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  1. knicked

    I need this statement explained.

    Fair enough just saying that mysql can be used to get stat saving features and my internet connection what im trying to say is that i cannot connect to your server there for it would please me if i could use this on lan but its not going to happen so :(
  2. knicked

    I need this statement explained.

    I can not play because my internet doesnt like me playing on Native Servers And you can get Stat saving by a mysql server
  3. knicked

    How to?

    how do u start bulldozer
  4. knicked

    [Help]Skinning new units

    How do you Make Camo Then Apply it ive got photoshop Bi tools and 3ds max
  5. knicked

    is 3DSmax the editor to use

    Thanks for the info guys i was currently download 3ds max trail so far so good but if got oxygen for me to use
  6. knicked

    AKS74U tutorial

    nice find i might try this and thanks for website :P
  7. Uhh this might be a Uber noob question but how do u use a radio :confused:
  8. hi im new and i was wondering if i should use 3dsmax
  9. knicked

    Sahrani Evolution!

    Most probably piggly because its a whole new map remember
  10. knicked

    Razor 2 Walkthrough

    Were is the quarry
  11. knicked

    Enemy Inbound part 2

    Come on guy give some feedback More i recieve the more i will extend the mission
  12. knicked

    Sahrani Evolution!

    Cant Find Downloaded Folders Dont worry found it in my virtualstore so much for windows 7
  13. knicked

    I need this statement explained.

    loool so rp-mods.com is copyrighting isseta's script if so how sad so much for open-source
  14. knicked

    Sahrani Evolution!

    Some files arnt working