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  1. If you're spawning everything by scripts, just run the scripts on the HC.
  2. Have a look at FEN_A3 on the workshop it contains something called fen_AIS, you might find it a lot easier than messing around with transferring groups onto the HC. fen_AIS will cache all the groups and vehicles at the beginning of the mission and spawn them back in as required, if an HC is attached to the mission it will automatically use it. FEN_A3
  3. Use BIS_fnc_relPos to return a a location from the AI unit in the direction of its target x metres away. Just watch BIS_fnc_dirTo it sometime returns a negative bearing in which case adding 360 to result will fixed it.
  4. Have you tried using Squint, instead of NotePad++? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?105860-Squint-the-sqf-editor-and-error-checker&highlight=squint Does all the highlighting you're after, plus syntax checks code as you key.
  5. I had the same results with para-drops, found that in preview they remain attached to chutes, but when playing on dedicated some units are not attached to chutes. Instead what happened when playing on dedicated is that unit and chute reattached themselves once they hit the ground, unit was alive and continue to act normally after that, very odd.
  6. Not at my computer at the moment, but its something like this: [leader _group,"1","SPAWNED"] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf" Add this after your call to BIS_fnc_spawnGroup.
  7. Same experience as gnarly_rider, I also switched to squint and haven't looked back since. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?105860-Squint-the-sqf-editor-and-error-checker&highlight=squint
  8. Assuming you know the location of the composition and the area it covers I've used the following in previous missions: _cmpObj=call(compile(preprocessFileLineNumbers format["compositions\%1.sqf",[b][i]name_of_composition_file_without_.sqf[/i][/b])); { { deleteVehicle _x; } forEach (nearestObjects[[b][i]location_of_composition[/i][/b],[_x select 0],[b][i]radius_of_composition[/b][/i]); } forEach _cmpObj;
  9. I have a mission were I’m spawning vehicles and units from add-ons using a server side script. As these vehicles/units aren’t placed in the editor, the add-on is not being added into mission.sqm (addOns[] and addOnsAuto[]). This of course means that players can join the mission without having the add-on causing some strange effects. I’d be interested in knowing how others deal with this? I was considering adding them into the mission using the editor with 0% probability to force the add-on to be lodged in the mission.sqm, interested in other methods or suggestions.
  10. BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle returns an array, second element of array is the vehicle created.
  11. The addxxxxxxCargoGlobal commands have always taking the constraints of the object you're trying to add the thing into consideration, most objects like ammo boxes and vehicles can only contain 2 backpacks.
  12. Read on a couple of posts that the waitUntil command should not be used as it can degrade performance if there are lots of them. I think I understand the reason, as waitUntil is outside of the scheduling environment (hope that's correct). But what should I use instead, for example on a trigger? _trgBld=createTrigger["EmptyDetector",_loc]; _trgBld setTriggerArea[1500,1500,0,false]; _trgBld setTriggerActivation["WEST","PRESENT",false]; waitUntil {triggerActivated _trgBld}; Should the waitUntil be replaced by a while with a sleep? _trgBld=createTrigger["EmptyDetector",_loc]; _trgBld setTriggerArea[1500,1500,0,false]; _trgBld setTriggerActivation["WEST","PRESENT",false]; //waitUntil {triggerActivated _trgBld}; while {not triggerActivated _trgBld} do {sleep .3};
  13. When you say created on the server do you mean created by a script running on the server, cos I had the same problem recently. Got around it using setVehicleInit and processInitCommands Example: _vehInt=format["nul=this addAction [""Unload %1"",""fen_mission\supplytruck_unload.sqf"",[""%1"",""%2""]]",_vehCnt,_vehSqf]; _vehObj setVehicleInit format["%1",_vehInt]; processInitCommands;
  14. Any news on getting this back online? Must have downloaded all the different editors I could find on Armaholic's but none of them come close to the functionality and ease of use provided by SQUINT.