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  1. novafluxx

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    64-bit process please! I plan to be running at least 6 or 8 gigs of memory by summer 2012 and I'd like to use it appropriately!
  2. novafluxx


    So doing a possible disservice to 1/3 of the customer base is a good idea...:j:
  3. Yes, this is what I followed to the letter. No dice.
  4. I have the same problem. cyclobs did you get it resolved? ---------- Post added at 02:30 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:29 AM ---------- I'm having that exact same problem. I have Fedora 14 32-bit. Whenever I run ./server I'm getting the same output and then it kills the thread. After running ./install I noticed I had 2 expansion folders one named Expansion and another named expansion. I moved Expansion to expansion and ran ./install again, it then said it installed 10 more files. I tried running ./server again, no dice.
  5. Thanks! Now I can buy PMC and BAF and know that they'll work!
  6. novafluxx

    Removing disc validation..when?

    I'd love to see another expansion like OA, some engine updates/improvements/tweaks, and have it work with existing Arma2/OA/Reinforcements as well.
  7. novafluxx

    Can someone please help me fix this

    OK, in your Steam Library, right click on Arma in the list, select properties. Click the local files tab Choose Verify Integrity of Game Cache.
  8. The bandwidth you'll get out of a PCI video card is very low compared to PCIE. Most servers don't actually support graphics cards, as in the manufacturers never intend them to be used so they don't test them in that configuration at all. The BIOS and IRQ settings may not work well with an added video card either. Even today, high-end Dell servers (newest 11th gens) ship with an onboard graphics chip with 8MB VRAM. Its only designed to be used in a datacenter environment and most of the stuff people do on a server isn't done using the server's video at all, its all terminal services/RDP/VNC or virtualization. My server at home doesn't even have a monitor :-) I SSH into it if I need to do anything. Good luck though if you get it to work! I hope you are able to!
  9. I have experienced the same problem, I'm not sure what caused it. I reloaded the mission and she flew fine. At one point the ULB stopped responding to orders totally, I'd give her a waypoint and it would just disappear on the map. It never moved. ---------- Post added at 10:14 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:10 PM ---------- Cool story bro. Just because the time limit was raised doesn't mean you have to take that much time to do the mission. If you can complete it in 20 minutes on Veteran. Congratulations :yay:!
  10. novafluxx

    Just want to say: Thank You BIS!

    Thank you for the great games and the even more AMAZING continued support for the games after release. It's rare to see a game supported so well after the first 9 months or so. Comparing you to Ubisoft and their work with Silent Hunter 5...you guys are leaps and bounds ahead of them. You give the impression that you feel your work is never done, and that the game is not complete until its perfect, and as a customer I appreciate that. I look forward to your future products, mainly the milsim type games like ARMA and ARMA2 and the expansions. Please don't change this. Thank you for the amazing games and the amazing continues support through patches well into the games life.
  11. :D So thats what it takes to get a response from you people! :) I actually clicked ignore about 50 times or so, and the patch went through, and when I launch the game it says 1.05...not sure I trust that approach though.
  12. So...the community is at a loss here? Should I just start writing bad reviews of the game all over gaming websites or something?
  13. I just decided its time to give ARMA 2 another shot, since 1.05 is out now. I installed the game, downloaded 1.05 and when I attempted to install the 1.05 patch, I'm getting this message: Error found in ADDONS\air.pbo I thought, ok, let me re-download the patch, possible corrupted - no go Next, I decided to update to 1.03 first - no go, same exact error I have ArmA 2 from Direct2Drive. Its the same download as I used previously, from the same folder I originally extracted it to. Please help. I don't know what else to try. ---------- Post added at 11:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:09 PM ----------
  14. novafluxx

    Mini Campaign coming...

    Looks nice! Thanks for informing us!
  15. I wish them only the best for optimizing this engine... As for motion blur and bloom Love the bloom - hate the blur... Artificial blur makes my eyes hurt while playing the game, and right now I play with "post-processing" off totally just so I can enjoy the game without getting a headache. I don't even see this "motion blur" in reality...and if I DO experience it, my brain compensates to I don't notice it...therefor...why is it included to such a high degree in ArmA II?