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  1. Wouldn't dream of it Pathy!
  2. @RUDOLF The UKF Jackals and BWMOD Eurofighters can be ported over quite easily [though you'll need permission to release them], and the LCU just works with minor errors if you have CAA1. Didn't have any joy with the Boss Landrovers or RKSL Lynx's though [unless you like white glass]. There's already an L119 [M119] ingame, and a harrier, a great RAF Chinook available, and the PMC Apache [it says US army on the side, but really, it's not going to get close enough to notice!] So basically- One land vehicle, one boat, one transport chopper, a CAS Chopper, a field gun and two air support planes. Should be enough to get you started! Not much else available atm, have to wait for the modellers to finish their masterpieces!
  3. @RM Snipe Hopefully I'll have dodged the Gestapo for keeping it to myself but you never know!
  4. @eJay So don't use the UKF Javelin yet, use the BIS one, use the FFAR mod's "Accuracy" as the L96, etc. This puts SA80s and LSWs in the game, pretty much everything else can be begged and borrowed from BIS and 3rd party A2 mods. Use it for what its good for! Cheers Stemack mate, I did a crappy port over myself, but far too lazy to get permission, I'm gonna go compare configs :D
  5. Noticed this morning that there are all the textures you need to make fully Woodland [and probabbly fully Desert] Marines in this pack... Renamed a few .paas and now I've got fully woodland, Chernarus-ready Commandos! Happy days!
  6. Download links are here: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard311/ikonboard.cgi?;act=ST;f=69;t=72236 You'll have to ask nikita320106 for permission to edit it for Arma 2... EDIT: Oops, my bad, apparently not! See below. You'll have to find out who made the sounds and ask their permission]
  7. DJH

    SLX Mod WIP

    Great mod mate, few bits of feedback for an almost perfect upgrade of the game: + Lots of pauses for a second or two, usually at the start of firefights. Will have a play around removing PBOs and see what makes it better. + Safety func. is a bit annoying, it also [ironically] makes it very easy to shoot yourself in the foot [literally] if used on a rifle. So turned that off + Drag function sometimes causes units to get stuck 'in' eachother, they can't move until ordered to disembark + Speedy anims are a bit too speedy, though I much prefer the crawl speed in your mod, if somebody's shooting at you, you'd get a mooch on, prone or not! + I'm not a fan of the sounds, much prefer stock or VOP sounds + Vehicle crews sometimes get out of their vehicles to go grab a weapon, I've also had them refusing to get into a vehicle in a position where a teammate has died + The AI's cover taking ability is now about 4 million times better, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I was getting sick of watching people standing in the open next to ruined buildings, houses, blocks of flats, ladders, etc. and not using them
  8. Hmm, none I'm afraid. I'm not sure where else the mission could 'remember' to look for the addon other than the SQM. You could try and blag the game that you do have the addon actually. See my post here http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=84673&page=4 and just change swtanks to Britcom3, see if that works
  9. @Lightninguk Open up your mission.sqm and remove britcom3 from the first [addons] section. Should work after that
  10. @rstratton That does make things a bit more tricky... How about making your own swtanks addon? Just do a config with CfgPatches for an addon called SWTanks. You wouldn't need to put anything in the config [i don't think] just make it into a PBO Not ideal I know, but that should satisfy the mission's checks for swtanks. Something like this
  11. Work great for me man, cheers!
  12. You sir, are a legend. Nice one!
  13. Just remove "swtanks" from the mission.sqm file, it should load fine after that
  14. Smuke, did you use version 1.2 or 1.1? I can't get 1.2 to work for me