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  1. jake8787

    Flying on a 27 inch screen

    If it wasn't for the pic size limit I would start things off:p Its a 50" by the way and my TV is pretty big too;)
  2. That looks truly awesome. I'm eagerly awaiting the release of this one
  3. jake8787

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    B25's with all those 50 cals in the nose would be amazing.
  4. jake8787

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    When you do this what Zeus features do you lose?
  5. Don't let the negative voice in the room be the only one you hear. Some people are personally miserable and find it neccesary to complain about even the best of products, simply to convey their misery onto others. You can never make them happy, they will never appreciate anything. The only thing you can do is be happy you aren't them. I check this thread every day waiting for the CO release and I'm sure I'm not alone. Thanks for all your hard, FREE work. I know I'm both humbled and grateful towards every modders effort to make this game better for literally nothing but sheer personal gratification and reputation. Keep up the good work guys! Oh, and get on with the CO release already:p I wanna blow sh#t up with a tiger
  6. jake8787

    North Korean Mod

    I would love to see a North Korea Mod.
  7. Thanks for the wild guess Albertors! If I get the chance I'll try this out tonight. Considering my RL has been crazy lately somebody here will surely beat me to it! Where does this code go? This is great and why I love arma 2. Being able to give feedback and suggetions to the people doing the work is amazing.
  8. Thanks ALbertors. I can't wait to try this out. I'm glad you put remote det back in and I'm happy a sensor is being made. When the dust settles, will you have anything in the readme about combining it with other scripts?
  9. Yes it is a valid expression. If you have any other questions about english PM me and I'll help if I'm around.
  10. Do you guys have any idea when the CO version will be ready? I literally check for it every day and I'm starting to get a bit loopy
  11. jake8787

    RH Pistol Pack Remake for OA/CO

    How about a Smith & Wesson M&P 45? Or my personal favorites, a larger variety of custom 1911's. Les Bauer, Wilson Combat, high end springfields and more Kimbers:)
  12. Thanks a ton for answering my questions and for continuing the work on this great script. I'm glad that your looking at putting remote det back in as well as considering its compatibility with other scripts. Thank you very much for this and all your hard work. I wish I could model as I would make you a scanner item asap.
  13. First let me say great script. I haven't yet had a chance to try it but this out but its something the game should have shipped with in my opinion. Based on the update, according to another poster this is no longer compatible with James advanced IED? Is there a way to fix that? Also, is there any chance remote det will make a reappearance?
  14. Looks awesome. Will this map be a single download or will it have requirements/dependencies? Just saw your post above mine. In the words of Mr. Burns, EXCELLENT!
  15. jake8787

    Mr Murray Editor Guide

    That is unfortunate about your previous guide. That said, please don't let the bad actions of one hurt 1000's of others. I know your guide has been the single thing at times that kept me from giving up all hope on Arma 2 and joining the hordes of call of duty. Thank you for your previous work.