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  1. How do you get the original voice of cooper in Arma 2 when playing through combined operations? Like im playign a saved game i had with Arma 2 and the voices have changed to british voices, instead of just coopers voice when issuing commands in the campaign. Anyway to fix this? Do i have to restart whole campaign in combined operations? create a new save file? Is it compatable? How do i fix that? Or do i have to just deal with the new Operation arrowhead expansion voices now in the original Arma 2 game? Any help would be great , thx :) Id like to play Arma 2 campaign through Operation arrowhead or combined operations because i notice a significant performance increase for some reason having the voices change through the cut scenes then back again makes it a bit silly. 1 second the voice is Cooper the next is a british Guy making the orders then its Cooper again in the cut scenes. Note. This is when playing Arma 2 through Combined Operations. Am i the only person with this issue?
  2. anyone? lol. Or do we all just have to deal with it? I know its not a big issue really, the voices changing arent that much of a big deal, when giving orders with Arma 2 characters, but i would like to know if there is a fix. Bump. Again anyone else having this issue or not?
  3. nyran125

    Arma 2 OA Sound issues

    if you have operation flashpoint use combined operations instead of running operation flashpoing. you DO have it on your computer if you have both games installed. if you want help you should be a bit nicer too :):). My problem is the voice change in Arma 2 for Arma 2 characters, running combined operations. Just destroys the emersion really. lol. One minute you have coopers voice making the orders then the same character has a different voice lol. Its quite silly. Its ok if i just run Arma 2 but it woul dbe nice to have a fix so i can run everything in Combined Operations and not use ARMA 2.exe at all.
  4. nyran125

    crashes graphics card!

    i couldnt even play this game on intergrated graphics. crazy. Thats just crazy. Work for a few months and save for a i7 quad core, 4-8GB ram, Windows 7 , AMD 6970 or 6990 , a huge case , a 750 Watt PSU and a creative X-fi soundblaster and go from there. Im not rich , but saving for that system is worth it :):):) PROBLEM solved and if you are a gamer youll be HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!!
  5. can I Play Arma 2 in combined operations with original Arma 2 voices or not, or do i have to hear British voices instead in Arma 2 campaign? Somebody? Or do you have to just play Arma 2 without combined operations.? What about in the editor if you want to mix Cooper and his voice with say the BAF guys? Is that achievable or not?
  6. Thee is NO WAY the general gaming public will be forking out for a octo-core any time soon lol. Only the richest people will be doing that and they are NOT the gaming majority unfortunately for them. Theres heaps of people still using XP for example. adn those peopel have no intention of going out and buying the mose expensive Processor.
  7. nyran125

    Why is this game not more popular?

    nah i reckon its because alot of people have problem running the game properly AND have heard bad performance issues around the net about ARMA 2 not running very well so dont even want to give it a try in fear of it not running on thier computers. Secondly its nto the most user friendly game in the world it requires alot of hand eye button co-ordinations that actually take practise to use them properly. Alot of people cant be bothered learning the huge amount of stuff required to play the game. Just the keyboard buttons themselves i need a light on just to see what button im pressing. I can play Call of duty Modern warfare 2 in the dark , knowing i only need to press W,A,S,D and space and c and a few numbers. I dont need a ARMA 2 keyboard Diploma to play Call of duty or battlefield. I have got use to it more now but it took a long time to get my head and hand eye co-ordination right with the game. Arma 2 is DAUNTING as hell for noobs too. REAL DAUNTING.
  8. nyran125

    ArmaHolic ArmA 2 Optimization

    to play this game with all the bells and whistles and have good fps aswell you really need to upgrade that card of yours for one thing (that card is just about 3 years old man). + This game in a years time with all the latest hardware in a year should run sweet. Well it better LOL or alot people will never buy another Bohemia game ever again if the performance doesnt increase with the next generation of Video cards. I personally think they SHOULD of not gone so hard out on the Graphics and toned it back , Battlefield Bad company 2 (Yes doesnt look half as good texture wise) Runs fine and it doesnt look that bad. But the really good thing about BF bad company 2 is i can PLAY THE DAMN GAME PROPERLY!!!!!! i can play it and yes it is nowhere near as great looking as ARMA 2, not even close, But it looks ok . YAY yA yAy. I think Arma 2 was only made for complete Elite computers that arent even out yet lol. Ill be interested if the new Ati cards and the new F100 series from Nividia ups the performance by much. Well hopefully ALOT. Because i want to upgrade my VIDEO card from a 8800 gts 512mb. but heard so much bad sht about this game with the 295GTX's that i skipped the 200 series completely and i am waiting for the F100 series line up . Better boost arma 2 though lol.
  9. why is there no update to 1.05 for steam??????
  10. i never went to vista. Well i did for a month when it first came out. Hated it so bad went back to XP and all my games run a million times better, ill never EVER change to another OS unless absolutely necessary screw DX10 and its bs overhyped graphics and lighting effects, that can actually be done in DX9. Vista was the WORLDS largest money wasting SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They either revert back to using barely any resources like XP or i wont bother changing.
  11. if they are making an engine that is cross platform from Consoles to PS3 and pc, wouldnt it be downgraded slightly from the original Crysis engine to handle consoles? as opposed to being better graphics because it has to take consoles into consideration whereas crysis was ONLY pc. So it was for hardcore hardware. That video that was shown some of the indoor environments looked way downgraded than the original Crysis indoor environments.
  12. nyran125

    ARMA 2 to ps3

    there is an advantage though if you saw Arma 2 on a console. They would have to iron out stupid bugs like dying a meter above ground when parachuting. + they would have to make the game still look good but take a few graphical enhances down a notch so the game would run way better, im all for downgrading graphics for the sake of perfomance and i dont just meen tweaking for a week with Anti aliasing i meen From the product itself. So there are advantages of having games released from pc to console. Pc's get to have a product that runs flawlessly and consoles get to have a good game. + from a console, pc gamers dont have to go and upgrade ALL thier hardware just for 1 game, as you can pretty much guarentee it will run on a medium spec system, because lets face it pc gaming is REAL expensive on the high end market and some games like Arma 2 actually require a high end rig to run properly.
  13. nyran125

    Ai thread

    lol, im just putting my 2 cents in with some of these suggestions for th Ai. SERIOUSLY. Especially the "i want the Ai to be more Human" people. Define what you meen by more human? Ok lets have a look at some examples of "Emotional soldiers" in the heat of battle. The AI like in REAL life need to be told what to do and they need to just say YES SIR. THAT IS IT. You dont want a military simulation game to have a silly human emotional character twist to it, because that is NOT realistic. YES soldiers have emotions like any human being before they go into battle, but when it comes to the middle of the battle, they need to just say YES SIR and get on with it so no mistakes are made. The Ai in this game as robotic sounding as it is, Is more realistic than what your giving it credit for (even though it sounds wierd). Oh yeah just a side note :> WHat the hell do you want the Ai to do to a tank without a launcher???? throw rocks at it? Grenades do NOT destroy tanks in real life. what do you expect the Ai to do? I dont understand that post at all. If a tank is coming and you dont have the equipment to destroy it, you better run. Or dive behind the nearest wall and tell your Ai buddies to go prone. Or better yet, if you have alot of Ai guys your controlling try grouping them with different colours, Red team etc and order them to get behind cover QUICK. Then run the hell away. Secondly why are you doing missions with tanks without the right equipment???? Sorry this is a simulation type game not call of duty, grenades dont kill armoured vehicles to well, but an after thought has occured to me, even in Call of duty 4 in the missions that you take out Tanks you needed large artillary to do so. In Arma 2 You have a demo expert that has mines, try using the men that ACTUALLY take out Tanks, not just normal Ai soldiers. Then tell the Ai guy to kill the friggin tank, EASY. + go on You tube , look up Iraq / soldiers or US troops or whatever and just look at how they really move or run, especially for the Arma 2 players that are complaining about the speed of your Ai. People move pretty slow in real life too, UNLESS they need to run for cover. I do have to agree with some stuff though. Like telling your Ai guys to get behind cover and they sometimes got to the FRONT of cover, yes THAT IS ANNOYING and needs to be fixed. The Ai should always find cover behind something so they actually have cover, instead sometimes the Ai hide or move in front of the cover and that meens DEATH. You should watch some of the Troops trying to clean out certain buildings with the amount of sht they carry on thier backs ,some of them look like they are struggling to move through rooms and hallways in their gear, backpacks etc.
  14. nyran125

    Patch 1.05 suggestions

    FIX the parachute then you die before you hit the ground bug. THATS REALLY REALLY annoying. I just about gave the game up after creating a simple para.sqs. I had the Allied troops jump out and half of them died in mid -air before touching the ground, doesnt seem to happen around certain areas of chenerus like near airfields it doesnt seem to happen as much. But if you pick a random area to jump out of the plane your allied Ai buddies die before hitting or even touching the ground. IT MUST BE FIXED. Even in the single player campaign sometimes getting out of the helicopter after Manhatton mission you die hopping out. I dont have that many issues other than that with the Ai. I find when approaching Ai for a mission, are pretty lethal. As far as difficulty goes they are pretty good. The only irritating thing is your leader running off in front of his team , sometimes WAY in front of his team. But then if you look at real tactics in say a world war 2 book or something, you'll often find that guys dont stay out in the open for long in grass, they often RUN head on to get to cover and try and get there without getting killed, THEN once they get to cover they stop and plan the next move. They dont, IF the enemy know they are there, just SIT in the grass and hope the enemy doesnt kill them, like alot of people seem to do, then complain about with the Ai. Thus the term "A sitting duck", thats what you are if your just lying down in long grass, "a Sitting duck" asking to be shot dead.
  15. nyran125

    The Main Problems of Arma/Arma 2

    As far as this post is concerned if you dont like BIS's campaign , make your own. Thats what the editor is there for. And as far as having loads of little islands, i think with Arma 2, if you picked one area and played that area over and over, you could get just as fimiliar with it , like you did in OFP. Just make missions based around certain areas of Chernogorsk or something. And i dont understand the comment about "it looks like a bad real environment". It looks more realistic than any other environment ive seen in a video game thats fleshed out like this. When your sitting in a forest in Arma 2 , it almost feels like you could be sitting in one of your local forests down the road. And some of the clearings where the forest ends, i feel is incredably realistic the way the trees just fan out and stop. Well it is, if you live somewhere like i do, in New Zealand, most of my country looks like what they have created in Arma 2 so maybe it feels more homely to me, lol.. i disagree, i think Arma 2 looks realistic as hell. As far as variety goes, theres an expansion coming that SHOULD have some larger urban environments and be more variety your looking for. But i think Utes and Chenerus look very different to each other and alot of areas in Chenerus look completely different to other areas of Chenerus. (The churches and some of the buildings unfortunately look the same, they could of done some more church models)
  16. try turning your settings on normal and view distance 3000 and AA off. (doesnt look as good obviously , but you get use to it. People that do this have experienced less crashing to almost no crashing.
  17. nyran125

    Game is choppy and freezes.

    Try turning all of your settings on normal and view distance 3000. Oh yeah and AA OFF.
  18. nyran125

    Unit Names

    I put the name i wanted into the description of the unit, but that name i put in the description has yet to show up in Sidechat. It still comes up as 1-1-A or whatever. The groupID command works (for groups), but i havent got the individual names working yet, by putting, for e.g :> "steve" into description. Is there something you have to do? I meen, if you want individuals name's to come up in Sidechat, that ARENT connected to a group. Just random people. Do you just put "steve" and thats it, into the description of the unit? Or is there a certain command you have to put?
  19. i want to know an easy way of changing the name of the person talking too. Even if you get someone to speak its always a number like youve described A-1-1 "bla bla bla " not the name given in the editor.
  20. nyran125

    does anybody read the briefing anymore?

    briefings make you want to play them too.
  21. nyran125

    Thank you, B.I.S.; Sign if you agree.

    Signed definately The people that dont like this game just havent discovered or understood the true soul of what its about.
  22. nyran125

    How Satisfied with Arma2 Are you??

    You shouldnt buy this game if you have anything less than what i have and thats a medium range computer runs at 35-50 fps. 8800GTS 512mb intel core 2 duo 2.66Ghz (the quad core version ran my games worse) 3gb ram DDR2 Windows xp If you have anything lower than my rig you shouldnt of even bought the game, seriously. If you expect this to run on very high with all graphic settings on the highest possible settings , than you are also going to be dissapointed. If you can handle this game on Normal graphic settings (which by the way look fantastic anyway, even on normal settings) then you will have a fun time adn wont have half the problems most people seem to be having :):) Performance isnt a big problem at all for me i run the game on medium graphic settings and Vid memory normal and AA off ( you get use to it, after awhile you forget how awesome the game DID look on high graphic settings ,lol. Just try not to look at the game on high settings , then youll never know or forget after awhile. My FPS only becomes an issue if there is more than 200 units on screen at once, which is rare. ON A SIDE NOTE........ Theres a guy with a rig similar to mine on you tube called richie' something that boasts that he runs 1700 units in the editor and 250'000 people have watched it on you tube. I feel sorry for people that watched that video and bought the game and THOUGHT they could run 1700 units on screen at once, its almost false advertising by a player,lol. Not once in those videos do you see 1700 units ON SCREEN in broad daylight at one time. The video just shows him running around at night time and you barely see any units just loads of gun shots. Ive tested it in broad daylight and started the editor as a civilian so i could just watch what happens, with 400 units facing directly towards each other (barely 20 metres away from each other) 200 on one side of the runway at the airport and another 200 on the other side of the runway, and it DOES NOT run as good like those you tube videos with 1700 units. (The guy has the same graphics cards to mine,LOL) hmmm . However it did run better at night time for some reason. So that was interesting. SO i hope you didnt buy this game because you saw those videos. The only BIG gripe I have and people that i know that have uninstalled Arma 2 and will never ever play a Bohemia game again, are the people that only wanted to play the single player campaign, nothing else when Arma 2 was first released and it didnt work for them or it crashed badly. I just think in the future the Arma games need to get the single player thing right and completely bug free and perfect, even if Bohemia releases 2 campaigns on release 1 hardcore fully decked out one and another smaller campaign that doesnt require so many triggers so the new people that play it at least enjoy SOME kind of single player experience. I love this game because of the infinate possibilites with the editor. Some people just dont get how awesome that editor is unfortunately and they just bought it off steam to play the single player campaign. (and those people will never know what they have missed out on, HOWEVER they may of stuck around longer to find out, IF the single player game worked properly STRAIGHT out of the box on release.)
  23. nyran125

    Low FPS

    actually if you look at fps studies of GAMES(nothing else) of the same type of duo core processors and quad core you will find that there isnt much difference in FPS between the 2. I was going to buy a quad core version of the 2.66Ghz processor but when i saw most of the games were getting the same fps as the intel core 2 duo 2.66Ghz, i got that instead. Im getting an average of 30-50fps also. the only people that might be getting slightly higher are the people with nividia 295GTX's and the latest i7's. But judging their posts they too are getting low fps, they are still getting higher fps than me though just not by much. But then looking at the fps studies of the nividia 200 series , they dont look like much of an upgrade from the 9800 cards or even the 8800 Ultra's (couple that with this game needs a BEAST of a cpu to run). Next year's or the year after's hardware will be worth the upgrade for Arma 2 i reckon. Start saving now,lol. For 2011 hardware.
  24. nyran125

    new expansion? are they joking?

    On another side note, i dont think a bunch of patches are going to fix your problems if they are serious.
  25. This is an INFANTRY ONLY takeover mission that is about team work and not really about individual scoring. So theres no stats and its pretty much finished just needs some tweaking but its still defintately playable if you want. ta to Armaholic for allowing it to be downloaded from your site. :):) Bohemia rox for keeping their awesome military formula and sticking with its editing mode and not catering to the call of duty and battlefield EA masses. Where most gamers around the world just dont or havent understood what you are trying to do. http://rapidshare.com/files/276775113/Liberate_Kamenyy.utes.rar Armaholic mirror: - Liberate Kamenyy SC-24 OR http://rapidshare.com/files/276800606/Liberate_Kamenyy.utes.rar Just extract it to your mp folder in your program files and it should work, its fully playable with Ai and LAN, if you wan tto play Single player just go to the multiplayer game and select it from there in LAN (bare in mind the bizarre ai respawn following waypoints thing sometimes, if you choose the player that controls the entire team theres no issues)). Ai is included also, but would be better with all human opponents obviously. This mission is just for fun (to help those poor defenseless Kamenyy locals) This is my first mission ive ever done. Its an easy going sector capture MP mission that has 12 players vs 12 players in groups of 4. I originally designed it for noobs to the Arma 2 mp game. Noob mp mission created BY a noob FOR noobs or experienced players if they like it. Theres 2 respawns and 3 objectives. East sector you must hold for 60 seconds same with the west sector and Kamenyy sector, however the Kamenyy sector you must hold for 120 seconds. On a side note , the countdown will NOT start until the sector is completely clear of enemies. So you will have have to probably set up scouts or a few scouts, around the area to make sure enemy doesnt come back into Kamenyy. This is really important. the 120 seconds will NOT count down until youve liberated the main area of Kamenyy. So once you clear Kamenyy of enemies you may actually have to look at your watch. The mission ends when all sectors have been at least taken once. its the first side to get 3 sectors WINS. Regardless of anything else. Its an ALL infantry mp game. theres 2 ammo and weapons dumps one for east and one for west if you run out half way through in Kamenyy and your miles away from ammo dumps you have to scrounge weapons from the dead that you have killed or Allies. ( I did that for a reason) Most of the weapons in the game are available + ammo at the designated bases, but once you and your 4 men are out in the field you are on your own and must fend for yourself. I had most fun in this mission on EXPERT difficulty to try and keep track of your 4 buddies throughout the mission. This mission is the first part of a territory campaign that im creating. What will eventually happen is a territory gain mode. Kamenyy is the first part. Eventually the next part will be the airport, then the south of UTES. the side that wins the most territories will be the ultimate victor. The Liberate Kamenyy TEST mp mission area is 1 of those territories that one MUST win in order to battle it out for the next territory. (but thats for the future) Any critisms, suggestions OR bug notifications would be hugely appreciated. :):)