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    Mana Island Fiji

    Oh wow, this map is beautiful, downloading now.
  2. Dmahon

    WarFX Particles

    I'm sure it's not the rocket fuel burning that makes the 'whoosh' sound, I'm sure it has much more to do with how it cuts through the air, like how bombs whistle as they fall, and how arty rounds have an incoming 'whoosh' sound too. P.S We need to replace the phrase 'whoosh' with something more professional, it's making us sound like children. :icon_rolleyes:
  3. Dmahon

    WarFX Particles

    D: God damn I can't wait for this!
  4. A P:UKF weapons replacement pack for the BAF DLC would be sweet, and you knows it.
  5. Nice one mate, thanks for clearing that up, cheers! :cool:
  6. I need help here, my friend who lives in the US said he wants to pay for this for my birthday, now I have the retail copy of the game, meaning it's impossible for us to use Steams gifting system because apparently the the steam download would be incompatible with the retail copy of my game. Would it be possible in any way for me to be able to download it from a sprocket account that he has made, but I have access to? , I was thinking perhaps he could make an account and pay for the DLC, he gives me the name & password and I download the sprocket DLC downloader for me to be able to acquire the DLC, would this work?
  7. Fast reply! But nah I've tried that, it just changes the LMM options for me, although I think the post you've linked may be able to help me somehow, so thanks anyway. EDIT: Never mind, figured it out, it was "/" on the number pad, no worries guys!
  8. Could someone tell me the key combination to bring up the peep sights on the L85A2s + RIS & ACOG? I'm playing with Combined Operations and so far all I've been able to work out is how to use the bipods and switch the LMM options, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to bring up those damn sights! I've looked through the thread for answers by the way but I couldn't find any. Any help appreciated! And keep up the good work P:UKF ;)
  9. Stalker is not part of the P:UKF team, if you want to get Stalkers soldiers in those jackals then you're gonna have to do it yourself. Also, Cracking units stalker, look really nice, keep up the excellent work.
  10. Absolutely love the trailer, and also, welcome to Arma 2, PR team, I hope you enjoy your stay :)
  11. Dmahon


    Welll... didn't I get the wrong idea...
  12. Dmahon

    The Undead Mod

    Yes I have, in fact the main reason I downloaded 0.81 was to see if it would get rid of that error. It's probably my fault, I think I'm running something near 5gb of mods simultaneously with this one so I wouldn't be surprised if it was just clashing with something for whatever reason.
  13. Dmahon


    Depends what vehicles and mods you're using, I know that in an APC (not really sure if it was in a mod or not) you can pick up AT4's from the gear menu, not sure how regular this option is, if it is restricted to a certain mod or what vehicle you would actually get the gear from. But that's all I've seen as far as grabbing gear from a troop transport vehicle goes.
  14. Dmahon

    The Undead Mod

    Just wanna report a bug, not exactly sure if it's related to the addon or not but it's only started happening since I have installed the undead mod, I'll post sceencaps of the exact error and report what exactly is happening in a post edit momentarily. Actually... this could take a lot longer than expected... EDIT: Okay so here's the deal I'm trying to get a natural spread thing going on here starting in a lightly populated city on the "Kellu" map, this is probably the problem, the mod works fine on Utes, but for some reason I had the exact same error on Chernarus as I had on Kellu. Well anyway, I'm trying to start a natural spread thing going on, starting with one infected with the ACM and Infected Module up and running, all seems to be working well... until the map finishes loading. and then I get this error and then instantly after that, the game crashes to desktop... then I am left baffled and questioning my faith. Any answers?
  15. Dmahon

    WarFX Particles

    Opticalsnare you're like a fucking freight train! Smashing through any obstacle and delivering the goods in perfect condition ;)
  16. Ahh right, excuse my ignorance then, I had the idea that there was some kind of ongoing feud between these two which was postponing the release of the addon in one way or another. Glad to hear that everything's cool :)
  17. Dmahon

    WarFX Particles

    Using this addon is fucking amazing with NVGs on... nuff said.
  18. Dmahon

    Arma 2 MW2 Ghost?

    Woah chris that isn't the exact one that's being mentioned here, I'm guessing that's a little something you made for yourself was it?
  19. When is this issue going to come to a conclusion? I understand that there is bound to be some kind of bitterness between the addon makers (or maybe there is a much larger picture between these two which I am not seeing) but at least for the sake of the community could something be done to resolve this issue quickly? I really wanna use these guys!
  20. Good God... when will it end...
  21. hahaha, right oh, much appreciated :)
  22. Any updates on these badboys stalker?
  23. Lovely stuff Dr_eyeball, fixed that glitch perfectly... As for the future of the mod, whats the chances of an auto-range system being implemented? I'm a bit tired of always having to aim just above my target all the time with the M230, I understand that it would be extremely complicated and difficult to implement this sort of feature and that it may even be impossible to do so... Hit me back when you can P.S I'm getting the same issue as nattanakorn
  24. Can someone explain to me why after the most recent update whenever I try to enable the TADS or the IHADSS systems from the gunner seat I get this weird reticule and far too much brightness... no matter how much I change the config from the MFD it just doesn't go away... this is what I mean Without IHADSS With IHADSS Any help? Plus is there ANY way to get the gunner to fire his weapons (tried ctrl+f... simply doesn't work...) such as the M230 from the pilots seat while in tracking mode etc? I love the Pilots TADS system because it offers fullscreen while the gunners seat has two blacked out bars at the side (and the fact that I don't get the reticule and brightness glitch) Help very much appreciated