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  1. Hey guys, I am working with the CoIn right now and everything is working fine on my side, but it is the CoIn that is giving me a problem right now. For instance I have it set up so that a engineer in range of a truck is able to build small fortifications sandbag wall, sandbag corner, sandbag round etc. The problem is that I can build a sandbag wall but I can't build one next to it without leaving alot of space between the two. Same problem goes for building in/near buildings which is an important part of mission. How do i remove the limit so that the user is capable of building anywhere? Thanks, Robin
  2. Hey guys, I need some help but please read this post it describes the situation: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=104990 If you rea the post you will see that the command "removeMagazinesTurret" doesnt work or anything related to it "addMagazinesTurret" etc. So can you guys help out here why this command doesnt work for me?
  3. Ow I did not see that i use version 1.52.71612 so thats probalely it. But i have steam can i update it to 1.52.71816 manuely?
  4. that comment tells me that you do not have read the thread i posted at all. Because if you did you would have noticed that it works with someone else with the same game version on the same vehicle where it does not for me. The problem is not where or what i am using it on it is the command/function that fails to work as i cant f1 it either it simply doesnt show as a command ? Ow well nvm I figured it out its bug http://dev-heaven.net/issues/11740 Some people have it some don't only thing troubling me now it says its gonna take 2 months to fix O.o
  5. THIS PROBLEM TURNED OUT TO BE A CLIENT PROBLEM NOT A SCRIPTING PROBLEM! Hey guys, I have been trying to change the load out of the A-10 i am changing it from the default load to a better CAS load containing: default GAU-8 8 x Maverick 14 Hydra Problem is i can't seem to be able to remove the turret magazines. I used this code this ::removeMagazineTurret ["2Rnd_Sidewinder_AH1Z",[-1]] But it gives me an error "missing ;" and puts the pointer where the :: is. For testing i also used these and none worked they al give me the same error : this removeMagazinesTurret ["2Rnd_Sidewinder_AH1Z",[-1]] this removeMagazinesTurret ["2Rnd_Sidewinder_AH1Z",[0]] this removeMagazineTurret ["2Rnd_Sidewinder_AH1Z",[0]] vehicle this removeMagazinesTurret ["2Rnd_Sidewinder_AH1Z",[-1]] vehicle this removeMagazinesTurret ["2Rnd_Sidewinder_AH1Z",[0]] vehicle this removeMagazineTurret ["2Rnd_Sidewinder_AH1Z",[-1]] vehicle this removeMagazineTurret ["2Rnd_Sidewinder_AH1Z",[0]] Yet when i do this it just accepts it. removeMagazinesTurret = "Some random string" So my geuss is that it doesnt reconize the command. I tested this all on Arma II (Did't work as it should) Arma II OA Arma II CO My Operation Arrowhead is Version 1.52.71612 Also in another thread someone suggested this so look which ammo the turrets had gave "missing )" error at the :: copyToClipboard format["%1 - %2",(this :: magazinesTurret[-1]), (this magazinesTurret[0])];
  6. yeah its pretty messed as this is part of my mission i really need it to work i already started post in troubleshooting linking back to this one. I really hope they know a fix :S
  7. Hey thanks thats really usefull now i do not have to alt tab alt the time to the wiki :P To bad it doesnt work with removeMagazinesTurret though :S But i geuss i should contact BIS troubleshooting? As this is no longer a editing problem but a game problem
  8. Less then nothing >.< What should happen?
  9. Yes i am 100% i am running OA I meet all the requirments to use this command according to the wiki http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/weaponsTurret Its in patch 1.52 in OA Which (stated in my first post) is what i am running right now. I used it for all testing and all the code you send me. None of this worked all giving me the respone that i have entered a non existend command by ether saying "missing ;" or when used between () saying "missing )" and the putting my type cursor right before the command itself between this and removeMagazinesTurret EDIT: Well geuss your outta idea :S Could some one test if this works with them and give me some feedback? this removeMagazinesTurret ["2Rnd_Sidewinder_AH1Z",[-1]]
  10. No no i have not just you as a test to see if it reconized it at all as a command which it doesnt as it allows me to assign it to something else. The command/function "removeMagazinesTurret" doesnt seem to do anything nomather how i use it(functionwize)
  11. Yes any code containing "removeMagazinesTurret" used as a command doesnt work if i use it in a diffrent like : removeMagazinesTurret = "I code, There for i am"; hint removeMagazinesTurret It works alright
  12. Yes And it sees it as a variabe i think
  13. the :: is not in the actuel code it is to mark where my pointer is added when i click after putting int the intilize field so basicly its the editor telling me that thats there the ; is missing when it should't end this part was not one block of code it was enter sepertly this removeMagazinesTurret ["2Rnd_Sidewinder_AH1Z",[-1]] this removeMagazinesTurret ["2Rnd_Sidewinder_AH1Z",[0]] this removeMagazineTurret ["2Rnd_Sidewinder_AH1Z",[0]] vehicle this removeMagazinesTurret ["2Rnd_Sidewinder_AH1Z",[-1]] vehicle this removeMagazinesTurret ["2Rnd_Sidewinder_AH1Z",[0]] vehicle this removeMagazineTurret ["2Rnd_Sidewinder_AH1Z",[-1]] vehicle this removeMagazineTurret ["2Rnd_Sidewinder_AH1Z",[0]]
  14. Ok mate I dont you understand the commands doesnt work I tried the code you put there and I get the "Missing ;" error on the :: this :: removeMagazinesTurret ["4Rnd_GBU12",[-1]]; this removeMagazinesTurret ["2Rnd_Sidewinder_AH1Z",[-1]]; {this addMagazineTurret ["2Rnd_Maverick_A10",[-1]];} forEach [1,2,3]; this removeWeapon "BombLauncherA10"; this removeWeapon "SidewinderLaucher_AH1Z"; But the code you have there is how i planned mine to be if the command worked propaly so maybe I am in the wrong forums here and should go to troubleshooting?
  15. Hello, I have been making a mission based on a real Afganistan situation I saw. The enemy AI (Takistan Reblican Army) is holding out in a compound made out of 2 buildins with 2 rooms each 4 total and a large wall surrounding it all pretty much the basic compound. So now you what i am doing here is the problem I want a few AI to bunker out in those houses while others come on out to return fire once we open up on them. Problem is when I make a waypoint in the building only the leader goes inside and the rest make a formation around him in or out the house. I need the AI to be pretty dynamic so the disable AI command wont work as i need to to move around a bit. Most of the houses though have only a few positions to stand in and I want to make one pretty cramped up (Most are gonna run out when there under attack). Now also before anyone starts that i should have searched this up I did none of the topics I found where of any use to me. Help appreciated, Mercyne EDIT: So basicly I want to create a realistic fight with the AI in that compound so far not so succesfull I am capable of soloening it thats 1 v 10 guys orso just by being at 300 meters. Apperntly the AI wont see me from that range. You see its kinda important that they return fire and lots of it aswell but I can't seem to be able to get them to do that. Help on this mather also appreciated.
  16. Urban Patrol.... This situation is far from what that script offers. Its'a good addon but its not what I need I just need the AI to bunker out of a while and return heavy fire not some advance script that makes use flanking manouvers Also I know this not verry in line with the commity spirit but I am making this mission and i want to learn from it i do not wish to use something someone else made in it. I mean somethign you make yourself you can also easily adjust. It might be a bit more work at first but ahh well its worth it. So i rather have someone tell how to make this then to use premade script.
  17. mercyne

    Friendly fire death by "smokeshell"

    The word shell makes me think this was probaly a round from something that fire it not thrown and as the video aboth shows it is probaly possible to kill someone with such a round let alone one of those artillery smoke screens.
  18. mercyne

    Team loadout for AI

    Hello, I a have a problem with the AI i made myself a little mission that requires me and my fireteam to be flexiable in our loadout. For we start out with the basic weapons and these are perfect for the first part but then after a while they have no use anymore in the situetion so I just walk up to the great and get out a weapon better for the current situation. But how do I order my AI to pick up a certain weapon from that crate? Also if thats not possible can i atleast order them to rearm at a crate or my or some other AI backpack? Thanks EDIT: Never mind figure it out how to do it by accident >.< Here is how for futher reference: Get near the crate. Select the AI go the command panel for actions Select gear EDIT: Still not figured out how to make them use each other backpacks help appriected. Also how would I order the ULB to land? I can get it to ground alright but its engine keeps running and my mission is a verry long one and i do not want it running out of fuel half way
  19. mercyne

    ARMA 2 (OA) : DLC discussion thread

    I dont think people should complain to pay a little extra this game is in constant development and we do not even have to pay for it and now we are asked to buy a optional DLC which is shitty cheap people start to cry about. But think abou this blizzard big MMO hit is also in constant develment and people 13 euro a month for that(forgetting the server maintence) people there but 1,3 DLC each month basicly to have there game develept. So please next your gonna complain about paying a little extra think about how much it would actuely cost us if we paided for all the after care of this great game.
  20. mercyne

    Non steam Arma 2 + steam OA?

    Its pulls the paths to the vanilla ArmA II out of the registry right? So aslong as it in there correctly its should be able to find your game
  21. Ok i have been reading in alot of threads that people are almost near begging not have arma contect released on steam/steam only. I do not see why not steam is a great source for distrubding your game and contect. I mean i get really good download speed i can get ArmA II with in half an hour and when i bought ArmA II : Operation Arrowhead i just blinked and it was done. And i cant wait for the DLC to be released on steam. Anyway i think this problem has something to do with people thinking that you need to start up ArmA using steam this is not true dispite that all the standart shortcuts start up with steam you can just go to where you installed steam then go steamapps/commen/arma and there should be a start up there if you use this you will start up arma without steam so basicly the normal version of it. Hope this helps a bit. steam rocks \o/
  22. mercyne

    Steam is not satans creation...

    Well I did not have this problem or i might have missed it as beceuse of my awesome internet connection O.o
  23. mercyne

    Steam is not satans creation...

    Ofcourse steam is the perfect but it sure isn't a bad way of distrupting games especialy games like ArmA as you download it trugh steam but thats all you can just boot it up manuely and it prevents my lazy ass from going to the store get a hard copy >.<
  24. mercyne

    Steam is not satans creation...

    Why would you want a hard copy? It can break. Now i am not completly sure how the steam patches work but should that be blamed on de developer instead of steam O.o
  25. Wait i click that link for picture i see is a bunch of dudes on horses O.o If they add that it would give some hilarious fights like Tank vs horse Horse Vs rocket fired from its back Parahorsing AH rockets (Anti Horse Rockets) No offense ment :D just being amuzed Some nice pictures in to honest