loadouts not working consistently. Basically someone can start with all the stuff they should have but somebody else won't. It's a bit all over the shop. I have this for example.... removeAllWeapons _this; removeAllItems _this; _this unassignItem "NVGoggles"; _this removeItem "NVGoggles"; _this removeWeapon "itemGPS"; _this removeWeapon "itemradio"; _this addBackpack "B_AssaultPack_blk_DiverExp"; _this removeItem "ToolKit"; _this removeItem "MineDetector"; //ADD WEAPON & AMMO _this addmagazines ["30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag",6]; _this addMagazines ["1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell",3]; _this addweapon "arifle_MX_GL_F"; //_this addMagazines ["30Rnd_556x45_Stanag",6]; //_this addMagazines ["1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell",3]; //_this addWeapon "arifle_TRG21_GL_F"; //_this addMagazines ["20Rnd_762x51_Mag",6]; //_this addWeapon "srifle_EBR_F"; //_this addMagazines ["30Rnd_45ACP_Mag_SMG_01",6]; //_this addWeapon "SMG_01_F"; //ADD WEAPON ATTACHMENTS _this addPrimaryWeaponItem "optic_Arco"; //_this addPrimaryWeaponItem "optic_Hamr"; //_this addPrimaryWeaponItem "optic_tws"; _this addPrimaryWeaponItem "muzzle_snds_H"; //_this addPrimaryWeaponItem "acc_pointer_IR"; _this addPrimaryWeaponItem "acc_flashlight"; //ADD EQUIPMENT _this addWeapon "ACRE_PRC152"; _this addWeapon "ItemGPS"; //_this addWeapon "Binocular"; _this addWeapon "Rangefinder"; //_this addWeapon "LaserDesignator"; _this additem "NVGoggles"; _this assignitem "NVGoggles"; _this action ["NVGoggles",this]; //ADD ORDNANCE - SMOKE - FLARES //_this addMagazines ["DemoCharge_Remote_Mag",1]; //_this addMagazines ["SatchelCharge_Remote_Mag",1]; //_this addmagazines ["ATMine_Range_Mag",1]; //_this addmagazines ["APERSBoundingMine_Range_Mag",2]; _this addMagazines ["UGL_FlareWhite_F",1]; //_this addmagazines ["SmokeShellRed",1]; At the very top of all that I've tried if (!isServer) exitWith {}; and also waituntil {time>0}; These work in the editor but give varying success and failure when we MP. I'm really hoping somebody can give me the correct line or lines to add to my loadout scripts which is MP compatible and works everytime? Thanks.
  24. Thanks Belbo but I already went the way of putting the loadout in each player's init in the editor. It's a bit messy but it works.