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  1. hey guys im new to the forum so be patient... ha. em im wondering will my pc run arma 2... im on a tight budget and dont want to pay 1k to get the latest gaming gpu or cpu. im onlf 14 so im not an engineer or anything but recently ive been modding my pc on a very tight budget for roughly 200 euro... ive put in a intel dual core 2.6ghz and an asus p5kpl/1600. i have a good graphics card an ati 4770 which my uncle got me from the US but what kind of settings will i be able to run arma 2 on... im hoping for at least medium and not at a high resoulution probably around 1100X i cant remeber the other number but anyway my monitor is 19 inch so im not one of those hardcore gamers with a really high powered gaming rig and HD monitor with surround sound aswell.