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  1. Thanks for the quick update! Will try it out when I get home from work.
  2. Can we get an update for the 1.56 OA patch? Thx
  3. mrjingo

    [SP] Swordfish Trilogy

    The link in the first post dead :( Can you reupload it? thx
  4. My game is hanging at the campaign start. My arma2.rpt file tells me that BB_Mercenary is missing or deleted, but I have the Desert Mercenaries and Black Ops installed correctly and the correct command line. Any ideas? edit: Nevermind, I didn't realize that your mod folder name mattered. Once I changed my folder from @Desert_Mercs to @BB_Mercenary it worked fine.
  5. I'm working on a mission where there is a low ranking insurgent named 'spy' grouped with a high ranking BLUFOR with presence set to 0%. I have a conversation with the titletext command and a gamelogic take place when the player approaches. At the end of the conversation I want the spy to walk away and then have some OPFOR approach him and kill him. The problem I have is that the OPFOR won't kill him. I thought that grouping a low ranked OPFOR with a high ranked BLUFOR with presence set to 0% would basically turn them into a BLUFOR, but apparently not. I tried using the unit addrating -10000 command in the init of the spy, and I tried using the doTarget and doFire commands on the OPFOR's but those didn't work either. The closest I came was the OPFORS would target him, but they never fired. This seems like something that would be easy to do but I'm pretty new at this so i'm stumped. I came across a hunter script but, I couldn't get that to work either. Can anyone help me out? thx
  6. Hmm... The OPFOR get in extremely close range to the spy, a perfect scene for an execution, but they still don't fire. I have the doTarget and the doFire command in each of the OPFOR's init. Is that the correct way to do it? EDIT: Hey I got it to work! I made a 3m wide trigger with the dofire command on activation over the spy's last waypoint. Thanks for your help!
  7. How do you get the ambient civilians to work? Do you have to set any variables? When I put the module in my mission no civilians spawn..
  8. Doesn't the setFriend command turn the whole side friend or enemy? Or can you use it on a single unit? Also, why doesn't grouping them with a BLUFOR work?
  9. So is my problem a bug or something wrong on my end?
  10. mrjingo

    Converted OFP SP Missions

    I guess you inspired me. I was finally able beat it after about 25 restarts, all squad members survived. :)
  11. mrjingo

    Converted OFP SP Missions

    Am I the only one that finds the Clean Sweep 1 mission really hard? My 2 AI squadmates usually are killed within 30 seconds. And since I'm not the squad leader I can't tell them to stop charging to their deaths. What gives?:confused:
  12. I have CBA mod installed....
  13. Hi, when I start the game I get an error that says "Addon 'caa1_f_camel' requires addon Extended_EventHandlers'" I hit ok and the game seems to start normally. This is with latest files from Yoma sync server.
  14. Using the 9.8 hotfix drivers seems to have fixed it for my 4890..
  15. mrjingo

    [SP]They Came from Above

    Good mission, I love calling in air strikes. The mission played out fine, except for the very end with the hostages. The 2 officers just stood there and didn't react to me at all. Maybe they didn't see or hear me, but I wasn't being particularly stealthy or quiet at the time. It could be a fluke, I haven't played through it again to see if the same thing happened though.
  16. I am having the problem of not being able to interact with the suitcase also, V1.19. One time all of the enemy forces were inside a barn and never did any patrols and they didn't react to me until I open fired on them.
  17. mrjingo

    Hybrid Commanding System

    So how would one go about adding it to a mission? I know how to unPBO a file, is it as simple as throwing the files in that mission and PBOing it again?
  18. So how do you actually play any of the missions in game? I can only see the maps in the editor. How do you get out of of the map screen the editor starts up with?