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  1. Prittstick

    Adding flares to a UH-1Y

    That would seem to be the solution, but whenever I use this (or some variant of it) in the vehicle's init field, it doesn't do anything. No flares appear in game.
  2. In Operation Arrowhead the UH-1Y Huey doesn't have flares, and so is incredibly vulnerable to the new OA missile system. Is there anyway to add flares which the pilot can control to rectify this? Thanks.
  3. Draper, this is an amazing script, thanks for the time you've taken to make this. I have a question, how would I go about adapting this to work with 'Vietnam: The Experience', a mod? It would be awesome to have B-52 strikes, A-1 napalm runs and things like that. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, just wanted to say that this is an amazing script, I'm thinking of using it in a mission, and I was wondering if you could answer a couple of quick questions. Firstly, can it be altered to be used with a different aircraft with a different loadout? I'm thinking of using it with the A-1 from 'Vietnam: The Experience', a mod. Secondly, is it possible to call in the strike, and pinpoint the location? For example, you use a radio command and then click on the map to specify the location.
  5. Thanks for the response, but it says 'Missing ""' when I put that in.
  6. I'm trying to do something similar, get a helicopter to go somewhere when I call it on the radio. made a radio trigger and pasted this into the OnAct field: titleText ["Mark LZ on map!","plain"]; onMapSingleClick " transport addWaypoint [_pos,0]; 'LZ' setMarkerPos _pos; onMapSingleClick ''; titleText ['Done!','plain']; "; And I renamed the chopper Transport. When I press 0-0-2, text comes up asking me to click on the map to place the LZ, but when I click nothing happens. Anyone have any idea what im doing wrong?
  7. Prittstick

    US Army 2009 Units

    The textures are quite good, but the sample mission is completly awful, don't even bother trying it.
  8. Prittstick

    US Support

    "To use the script copy from editor the US Flag (execute the lkscripts)" I'm sorry but I have no idea what this means or how to do it. I downloaded and extracted the file, and am looking at a load of folders and files, where do I put them? The only thing I know how to do was to put the mission in a new mission folder in My Documents\Arma 2\Missions. This is the first Arma 2 script I have downloaded so I don't really know what to do.
  9. Prittstick

    Patrol question.

    Sorry to necro thread, but just to point out that this does not work. If they are in a squad, they will move out of whatever bunkers you have put them in and form on the leader.
  10. Can you get Arma 1 vehicles, models, addons etc into Arma 2 somehow?
  11. Prittstick

    Flight AI idiocy

    I'm not sure if this should be in the editing forum, if so, sorry. So I was trying to get an AI C-130 to load troops and take off. Im using the airfield in northern chernarus. When I try and make it take off from the north end, it just taxis into the control tower. However, it will take off when I put it at the other end, the southern one. But unfortunately the destination, the airfield in south western chernarus, is in the opposite direction to the direction it takes off in. Therefore as soon as it is at ~15 metres altitude it goes into a steep turn and crashes into a hangar. So I set a waypoint far off in the direction the plane takes off in, hoping that by making it fly a while it will gain some height, and then turn without crashing. No such luck, it just flies off without the troops. Its a pity, because in the sky the AI is usually pretty good. Ah well, I gues I'll just have to spawn it flying and spawn the squad inside it. Although I have to paste moveincargo into every one of their init boxes...
  12. Prittstick

    boat chase

    What if you spawned an unarmed russian soldier and put him to moveindriver into an empty russian boat, would he then still try and get out?
  13. Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to set a LAV25 I have attatched to the bottom of a chinook to be released when the chinook is something like 5-10 metres off the ground? This is what I am using to attach the LAV25: LAV25 attachTo [Chinook,[0,0,-5]]; Thanks for reading, I have searched extensively and couldn't find anything that does this.