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  1. Thank you a lot for this Tremanarch !
  2. As like a lot other people, i'm still waiting for a proper download link to be able to fly with this beauty ! Please OP, host it elsewhere ! A lot of people have a "403 - Forbidden".
  3. Can't say why. I can't download anything from this website. Any chance to have some mirror links ? I'm so eager to try this ! Amazing work !
  4. M4Mkey

    Streetlamp upgrade - alpha I

    oh yeah, still not tried it. ( Already DLed it though ). But I have to admit with Predator. I think something on the middle of default and your actual brightness would be top notch ! Edit : Also not sure but... can you confirm any performance impact ? I think there is one.
  5. Already mine this mod is ! GvsE, really a superb job ! And I love to see that it came alive with a great cooperation of an other modder ;) Keep this up and make us some other splendid things to play with !
  6. M4Mkey

    Blood Mist

    I have no stutter at all. And I think people were talking about loading mods when you launch the game. Not when you launch a mission. Your mod definitely has an issue at the start of the game. Nothing to do with dirt_walk.wav :)
  7. M4Mkey

    Blood Mist

    hmmm, just tried to launch the stable release and I also had difficulties today to launch it. Removing your mod fixed the issue. May not be due to dev / stable build. Maybe some conflict with other addon.. can't say.
  8. M4Mkey

    Blood Mist

    Just tried Mao, and I confirm. This doesn't work with latest dev build. Works great with stable release though !
  9. M4Mkey

    Blood Mist

    Ok, someone sent me the file from this addon. I wasn't able to download it from GameFront. Anyway, the game freezes on addon loading with this mod on. Did you tried it on dev build ?
  10. M4Mkey

    Blood Mist

    File not found :( Can anyone upload this elsewhere ? I don't seem to download it from GameFront. I'd really like to give this a try :)
  11. Answered your PM Alwarren and already tried your new version but with no luck. Still have this "issue". As stated in the MP, I invite you to add me on skype if you have it and I'll show you in live how and what's going wrong ^^
  12. Well, as I said somewhere previously, during reloading, everything seems fine ! Attachments are put where they should, and magazine isn't floating anymore ( well, that may due to the fact that i'm reloading it :D ). So if your unhidevalue is somewhat related to the reloading, or it doesn't apply only when reloading. This could be this. You should dig in about difference between reloading and not because something is clearly "changing" during this phase of the weapon. Very good luck mate ! EDIT : btw ! no offense taken ;) I can completely understand your frustration ^^ EDIT2 : Dude... I'm so lost. Started the game again, and right now the weapon shows perfectly fine. I didn't change any mod since. I'm using the mod with the -mod command in launching parameters. And I don't get at all why this is so random ... EDIT3 : I may have a solid repro of the bug... ---------- Post added at 03:59 AM ---------- Previous post was at 03:24 AM ---------- Okay !! So... After almost an hour to try to find what's going wrong. I think I found something. Still it's weird : If I try your weapon for the very first time ( at each launch of the game ), on a custom map with a crate that use the fillcrate script that can be found somewhere around here. Weapon goes nuts. If I try your wepaon with only my custom initiliazed man, or with your colt crate. It works. Now it gets more complicated... Once I tried it the very first time under those "safe" conditions. I can load my custom map with the fillcrate script, launch the game, and everything works well. My two cents ? I think this is something between the fillcrate script, and your texture cannot load error. Because this popup message only happen the very first time you try your weapon. So if you have a fix for this message, this could get rid of this. Obviously, this is pure speculation and i'm absolutely not sure that this is the real issue. Will investigate a little more tomorrow. EDIT 5 : hmmm seems even more complicated in fact ! This issue is not due to the fillcrate.sqf script. It seems to happen if you initialize your weapon with other custom made soldiers on the map. with custom attachments and all. As I stated earlier. If you start the very first time alone and let the error popup goes, everything seems to go smooth afterwards whereas.. In the inverse situation... If you intialize your weapon on a "bad" situation, it'll stay like this for all the game. To conclude for real this time for tonight. I'd suggest you to make your player with your M4 by adding its equipement on the init line. AND, make other soldiers having others weapons and attachments ( maybe having the same attachment as yours is the issue ? ) and try it yourself. Note that you have to do this for the very first time you launch the game !! On a positive note, if you have solved the error popup issue, I can gladly test if it automaticaly solves this issue with my mission that tends to make it easily reproducable :)
  13. Still. I may have sound rude ! Don't get me wrong :x I really love your work ! and this may be why I tried so many things to get it to work properly :p Actually there is now the RH PDW weapon pack that do have attachments support and works brilliantly too ( though i'm a not a fan of their weapons :p ). Seems they use two different pbo for their weapon. Maybe they could help you find the issue. Just a suggestion ;)
  14. Well.. Tried to not activate your mod by the launcher. But it doesn't even see your modfolder in the main menu. And I can't seem to activate-deactivate any mod. How this thing works ? Should I have no mod at all launched at the start for this to work ? Nevermind, I tried what I said above and I was able to launch mods via the game. But as I expected. Did nothing. I really do think this issue is coming from your mod, not how we install it. I already have a couple of mods and this is the only one that has this issue :(
  15. Have launched the game already 4-5 times today and always had the issue. Also... when reloading, the gun seem to be correctly displayed ( no optis through iron sight ). once reloading is finished, then it goes berzerk :p I don't launch any mod via the ingame menu. Could try it though I doubt this is the issue. I'm not either able to find a good repro of when the weapon did work great for me :(