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    Do we love to be treated like that?

    Ya... pretty frustrating customer service... :S I work in CS and the goal is to please the customer, not frustrate them, even if you have to sugar-coat things...
  2. I agree, I'd prefer a better answer than that... dunno about you but right now I feel a little ripped off by the current quality of the game, and we're all so ready for 1.03 (hopefully it fixes a lot), but all they can say is 'it'll be done sometime'. Come on... be a little more honest! We're giving you quite a bit of money, here...
  3. pokemaughan

    Vehicle power/physics

    Ya! I just had an armor scenario ruined because I pinballed off a rock and bounced around until rolling over. What in the world??
  4. pokemaughan

    Vehicle power/physics

    Just a quick suggestion- I was playing around yesterday in a Humvee, driving along... and I kept getting caught on little 2-3 foot rock crags. Now I don't know if you guys have seen a Hummer at work, but these things can take on some SERIOUS terrain. But here I was, topped out at 20-30 mph, and I couldn't move at all when I ran into a little rock. Seriously, this thing has a heck of a lot more torque and power than that... I imagine the other vehicles behave very similarly. I also don't like that as soon as I get a tire or two on a road (paved or otherwise), my vehicle starts accelerating like crazy. The speed limiter off-road is pretty weak and too obvious. Again, this is a Hummer, folks... Another thing is the omniscient AI being able to spot things at incredible distances, even through obstacles. I've noticed I'll be playing and my character will spot something long before it's visible. Oh, and since I'm new here, I'll throw in the obligatory "optimize it please" :bounce3:
  5. pokemaughan

    Arma 2 and trees

    That's one thing I've always wanted in a sim like this- a mix of realism on foot and wonderful damage modelling for the vehicles. An all-around sim, instead of a sim with tacked-on features. But all-in-all, ARMA 2 is the best of it's kind, so I'm not complaining