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    RH Mk18 pack 1.1 for OA / CO

    Oh ok, but you mentioned desert camos, where can I find those? I guess I must have skipped them?
  2. ninjaklan

    RH Mk18 pack 1.1 for OA / CO

    Hey Robert, do you plan on making the Mk18 Mod0 pack with some camo paintjobs? Also, would liek to ask if you have any plans on making the new Mk18 Mod1 (Block2) and SOPMOD2 rifles? Cheers
  3. Ok after few hours of kicking my PC around I finally managed to instal ArmA CO. I bought it fro mSprocket ,downloaded, instaled Arma 2 first, then Arma OA and patched with 1.55. Everything good till then. I played around with few custom campaigns and OA campaign and after like 1 or 2 hours of playing ingame I always get this bug that freezes everything up. When I hold keyboard keys to move around like W A S D, when I press one of them buttons a weird sound suddenly comes up going like "TUT" and if I hold the buttons longer the sound just repeats itself and simply my game completely freezes until I release teh buttons again. This make s teh game unplayable and I have no clue what could it be and my guess is simply FADE but I don't understand since I purchased my copy, got receipts, serials etc... If I press ESC, go to pause menu or alt tab to desktop, the problem dissapears sometimes for some minutes but sometimes it just goes on. Is this possibly a FADE problem, if so, how can I fix it or does it have to do something with Windows 7 or anything? Any help appreciated, haven't experienced this anywhere else. Game itself runs smooth and fine.
  4. Thanks for the input but you did not understand me. The RH Mk18 pack includes the Mk18 Mod 0 rifles which have been widely used since around 2004-2009, what I asked for is a Mk18 Mod 1 rifle, which comes with the new sopmod package, teh rifle itself is renewed (more or less) along with new attachments. But main difference is just the new Daniel Defense RIS (DD Mk18 rail or Block2). The SOPMOD2 is teh M4 carbine lenght variant of the shorter Mk18 or CQBR R. This new rifles are not osme fancy future stuff, its now and here, USSOCOM units already using them for quite some time along with the SCAR family. Some ref. pics others http://spartanat.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/mk18mod109.jpg (on pic you can see stuff like 553 eotech, peq15, M3x light etc...) The old Mk18 Mod0 is this
  5. Has anyone ever thought of adding the "new" Mk18 Mod1 / Block 2 and SOPMOD2 / RIS2 rifles in the game? They are the new rifles isued to most of USSOCOM, especially SEALs and Devgru (Mk18 Mod1) and US SOF and Rangers with their SOPMOD2. Theonly difference would be a new FDE colored (bronze) RIS system along with other already existing accesories (such as PEQ15, Eotech 553, Elcan Specter...all in tan color). I would also liek to ask if anyone plans on making proper current SEAL units, I tested out TF86 Seal units in AOR1 and AOR2 but teh patterns are not really AORish morel iek MARPAT. Also the vests on them are bit funny looking. Still a good addon tho. If anyone needs any referenc epics he can PM me or ask here
  6. ninjaklan

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    Ok I'm seriouslyy starting to lose my patience here. Yesterday I bought ARMA OA from Sprocket, the digital version, instaled without having Arma2 (I have had Arma2 months ago but displaced the DVD, cd key etc..) so I went just for the OA to try it out. Anyway, instals fine and everything, didn't apply any patches, tried to run it from .exe and got a securom error message: No disc inserted. Please insert the original "ArmA2_OA_retail" CD/DVD. Please have a look at http://www.securom.com/message.asp?m=nodisc for further, more detailed information. Ok, I was like wtf, I have no DVD why woudl this message show up anyway, reinstaled teh game 2-3 times, checked this forums for solutions, tried everything. having all 4 files in my folder (paul.dll etc...), disabling any virtual drives and closing down any emulation software etc...no luck, tried 1.55 patch, no luck, then I tried some new beta patch and it kinda worked but only through the beta .exe file but while ingame I've had bunch of problems, for instance, I oculdnt play in the editor - test out editor because everytime i pressd preview I got an error that some "appereance01.cfg" file or sumthing missing, I quickly checked the campaign but FADE started kicking in so I said **** this and wrote to sprocket for a refund. Just to make it clear, I entered teh OA serial at the begining of instalation but there was no extra (like for securom) activation requests. Anyway I got refunded and today I bought the ARMA 2 CO again from Sprocket thinking that with CO and arma2 itself I will have no problems.... Well great, I download teh both, get the serial keys, first I instaled Arma2, no probs, when installed I ran it just to see if all goes ok, I could play in editor and everything without problem so I thought it's alL cool. Ok so next is instaling OA, same procedure, entered teh serial ta the begining, check, instaled in ARMA2 folder (meaning bot harma2 and OA .exe files in same directory) but **** me, once installed, when trying to launch OA, i get the same bullshit message that there is no CD/DVD whatever present in teh drive... Can somebody PLEASE help me with this and tell me there IS a solution. *crying* Sorry for typos, writing from my phone ---------- Post added at 11:34 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:11 PM ---------- Wow, and now I tried to patch my ARMA2 up to 1.08 with a 1.00-107 - 10.8 patch (330mb or so) and when i run it it says that ARMA2 is not installed...?!?! This game is completely broken
  7. Few ideas, I would like to see 1. Humvee's that look like they are operating in a war zone and not like they just came out of factory. I always hated the new&unused look on all arma(2) vehicles :P Somebody made 3 types of Range Rover Defenders for Arma1 and those looked so cool with all the details. A humvee thats scratced, maybe little dirty, backpacks at the back, tags and insignias on the doors...maybe it sounds excessive but it would be fun&realistic http://aycu38.webshots.com/image/33797/2003684192090236646_rs.jpg http://image10.webshots.com/11/6/40/7/148464007xKPsKA_fs.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3b/Humvee_in_difficult_terrain.jpg 75th Rangers in ACU's with ORC PCU's current actual - description here already: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=74239&page=5 Fully working flashlights mounted on weapons (activated through action menu) :)
  8. Those are the MBSS - left (Maritime Ballistic Survivor System), which I believe is more commonly used by the MSOB operators (ex Force Recon) or the MEUSOC. The vest on the right is teh RRV or the Rhodesian vest which is used by Rangers alot and is a good choice to incorporate it in the game. They mostly use the RRV with MBSS backplates tho, RRV by itself is open at the back and works as a chest rig. Also 75th Rangers as a part of Army use all ACU, but I think you want to do their mission specific gear, meaning the gear Rangers use for instance in Iraq, nowadays. I wouldnt completely skip on multicam, I think 75th Rangers have a different pattern in works (AOR1 and AOR2(desert)?), very similiar to marine Marpat, but I would still stick to their current loadouts which look more sick than any of the overhyped multicam :p Here is a few references to their current mission specific (Iraq) loadouts regarding teh uniform -, they mostly use ACU's or mixed - ACU pants with ORC PCU level 5 tops (all weather clothing) or they use complete ORC PCU suits (the color of PCU's is called Alpha Green). I think the PCU/ACU mix would be perfect for arma2. Dont forget painted MICH 2000 (from OD variations to CB colors) and if possible add the Petzl headlamp on their helmets. Gear liek vests are I think, like someone already said before, mainly Ranger Green and Coyote Brown (mission specific). For boots I do not know, but I have seen alot of Asolo Fusion 95 GTX hiking shoes being used by 75th and I believe the models are already in the game, used for BLUFOR/FR/Assault Rifleman&Assault Grenadiers ingame models (or the shoes are Merrel Sawtooths, both are legit). Here are the pics (PIC ABOVE) You can see the ACU/ORC PCU mix, MICH 2000, arcteryx kneepads, Asolo FSN 95 gtx shoes on the guy to the left, ranger green vest (I believe it is an RRV, cant confirm tho) etc... Similiar stuff - the guy kneeling - Merrel Sawtooths, Petzl Tactikka headlamp on MICH 2000, RRV ranger green vest with MBSS backplate and PACA armor underneath it (I think so), the guy standing has Coyote Brown gear, arcetryx kneepads etc.. All using ORC Level 5 PCU's, Asolo fusion 95 gtx shoes, CB/khaki gear (?) http://www.shrani.si/f/3t/Ax/ZEk4arC/picture019.jpg Also ACU/ORC PCU mix, RRV vest with MBSS backplate and cumberbound and the PACA armor underneath... http://www.shrani.si/f/3D/oK/NEMietE/hr1lpb.jpg I think this guys are not real rangers, airsofters but still you can see the legit gear. Please note that I am no army/gear hardcore expert, Im just trying to help out here with realism and add my observations, because I would love to see these units in arma2. I may be wrong, so feel free to correct me. Id do (try to) it myself but I have absolutely no knowledge on how to do anything of this:( CHeers cant wait for ace2