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    Combat Patrol on official servers

    Combat Patrol is my favourite game mode. I agree about the servers issue. Please make more official servers available - pretty please.
  2. pipscouse

    Remove Favourite Status From Server

    Thanks very much mate :bounce3:
  3. Hi All How do I remove favourite status from servers in multi player? There doesn't seem to be an obvious way to do this. I starred a server by accident. Any help much appreciated.
  4. Hi Guys I have bought Arma 3 DLZ Bundle with Zeus and Karts. Steam tells me I have them installed (Arma 3 - Properties - DLC shows all three installed). However. When I fire up the game Zeus and Karts are not there. Most servers have the ? to the left and show the servers as running those add ons. Clearly I don't have the DLC content installed even though Steam says I do? I'm not very tech savvy and am at a complete loss. Any help greatly appreciated.
  5. pipscouse

    Can't Play DLC Zeus and Karts

    Sorted by Dominik Flanders at BIS support. Thank you Dominik
  6. pipscouse

    ARMA3 patch 1.02 discussion

    Getting ctd's myself now
  7. pipscouse

    MX(X) vs Katiba?

    Rate of Fire
  8. pipscouse

    Need help with a patch

    Try installing Play withSIX as an alternative to dayz commander. It will update everything for you
  9. pipscouse


    You may have inadvertantly changed the difficulty settings. Options, Game Options, Difficulty
  10. There are loads of SP missions to be had at Armaholic mate
  11. Thanks for prompt reply WOlle. Cheers :)
  12. Hi All. Sorry if this sounds stupid. Deep breath. I have Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead (both on DVD). I also have BAF and PMC. I am not sure if I have a prob here or am imagining one. I don't have/show a Combined Ops icon anywhere. I have Arma 2 and Reinforcements icons in my Start Menu. Reinforcements launches fron the Operation Arrowhead exe. path. Arma 2 from Arma 2 exe. path. Only Arma2 and Arma2OA show in progam folder on my disk. I think all is well, but nag that I should have Combined Operations rather than Reinforcements? Please indulge a computer idiot. Many thanks
  13. Yep. Much, much simpler. I can't get my head around Six Updater but Launcher couldn't be easier. Make sure to turn off the automatic beta update in options mind (unless you want them of course).
  14. You could just delete the remnants of DayZ from your PC and re-install it over the PMC and BAF DLCs. The DLC install has probably corrupted your previous DayZ files in some way.
  15. Have you updated DayZ with Six Launcher? If so you have probably made the same mistake as me and unwittingly installed a beta patch
  16. Six Updater has done this to me as well. Ridiculous. I now have a beta patch installed that I didn't even know about, much less want, and can't play any MP servers other than DayZ. Why don't they warn stupid idiots like me that this is going to happen? I would have opted out if I was given an option.
  17. I don't see this in Options. Where is this checkbox mate?
  18. pipscouse

    Lean ("Q" & "E") has stopped working

    Don't worry mate. That one caught me out at first. Frantically trying to do the Q E dance in DayZ and it not happening got me shot in the face :rolleyes:
  19. pipscouse

    Weird colors

    ATI is a different card manufacturer mate so you don't need to worry about that. nVidia drivers get downloaded via the nVidia website - drivers drop down menu. Here http://www.nvidia.co.uk/page/home
  20. pipscouse

    Why is this game not more popular?

    Amen brother :bounce3:
  21. pipscouse

    How do you parachute?

    I haven't jumped for a while but have you tried just running out of the door rather than using the action menu? ie W key?
  22. Wouldn't it be easier to use a joystick?
  23. pipscouse

    "Authentication Timeout"

    I got this the first few times I tried to play DayZ then it just stopped and I (to my surpise actually) spawned in a game. I suspect it is server-side overload or something as the DayZ server are packed
  24. Try this. Arma2/OA seems to select the Windows default recording device on start up. If you have Windows 7: Control Panel -> Sound -> Recording Devices. Make sure your desired input is the default device and ideally disable any recording devices. Ensure it is working in Windows, then launch the game. Don't unplug or disable the mic while the game is running, or you'll have to restart it.
  25. Night vision is very realistic in this game. When I was in the Army we were taught to close an eye when flares went up etc. Night vision takes about twenty minutes (I think) to develop ie your pupils slowly dilate. The same effect is replicated in game but doesn't take as long as the human eye obviously. Switching NV gogggles on and off will affect your night vision in game - there will be a delay before your eyes adjust to NV goggles being off. In some scenarios having NV goggles off really will result in complete darkness regardless of your night vision as there may be no natural light at all. I am not sure if you are just not adapting to the in game realism or if there really is a bug with your graphics but if it is pitch black in the mission scenario you just have to keep the NV goggles on.