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  1. Found something similar, but that's an excellent idea! Hopefully, it works properly in mp. :) I'll try it out and let you know.
  2. Is it possible to create a shoot house that requires flashlights or NVG that could be played during the day? I'm guessing no, but if someone has an idea, do tell. :) I've created a training camp for me and my friends, and would like to have it as an option. The alternative is to have a function just outside the house to skip 12 hours, which (I'm sure) would be properly mistreated...
  3. crazyrobban

    Hidden Identity Pack V.2

    Any plans on releasing this on Steam Workshop? *Pretty please?*
  4. Since last patch, everyone on my TDM mission dies as soon as the mission starts. If I remove "respawnTemplates[] = {"MenuPosition","MenuInventory"};" from description.ext, this stopped happening. Anyone have any ideas why? :-/ EDIT Tried adding the line: respawnOnStart = 0; But no luck, same error. If I scroll out, I can see that my player supposedly died in the most south western part of the map...
  5. crazyrobban

    [Mission] Dynamic Zombie Sandbox Arma 3

    Awesome work, and the mission is a lot of fun! However, there are quite a few problems. We played 5 people co-op, and no matter what parameters we tweaked, nothing changed on each restart. - Weather setting does nothing, and weather is not synced, but that's a BI issue I guess. - One of our guys spawned in full bluefor gear with rifle - Accelerate time is very confusing, my watch showed 03.30, time accelerated, and then my watch showed 09.30. (And it was still dark) - Most annoying of all, my character, and sometimes others, seem to swallow clothing. If I choose "pick up" he grabs it of the ground, doesn't change clothing, and it disapears. (If I choose inventory, I can see the piece of clothing, but not drag it to my clothing slot) If you can fix these issues, I swear that I will donate for a job very well done. As, despite these bugs, we had a lot of fun. :)
  6. crazyrobban

    Hosting MP turns on webcam

    I can confirm this. I have the same kind of webcam and it does indeed turn on when hosting MP games!
  7. crazyrobban

    Arma3 Scripts needed pleae help

    You didn't happen to look at the names of one of the posters in that thread did you? ^^
  8. crazyrobban

    Arma3 Scripts needed pleae help

    Leave a supplybox with this then. :) Standard camo: Standard helmet: Combat vest:
  9. crazyrobban

    Arma3 Scripts needed pleae help

    Place a supply box from the ammo category in the editor and put this code in the init field and you'll have all the available attachments at least. There are more classnames available, but these are the only ones that work. Full list with non-working ones can be found here: http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=20801
  10. crazyrobban

    Conspiracies Rising Dead 3

    Well, the campaign seems really awesome. Unfortunately, there's far too many bugs right now. At least in the co-op version. - We are two players out of five that have a very very low fps while playing, when trying out the map in the editor we have normal fps. - The weather and time is not synced between players, and three of us passed out from exhaustion, while me and another player never experienced the stamina system. - Anomalies doesn't show up until you actually connect with them, killing our players straight off. - The lighting function only worked for 4/5 of us, the other guy was in total darkness and couldn't see our lights either. - Waypoints updated for some of us, and voice files from NPC's triggered only for the host and one other player. - Campfire rest healed me (host) but no one else. I hope this do you some good. It seems to be a quality production behind it all. I compressed the campaign sent by Sled88 into a pbo using the old cpbo. Don't know if that might cause issues? Thanks for a great mod anyways! :)
  11. crazyrobban

    Conspiracies Rising Dead 3

    Glad to be of help! Looking forward to testing this. :)
  12. crazyrobban

    Conspiracies Rising Dead 3

    Perhaps I'm just being an idiot, but does the co-op version include 5 players but only one of them is playable? :S When hosting a game, there's only one slot available, and when I start the game, I have 4 AI's with me.
  13. crazyrobban

    Conspiracies Rising Dead 3

    How do I get the co-op to work? :-S There's only one player-slot when I try to host the campaign, even though I've downloaded the coop addon. Edit: Nevermind, it's not an addon, it's a campaign! *facepalm* Edit 2: I just realised I posted like a douche! Thanks for all your effort, this mod is absolutely fantastic! :) So far, everything's great, except for performance issues. Running i7 cpu, 12gb ram, Geforce 560 ti, game installed on SSD disk, clean Windows 7 pro installation. Looking forward to updates!
  14. Careless really did the trick! :) Gonna check out the other stuff as well!
  15. Thanks for the tip, I'll try having them running on careless just before they hit opfor, having limited speed might work if I put some dialogue in to get the mission going, and maybe look into some On Act code to keep them from driving with the lights on. Just to be clear, the forces in the LAV's are the players (all playable, it's a mp mission) and they are the forces that's trying to free the area of the invading Russians. :) I'll try the setFormation line, but I guess it's the same as setting their waypoint to formation line. Thanks!