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  1. And this opens another can of worms. It adds another level of complexity that people will not want to deal with. I've had multiple installs of TS3 for a while now because of playing A2 with ACRE regularly and other servers having compatiility issues with TS3 Some servers will even spaz out if you connect with the ACRE plugin enabled causing a kick or even a ban (its happened to me several times). With the latest .15 version the config files are not backwards compatible. If you install with the default options where it installs the config files to appdata, a warning pops up when launching 3.0.11 after installing 3.0.15 because you basically have a global config folder in appdata that now has .15 settings. You must install 3.0.15 with the option to keep config files in the TS3 directory, which might not work on everyone's setup depending on install location and system security settings, as well as some vulnerabilities in older versions of TS3. IDK how much work and time it will take to update ACRE 1 to the latest TS3 version or make ACRE 2 work in A2, but I think these are the best option for security and compatibility issues.
  2. I voted on this the other day and do not like where things are going. This really needs to go to sound. There are mods and tweaks for some things there and Performance optimizations will come, but the issues with SOUND are out of our hands.
  3. Interesting. I had dome something similar to this a few years back with arma 1 and arma 2, but it only affected the max frame rate. Other than that there was practically no performance improvement in arma or any other games. I would imagine the amount of data moving around for arma 3 actually makes a difference. With arma 3 performance I can kind of see where faster ram comes into play. With lots more data and textures, especially in an extreme resolution and multi-GPU environment, you should see more gains compared to a more standard resolution (1920x1080) and single GPU. It all depends where your bottleneck is for A3. I would be more interested to see a frame rate graph to see where in the improvements are happening. Do you save any data you can throw up in a graph to compare? More memory bandwidth generally improves with uncompromising large amounts of data. Having memory that can go 2133 with a CL of 10 is some of the higher performance memory out there and pretty pricey compared to mainstream memory, you end up hitting the point of diminishing returns; like on the x58 chipset, timings seemed to be more important (see the A1 graph below). On Z77, it doesn't seem to make a huge difference except in memory benchmarks and compressing/uncompromising data (look for Z77 memory comparison reviews). Real world gains end up moot. I had started going a comparison with 1333-2133 with arma 3, but again I only saw a max framerate difference (this was before I upgraded to CF7970s). Other than the max frame rate when nothing was going on (think over water or high altitude where you can't see the ground), there was almost no difference for me. I tested 1333 C6 to 2133 C11, with the tighest timings stable for 1333, 1600, 1800, 1866 and 2133. My ram is rated at 1866 C10. The only data I have saved is from my old x58 system with 1600mhz C8 ram, where timings seemed to be everything (at least on that chipset). For arma 1 And arma 2
  4. frag85

    Tao Folding Map

    Is there a way to move the map around on screen?
  5. frag85

    SSD - HDD Comparison

    I had done something similar going back to A1/A2 with 7200RPM vs 10k RPM drives, later using an SSD for A2, and then updated with some A3 stuff. Here is an A3 comparison I recently re-did for 1.14 because that patch fixed some performance issues I was having when running higher texture details. The difference of a ramdisk is there, kind of. Its not worth the cost if you ask me. Going back to 2007 when arma 1 came out, I spent $300 for a 150GB 10k RPM hard drive, on sale. That was cheap back then. I used that 10k drive through A1 and into A2 and didn't get an SSD untill 2012 when the 10k RPM drive started getting some errors after a PSU issue. SSD is where its at. When you look at the fact that a ramdisk run on your average consumer level PC is 20-50x faster than your average SATA SSD of today, you aren't really gaining much of an improvement. The bottleneck is shifted elsewhere. Just look at some of the video comparisons I've made of HDD vs SSD vs RD. My ramdisk has a sequential read/write of about 10GB/s, and a random 4k read/write of >1GB/s. That blows any consumer level SSD or raid array out of the water. If I didn't get my ram when it was cheap, I wouldn't be running 32GB. I paid $110 for 32 GB (2x $55 16GB kits on black friday in 2012 before production was cut back). I generally spend about $1000 on a new PC, and budget around $100-150 for ram. That same ram today would run you $370 ($185x2). Even 16GB would be pushing my usual budget. Its a shame that manufacturers cut back production to increase demand and prices, but that's business. However, I do use some programs that will use as much ram as they can so having 32GB is a nice bump over 16GB. It also allows me to keep many programs open, and the way windows 7 caches data in the ram is pretty nice when I have gobs of free ram. Right now I'd say 8GB is the absolute bare minimum, 16 is recommended (and a 'gaming' PC would be able to get away with disabling the pagefile). 32GB+ is overkill unless you are running a lot of VM or rendering software.
  6. frag85

    A1/A2 hard drive performance

    Old thread, but I want to keep the work I've done in the same thread. I re-did the A3 test with 1.14 coming out. The ramdisk software I am using now; Softperfect Ramdisk, is giving me about 10GB/s sequential and just over 1GB/s random 4k read/write. I tossed them a few $ donation because this ramdisk software has all the features I was looking for. If you watch it on youtube, there are links to the indivitual videos. You can youtubedoubler it or watch on 2 monitors if you want a clearer picture.
  7. Yes, I understand how virtual memory works with physical memory by trying to keep enough RAM available for applications to use, but on a system with plenty of free physical ram, no virtual memory is used. The virtual memory on my system is simply not being used at all which is leading to it becoming heavily fragmented which then leads to SPs and fallbacks in the log when larger blocks are trying to be created. That is evident in my last post with the log I ran. Don't all these SP and fallbacks defeat the purpose of the custom memory allocator? I thought the goal was to have LPs. Are there any settings somewhere that change the memory handling characteristics of windows? Or any tools available to defrag the ram? After 60 hours of uptime, still no pagefile activity. I'll plan to reboot tonight with a smaller virtual memory size, say 4GB, and see if that makes any difference. I think at this point the only way to force some virtual memory usage would be to either run a ramdisk that takes up almost all my RAM, or physically remove a couple sticks of ram and running 16GB and making sure I have some programs open so the pagefile on disk gets used. Kind of ironic how I put a lot of ram in this system so I'd never have to deal with any memory issues and it is now creating them.:rolleyes: I guess 32GB of ram is too much. I think it might be worth me starting another topic to investigate this further since it has little to do with a custom memory allocator for arma. At least we can rule out arma as causing memory fragmentation.
  8. Hm. Can you help me understand how having virtual memory enabled benefits arma when the system has plenty of physical RAM? The page file was not touched once while running arma, and I have been monitoring the drive the page file is on for 47 hours of uptime now, and not 1 single bit has been written to the page file. I can completely understand how having less physical ram (say 4GB or even 8GB) makes having a virtual memory pagefile very important and vital to having your system be able to even run, but I would suspect that anyone with 16GB+ with no major memory hogs running will not be using any virtual memory. In Dwardens case, as he mentioned, it was a VM environment so that is probably a unique situation which applies to servers. Here is a log from a run I just did. 47 hours uptime, virtual memory enabled (32GB), High textures. The page file on the hard drive still has not been touched. WindowsVersion:6.1 ServicePack:1.0 Typ:Desktop physical RAM available:27221M committed memory limit: 4095M virt address available: 3928M SeLockMemoryPrivilege: granted, huge pages enabled 0.015s: 0.165ms 2048k at:0xffc00000 Alloc LP ( 2M) 0.015s: 0.002ms 128k at:0x00250000 Alloc SP ( 2M) 0.031s: 3.281ms 8192k at:0xff400000 Alloc LP ( 10M) 0.702s: 6.849ms 4096k at:0xff000000 Alloc LP ( 14M) 0.702s: 5.343ms 4096k at:0x00000000 Alloc LP failed -> fallback 0.702s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x0d7f0000 Alloc SP ( 18M) 0.702s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x0dbf0000 Alloc SP ( 22M) 0.702s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x0dff0000 Alloc SP ( 26M) 0.967s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x0e3f0000 Alloc SP ( 30M) 0.967s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x0e7f0000 Alloc SP ( 34M) 0.967s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x0ebf0000 Alloc SP ( 38M) 0.967s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x0eff0000 Alloc SP ( 42M) 3.494s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x0f3f0000 Alloc SP ( 46M) 3.494s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x0f7f0000 Alloc SP ( 50M) 3.494s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x0fbf0000 Alloc SP ( 54M) 3.494s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x10090000 Alloc SP ( 58M) 4.009s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x10490000 Alloc SP ( 62M) 4.009s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x10890000 Alloc SP ( 66M) 4.009s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x10c90000 Alloc SP ( 70M) 4.009s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x11090000 Alloc SP ( 74M) 4.461s: 0.005ms 4096k at:0x11490000 Alloc SP ( 78M) 4.461s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x11890000 Alloc SP ( 82M) 4.461s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x11c90000 Alloc SP ( 86M) 4.461s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x12090000 Alloc SP ( 90M) 4.773s: 0.004ms 33344k at:0x12490000 Alloc SP ( 122M) 8.580s: 0.003ms 5504k at:0x1d880000 Alloc SP ( 128M) 8.580s: 0.002ms 12352k at:0x1dde0000 Alloc SP ( 140M) 8.595s: 0.217ms 5504k at:0x1d880000 Free ( 134M) 8.782s: 0.053ms 12352k at:0x1dde0000 Free ( 122M) 8.907s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x1d880000 Alloc SP ( 126M) 8.907s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x1dc80000 Alloc SP ( 130M) 8.907s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x1e080000 Alloc SP ( 134M) 8.907s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x1e480000 Alloc SP ( 138M) 9.890s: 0.003ms 12352k at:0x22130000 Alloc SP ( 150M) 13.104s: MFCA req. 15.771s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x23550000 Alloc SP ( 154M) 15.771s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x23950000 Alloc SP ( 158M) 15.771s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x23d50000 Alloc SP ( 162M) 15.771s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x24150000 Alloc SP ( 166M) 16.926s: 0.003ms 12352k at:0x26d40000 Alloc SP ( 178M) 24.601s: 0.003ms 11840k at:0x2a970000 Alloc SP ( 190M) 24.617s: 0.463ms 11840k at:0x2a970000 Free ( 178M) 25.631s: MFCA req. 25.646s: 0.003ms 8768k at:0x2b530000 Alloc SP ( 187M) 25.740s: 0.315ms 8768k at:0x2b530000 Free ( 178M) 25.802s: MFCA req. 25.818s: 0.005ms 66112k at:0x2b530000 Alloc SP ( 243M) 25.849s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x2f5c0000 Alloc SP ( 247M) 25.849s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x2f9c0000 Alloc SP ( 251M) 25.849s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x2fdc0000 Alloc SP ( 255M) 25.849s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x301c0000 Alloc SP ( 259M) 25.911s: 0.004ms 16960k at:0x305c0000 Alloc SP ( 275M) 25.989s: 0.004ms 16960k at:0x31650000 Alloc SP ( 292M) 25.989s: 0.004ms 16960k at:0x326e0000 Alloc SP ( 309M) 27.128s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x247f0000 Alloc SP ( 313M) 27.128s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x29a70000 Alloc SP ( 317M) 27.128s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x33770000 Alloc SP ( 321M) 27.128s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x33b70000 Alloc SP ( 325M) 27.612s: 0.004ms 16960k at:0x33f70000 Alloc SP ( 341M) 27.612s: 0.627ms 16960k at:0x33f70000 Free ( 325M) 27.643s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x33f70000 Alloc SP ( 329M) 27.643s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x34370000 Alloc SP ( 333M) 27.643s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x34770000 Alloc SP ( 337M) 27.643s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x34b70000 Alloc SP ( 341M) 27.690s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x34f70000 Alloc SP ( 345M) 27.690s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x35370000 Alloc SP ( 349M) 27.690s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x35770000 Alloc SP ( 353M) 27.690s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x35b70000 Alloc SP ( 357M) 27.737s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x35f70000 Alloc SP ( 361M) 27.737s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x36370000 Alloc SP ( 365M) 27.737s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x36770000 Alloc SP ( 369M) 27.737s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x36b70000 Alloc SP ( 373M) 27.783s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x38880000 Alloc SP ( 377M) 27.783s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x38c80000 Alloc SP ( 381M) 27.783s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x39080000 Alloc SP ( 385M) 27.783s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x39480000 Alloc SP ( 389M) 27.830s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x39880000 Alloc SP ( 393M) 27.830s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x39c80000 Alloc SP ( 397M) 27.830s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x3a080000 Alloc SP ( 401M) 27.830s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x3a480000 Alloc SP ( 405M) 27.877s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x3a880000 Alloc SP ( 409M) 27.877s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x3ac80000 Alloc SP ( 413M) 27.877s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x3b080000 Alloc SP ( 417M) 27.877s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x3b480000 Alloc SP ( 421M) 27.924s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x3b880000 Alloc SP ( 425M) 27.924s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x3bc80000 Alloc SP ( 429M) 27.924s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x3c080000 Alloc SP ( 433M) 27.924s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x3c480000 Alloc SP ( 437M) 27.971s: 0.003ms 16k at:0x1e970000 Alloc SP ( 437M) 27.986s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x3c880000 Alloc SP ( 441M) 27.986s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x3cc80000 Alloc SP ( 445M) 27.986s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x3d080000 Alloc SP ( 449M) 27.986s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x3d480000 Alloc SP ( 453M) 28.033s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x3d880000 Alloc SP ( 457M) 28.033s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x3dc80000 Alloc SP ( 461M) 28.033s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x3e080000 Alloc SP ( 465M) 28.033s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x3e480000 Alloc SP ( 469M) 28.080s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x3f880000 Alloc SP ( 473M) 28.080s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x3fc80000 Alloc SP ( 477M) 28.080s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x40080000 Alloc SP ( 481M) 28.080s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x40480000 Alloc SP ( 485M) 28.127s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x40880000 Alloc SP ( 489M) 28.127s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x40c80000 Alloc SP ( 493M) 28.127s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x41080000 Alloc SP ( 497M) 28.127s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x41480000 Alloc SP ( 501M) 28.158s: 0.004ms 16k at:0x1e980000 Alloc SP ( 501M) 28.173s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x41880000 Alloc SP ( 505M) 28.173s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x41c80000 Alloc SP ( 509M) 28.173s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x42080000 Alloc SP ( 513M) 28.173s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x42480000 Alloc SP ( 517M) 28.220s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x42880000 Alloc SP ( 521M) 28.220s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x42c80000 Alloc SP ( 525M) 28.220s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x43080000 Alloc SP ( 529M) 28.220s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x43480000 Alloc SP ( 533M) 28.267s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x43880000 Alloc SP ( 537M) 28.267s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x43c80000 Alloc SP ( 541M) 28.267s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x44080000 Alloc SP ( 545M) 28.267s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x44480000 Alloc SP ( 549M) 28.454s: 0.006ms 4096k at:0x45880000 Alloc SP ( 553M) 28.454s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x45c80000 Alloc SP ( 557M) 28.454s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x46080000 Alloc SP ( 561M) 28.454s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x46480000 Alloc SP ( 565M) 29.125s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x46880000 Alloc SP ( 569M) 29.125s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x46c80000 Alloc SP ( 573M) 29.125s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x47080000 Alloc SP ( 577M) 29.125s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x47480000 Alloc SP ( 581M) 29.125s: 0.002ms 16k at:0x219c0000 Alloc SP ( 581M) 29.811s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x47880000 Alloc SP ( 585M) 29.811s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x47c80000 Alloc SP ( 589M) 29.811s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x48080000 Alloc SP ( 593M) 29.811s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x48480000 Alloc SP ( 597M) 30.513s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x29e70000 Alloc SP ( 601M) 30.513s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x2a270000 Alloc SP ( 605M) 30.513s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x2a670000 Alloc SP ( 609M) 30.513s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x2aa70000 Alloc SP ( 613M) 31.075s: 0.004ms 8768k at:0x48880000 Alloc SP ( 621M) 31.215s: 0.005ms 4096k at:0x2ae70000 Alloc SP ( 625M) 31.215s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x49110000 Alloc SP ( 629M) 31.215s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x49510000 Alloc SP ( 633M) 31.215s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x49910000 Alloc SP ( 637M) 31.231s: 0.004ms 16k at:0x1e990000 Alloc SP ( 637M) 31.231s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x49d10000 Alloc SP ( 641M) 31.231s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x4a110000 Alloc SP ( 645M) 31.231s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x4a510000 Alloc SP ( 649M) 31.231s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x4a910000 Alloc SP ( 653M) 31.902s: 0.003ms 4160k at:0x4ad10000 Alloc SP ( 657M) 31.917s: 0.003ms 4160k at:0x4b120000 Alloc SP ( 661M) 31.917s: 0.003ms 4160k at:0x4b530000 Alloc SP ( 665M) 31.917s: 0.004ms 4160k at:0x4b940000 Alloc SP ( 669M) 33.134s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x23140000 Alloc SP ( 673M) 33.134s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x4bd50000 Alloc SP ( 677M) 33.150s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x4c150000 Alloc SP ( 681M) 33.150s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x4c550000 Alloc SP ( 685M) 34.070s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x4c950000 Alloc SP ( 689M) 34.070s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x4cd50000 Alloc SP ( 693M) 34.070s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x4d150000 Alloc SP ( 697M) 34.070s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x4d550000 Alloc SP ( 701M) 34.133s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x4d950000 Alloc SP ( 705M) 34.133s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x4dd50000 Alloc SP ( 709M) 34.133s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x4e150000 Alloc SP ( 713M) 34.133s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x4e550000 Alloc SP ( 717M) 34.211s: 0.003ms 16k at:0x217d0000 Alloc SP ( 717M) 34.226s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x4e950000 Alloc SP ( 721M) 34.226s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x4ed50000 Alloc SP ( 725M) 34.226s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x4f150000 Alloc SP ( 729M) 34.226s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x4f550000 Alloc SP ( 733M) 34.819s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x4f950000 Alloc SP ( 737M) 34.819s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x4fd50000 Alloc SP ( 741M) 34.819s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x50150000 Alloc SP ( 745M) 34.819s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x50550000 Alloc SP ( 749M) 35.459s: 0.003ms 12352k at:0x51ae0000 Alloc SP ( 762M) 43.212s: 0.003ms 14400k at:0x541f0000 Alloc SP ( 776M) 54.116s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x516b0000 Alloc SP ( 780M) 54.116s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x56000000 Alloc SP ( 784M) 54.116s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x56400000 Alloc SP ( 788M) 54.116s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x56800000 Alloc SP ( 792M) 57.938s: 0.003ms 16k at:0x217c0000 Alloc SP ( 792M) 58.406s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x50950000 Alloc SP ( 796M) 58.406s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x56c00000 Alloc SP ( 800M) 58.406s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x57000000 Alloc SP ( 804M) 58.406s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x57400000 Alloc SP ( 808M) 60.419s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x57800000 Alloc SP ( 812M) 60.419s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x57c00000 Alloc SP ( 816M) 60.419s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x58000000 Alloc SP ( 820M) 60.419s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x58400000 Alloc SP ( 824M) 62.041s: 0.005ms 4096k at:0x597d0000 Alloc SP ( 828M) 62.041s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x59bd0000 Alloc SP ( 832M) 62.041s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x59fd0000 Alloc SP ( 836M) 62.041s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x5a3d0000 Alloc SP ( 840M) 63.632s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x5a7d0000 Alloc SP ( 844M) 63.632s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x5abd0000 Alloc SP ( 848M) 63.632s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x5afd0000 Alloc SP ( 852M) 63.632s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x5b3d0000 Alloc SP ( 856M) 64.334s: 0.005ms 4096k at:0x5b7d0000 Alloc SP ( 860M) 64.334s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x5bbd0000 Alloc SP ( 864M) 64.334s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x5bfd0000 Alloc SP ( 868M) 64.334s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x5c3d0000 Alloc SP ( 872M) 64.412s: 0.003ms 16k at:0x1e960000 Alloc SP ( 872M) 64.896s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x5c7d0000 Alloc SP ( 876M) 64.896s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x5cbd0000 Alloc SP ( 880M) 64.896s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x5cfd0000 Alloc SP ( 884M) 64.896s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x5d3d0000 Alloc SP ( 888M) 65.801s: 0.047ms 4096k at:0x5d3d0000 Free ( 884M) 68.234s: 0.046ms 4096k at:0x5cbd0000 Free ( 880M) 70.434s: 6.466ms 4096k at:0x00000000 Alloc LP failed -> fallback 70.434s: 0.005ms 4096k at:0x5cbd0000 Alloc SP ( 884M) 70.434s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x5e500000 Alloc SP ( 888M) 70.434s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x5e900000 Alloc SP ( 892M) 70.434s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x5ed00000 Alloc SP ( 896M) 73.819s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x5f100000 Alloc SP ( 900M) 73.819s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x5f500000 Alloc SP ( 904M) 73.819s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x5f900000 Alloc SP ( 908M) 73.819s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x61000000 Alloc SP ( 912M) 75.800s: 0.004ms 14400k at:0x61400000 Alloc SP ( 926M) 77.719s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x631e0000 Alloc SP ( 930M) 77.719s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x635e0000 Alloc SP ( 934M) 77.719s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x64ce0000 Alloc SP ( 938M) 77.719s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x650e0000 Alloc SP ( 942M) 78.094s: 0.004ms 16k at:0x14670000 Alloc SP ( 942M) 81.557s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x14be0000 Alloc SP ( 946M) 81.557s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x65910000 Alloc SP ( 950M) 81.557s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x65d10000 Alloc SP ( 954M) 81.557s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x66110000 Alloc SP ( 958M) 83.944s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x147e0000 Alloc SP ( 962M) 83.944s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x17280000 Alloc SP ( 966M) 83.944s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x24bf0000 Alloc SP ( 970M) 83.944s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x257f0000 Alloc SP ( 974M) 87.547s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x67950000 Alloc SP ( 978M) 87.547s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x67d50000 Alloc SP ( 982M) 87.547s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x688b0000 Alloc SP ( 986M) 87.547s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x68cb0000 Alloc SP ( 990M) 90.277s: 0.005ms 4096k at:0x690b0000 Alloc SP ( 994M) 90.277s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x694b0000 Alloc SP ( 998M) 90.277s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x698b0000 Alloc SP (1002M) 90.277s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x69ff0000 Alloc SP (1006M) 91.791s: 0.005ms 16k at:0x14620000 Alloc SP (1006M) 92.274s: 0.006ms 4096k at:0x6a3f0000 Alloc SP (1010M) 92.274s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x6a7f0000 Alloc SP (1014M) 92.274s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x6abf0000 Alloc SP (1018M) 92.274s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x6aff0000 Alloc SP (1022M) 96.034s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x6b3f0000 Alloc SP (1026M) 96.034s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x6b7f0000 Alloc SP (1030M) 96.034s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x6c350000 Alloc SP (1034M) 96.034s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x6c750000 Alloc SP (1038M) 100.714s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x6cb50000 Alloc SP (1042M) 100.714s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x6cf50000 Alloc SP (1046M) 100.714s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x6d350000 Alloc SP (1050M) 100.714s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x6dc30000 Alloc SP (1054M) 103.756s: 0.005ms 14400k at:0x77640000 Alloc SP (1068M) 108.951s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x6e030000 Alloc SP (1072M) 108.951s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x6e5b0000 Alloc SP (1076M) 108.951s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x6eb40000 Alloc SP (1080M) 108.951s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x6ef40000 Alloc SP (1084M) 110.791s: 0.003ms 16k at:0x14640000 Alloc SP (1084M) 113.459s: 0.006ms 4096k at:0x6f7d0000 Alloc SP (1088M) 113.459s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x6fbd0000 Alloc SP (1092M) 113.459s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x6ffd0000 Alloc SP (1096M) 113.459s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x719d0000 Alloc SP (1100M) 118.779s: 0.003ms 14400k at:0x7b200000 Alloc SP (1128M) 120.729s: 0.042ms 14400k at:0x7b200000 Free (1114M) 125.721s: 0.005ms 4096k at:0x73aa0000 Alloc SP (1118M) 125.721s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x74050000 Alloc SP (1122M) 125.721s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x7b200000 Alloc SP (1126M) 125.721s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x7b600000 Alloc SP (1130M) 130.978s: 0.005ms 4096k at:0x7c9d0000 Alloc SP (1134M) 130.978s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x7cdd0000 Alloc SP (1138M) 130.978s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x7d1d0000 Alloc SP (1142M) 130.978s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x7d5d0000 Alloc SP (1146M) 134.738s: 0.004ms 14400k at:0x7d9d0000 Alloc SP (1160M) 139.948s: 0.004ms 16k at:0x14650000 Alloc SP (1160M) 142.350s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x7fff0000 Alloc SP (1164M) 142.350s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x803f0000 Alloc SP (1168M) 142.350s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x807f0000 Alloc SP (1172M) 142.350s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x80bf0000 Alloc SP (1176M) 145.158s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x80ff0000 Alloc SP (1180M) 145.158s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x813f0000 Alloc SP (1184M) 145.158s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x817f0000 Alloc SP (1188M) 145.158s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x81bf0000 Alloc SP (1192M) 149.714s: 0.005ms 4096k at:0x82fc0000 Alloc SP (1196M) 149.714s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x833c0000 Alloc SP (1200M) 149.714s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x837c0000 Alloc SP (1204M) 149.714s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x83bc0000 Alloc SP (1208M) 152.709s: 0.005ms 14400k at:0x83fc0000 Alloc SP (1222M) 153.973s: 0.004ms 16k at:0x14690000 Alloc SP (1222M) 154.082s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x85da0000 Alloc SP (1226M) 154.082s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x861a0000 Alloc SP (1230M) 154.082s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x865a0000 Alloc SP (1234M) 154.082s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x869a0000 Alloc SP (1238M) 157.545s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x86da0000 Alloc SP (1242M) 157.545s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x871a0000 Alloc SP (1246M) 157.545s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x875a0000 Alloc SP (1250M) 157.545s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x879a0000 Alloc SP (1254M) 171.179s: 0.006ms 4096k at:0x89d40000 Alloc SP (1258M) 171.179s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x8a140000 Alloc SP (1262M) 171.179s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x8a540000 Alloc SP (1266M) 171.179s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x8a940000 Alloc SP (1270M) 187.794s: 0.006ms 14400k at:0x8ad40000 Alloc SP (1284M) 196.420s: 0.005ms 14400k at:0x8bb50000 Alloc SP (1298M) 207.949s: 0.003ms 16k at:0x15e90000 Alloc SP (1298M) 210.882s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x24ff0000 Alloc SP (1302M) 210.882s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x253f0000 Alloc SP (1306M) 210.882s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x7e7e0000 Alloc SP (1310M) 210.882s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x8d930000 Alloc SP (1314M) 243.034s: 0.005ms 4096k at:0x8e530000 Alloc SP (1318M) 243.034s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x8e930000 Alloc SP (1322M) 243.034s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x8ed30000 Alloc SP (1326M) 243.034s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x8f130000 Alloc SP (1330M) 287.088s: 0.037ms 4096k at:0x8ed30000 Free (1326M) 315.964s: 5.120ms 16384k at:0x00000000 Alloc LP failed -> fallback 315.964s: 0.005ms 14400k at:0x8f930000 Alloc SP (1340M) 379.316s: 0.005ms 4096k at:0x8dd30000 Alloc SP (1344M) 379.316s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x8e130000 Alloc SP (1348M) 379.316s: 0.002ms 4096k at:0x8ed30000 Alloc SP (1352M) 379.316s: 0.003ms 4096k at:0x91710000 Alloc SP (1356M) 380.174s: 0.028ms 4096k at:0x91710000 Free (1352M) 385.587s: 0.056ms 4096k at:0x8ed30000 Free (1348M) 397.240s: 0.163ms 4160k at:0x4ad10000 Free (1344M) 397.381s: 0.162ms 4160k at:0x4b530000 Free (1340M) 397.381s: 0.161ms 4160k at:0x4b940000 Free (1336M) 397.381s: 0.165ms 4160k at:0x4b120000 Free (1332M) 397.599s: MFCA req. 404.885s: 0.350ms 8768k at:0x48880000 Free (1323M) 405.259s: 0.167ms 4096k at:0x41080000 Free (1319M) 405.259s: 0.165ms 4096k at:0x3fc80000 Free (1315M) 405.259s: MFCA req. 405.259s: 0.705ms 16960k at:0x31650000 Free (1299M) 405.275s: 0.173ms 4096k at:0x49510000 Free (1295M) 405.290s: 3.127ms 66112k at:0x2b530000 Free (1230M) 405.290s: 0.163ms 4096k at:0x2ae70000 Free (1226M) 405.290s: 0.183ms 4096k at:0x49910000 Free (1222M) 405.306s: 0.164ms 4096k at:0x4c550000 Free (1218M) 405.306s: 0.171ms 4096k at:0x4c150000 Free (1214M) 405.306s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x4d150000 Free (1210M) 405.321s: 0.158ms 4096k at:0x4dd50000 Free (1206M) 405.321s: 0.156ms 4096k at:0x4c950000 Free (1202M) 405.321s: 0.173ms 4096k at:0x4bd50000 Free (1198M) 405.321s: 0.219ms 4096k at:0x4f150000 Free (1194M) 405.321s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0x4e950000 Free (1190M) 405.321s: 0.160ms 4096k at:0x4d950000 Free (1186M) 405.321s: 0.160ms 4096k at:0x4cd50000 Free (1182M) 405.321s: 0.160ms 4096k at:0x4d550000 Free (1178M) 405.321s: 0.654ms 16960k at:0x326e0000 Free (1162M) 405.321s: 0.632ms 16960k at:0x305c0000 Free (1145M) 405.337s: 0.163ms 4096k at:0x4f550000 Free (1141M) 405.446s: 0.165ms 4096k at:0x40080000 Free (1137M) 405.446s: 0.170ms 4096k at:0x2a270000 Free (1133M) 405.446s: 0.177ms 4096k at:0x3f880000 Free (1129M) 405.446s: 0.168ms 4096k at:0x3bc80000 Free (1125M) 405.462s: 0.165ms 4096k at:0x3d080000 Free (1121M) 405.462s: 0.154ms 4096k at:0x3d880000 Free (1117M) 405.462s: 0.166ms 4096k at:0x3e080000 Free (1113M) 405.462s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x41c80000 Free (1109M) 405.462s: 0.160ms 4096k at:0x3b880000 Free (1105M) 405.462s: 0.209ms 4096k at:0x3ac80000 Free (1101M) 405.462s: 0.170ms 4096k at:0x43480000 Free (1097M) 407.069s: 0.175ms 33344k at:0x12490000 Free (1065M) 409.767s: 0.165ms 4096k at:0x43080000 Free (1061M) 409.767s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x3e480000 Free (1057M) 409.767s: 0.163ms 4096k at:0x42c80000 Free (1053M) 409.767s: 0.155ms 4096k at:0x42880000 Free (1049M) 409.783s: 0.193ms 4096k at:0x10c90000 Free (1045M) 409.783s: 0.178ms 4096k at:0x2f9c0000 Free (1041M) 409.783s: 0.162ms 4096k at:0x0dbf0000 Free (1037M) 409.783s: 0.158ms 4096k at:0x23140000 Free (1033M) 409.783s: 0.169ms 4096k at:0x247f0000 Free (1029M) 409.799s: 0.004ms 4096k at:0x8e130000 Free (1025M) 409.799s: 0.176ms 4096k at:0x8dd30000 Free (1021M) 409.799s: 0.564ms 14400k at:0x8f930000 Free (1007M) 409.799s: 0.160ms 4096k at:0x8f130000 Free (1003M) 409.799s: 0.163ms 4096k at:0x8e930000 Free ( 999M) 409.799s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0x8e530000 Free ( 995M) 409.799s: 0.208ms 4096k at:0x8d930000 Free ( 991M) 409.799s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0x7e7e0000 Free ( 987M) 409.799s: 0.156ms 4096k at:0x253f0000 Free ( 983M) 409.799s: 0.160ms 4096k at:0x24ff0000 Free ( 979M) 409.814s: 0.615ms 14400k at:0x8bb50000 Free ( 964M) 409.814s: 0.556ms 14400k at:0x8ad40000 Free ( 950M) 409.814s: 0.160ms 4096k at:0x8a940000 Free ( 946M) 409.814s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x8a540000 Free ( 942M) 409.814s: 0.183ms 4096k at:0x8a140000 Free ( 938M) 409.814s: 0.179ms 4096k at:0x89d40000 Free ( 934M) 409.814s: 0.155ms 4096k at:0x879a0000 Free ( 930M) 409.814s: 0.154ms 4096k at:0x875a0000 Free ( 926M) 409.814s: 0.158ms 4096k at:0x871a0000 Free ( 922M) 409.814s: 0.158ms 4096k at:0x86da0000 Free ( 918M) 409.814s: 0.198ms 4096k at:0x869a0000 Free ( 914M) 409.814s: 0.160ms 4096k at:0x865a0000 Free ( 910M) 409.814s: 0.163ms 4096k at:0x861a0000 Free ( 906M) 409.814s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0x85da0000 Free ( 902M) 409.814s: 0.573ms 14400k at:0x83fc0000 Free ( 888M) 409.814s: 0.179ms 4096k at:0x83bc0000 Free ( 884M) 409.814s: 0.160ms 4096k at:0x837c0000 Free ( 880M) 409.814s: 0.158ms 4096k at:0x833c0000 Free ( 876M) 409.814s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0x82fc0000 Free ( 872M) 409.814s: 0.160ms 4096k at:0x81bf0000 Free ( 868M) 409.814s: 0.182ms 4096k at:0x817f0000 Free ( 864M) 409.814s: 0.205ms 4096k at:0x813f0000 Free ( 860M) 409.814s: 0.169ms 4096k at:0x80ff0000 Free ( 856M) 409.814s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0x80bf0000 Free ( 852M) 409.814s: 0.160ms 4096k at:0x807f0000 Free ( 848M) 409.814s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0x803f0000 Free ( 844M) 409.814s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0x7fff0000 Free ( 840M) 409.814s: 0.649ms 14400k at:0x7d9d0000 Free ( 826M) 409.814s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0x7d5d0000 Free ( 822M) 409.814s: 0.160ms 4096k at:0x7d1d0000 Free ( 818M) 409.814s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x7cdd0000 Free ( 814M) 409.814s: 0.213ms 4096k at:0x7c9d0000 Free ( 810M) 409.814s: 0.163ms 4096k at:0x7b600000 Free ( 806M) 409.814s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x7b200000 Free ( 802M) 409.814s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0x74050000 Free ( 798M) 409.814s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0x73aa0000 Free ( 794M) 409.814s: 0.626ms 14400k at:0x7a3f0000 Free ( 780M) 409.814s: 0.162ms 4096k at:0x719d0000 Free ( 776M) 409.814s: 0.157ms 4096k at:0x6ffd0000 Free ( 772M) 409.814s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x6fbd0000 Free ( 768M) 409.814s: 0.158ms 4096k at:0x6f7d0000 Free ( 764M) 409.814s: 0.187ms 4096k at:0x6ef40000 Free ( 760M) 409.814s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x6eb40000 Free ( 756M) 409.814s: 0.162ms 4096k at:0x6e5b0000 Free ( 752M) 409.814s: 0.160ms 4096k at:0x6e030000 Free ( 748M) 409.814s: 0.718ms 14400k at:0x77640000 Free ( 734M) 409.814s: 0.163ms 4096k at:0x6dc30000 Free ( 730M) 409.814s: 0.167ms 4096k at:0x6d350000 Free ( 726M) 409.830s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0x6cf50000 Free ( 722M) 409.830s: 0.162ms 4096k at:0x6cb50000 Free ( 718M) 409.830s: 0.223ms 4096k at:0x6c750000 Free ( 714M) 409.830s: 0.174ms 4096k at:0x6c350000 Free ( 710M) 409.830s: 0.163ms 4096k at:0x6b7f0000 Free ( 706M) 409.830s: 0.197ms 4096k at:0x6b3f0000 Free ( 702M) 409.830s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0x6aff0000 Free ( 698M) 409.830s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0x6abf0000 Free ( 694M) 409.830s: 0.201ms 4096k at:0x6a7f0000 Free ( 690M) 409.830s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0x6a3f0000 Free ( 686M) 409.830s: 0.157ms 4096k at:0x69ff0000 Free ( 682M) 409.830s: 0.157ms 4096k at:0x698b0000 Free ( 678M) 409.830s: 0.155ms 4096k at:0x694b0000 Free ( 674M) 409.830s: 0.155ms 4096k at:0x690b0000 Free ( 670M) 409.830s: 0.162ms 4096k at:0x68cb0000 Free ( 666M) 409.830s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x688b0000 Free ( 662M) 409.830s: 0.165ms 4096k at:0x67d50000 Free ( 658M) 409.830s: 0.155ms 4096k at:0x67950000 Free ( 654M) 409.830s: 0.162ms 4096k at:0x257f0000 Free ( 650M) 409.830s: 0.218ms 4096k at:0x24bf0000 Free ( 646M) 409.830s: 0.170ms 4096k at:0x17280000 Free ( 642M) 409.830s: 0.158ms 4096k at:0x147e0000 Free ( 638M) 409.830s: 0.163ms 4096k at:0x66110000 Free ( 634M) 409.830s: 0.172ms 4096k at:0x65d10000 Free ( 630M) 409.830s: 0.160ms 4096k at:0x65910000 Free ( 626M) 409.830s: 0.222ms 4096k at:0x14be0000 Free ( 622M) 409.830s: 0.166ms 4096k at:0x650e0000 Free ( 618M) 409.830s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x64ce0000 Free ( 614M) 409.830s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0x635e0000 Free ( 610M) 409.830s: 0.160ms 4096k at:0x631e0000 Free ( 606M) 409.830s: 0.656ms 14400k at:0x61400000 Free ( 592M) 409.830s: 0.160ms 4096k at:0x61000000 Free ( 588M) 409.830s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0x5f900000 Free ( 584M) 409.830s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x5f500000 Free ( 580M) 409.830s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x5f100000 Free ( 576M) 409.830s: 0.178ms 4096k at:0x5ed00000 Free ( 572M) 409.830s: 0.395ms 4096k at:0x5e900000 Free ( 568M) 409.830s: 0.163ms 4096k at:0x5e500000 Free ( 564M) 409.830s: 0.160ms 4096k at:0x5cbd0000 Free ( 560M) 409.830s: 0.158ms 4096k at:0x5cfd0000 Free ( 556M) 409.830s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x5c7d0000 Free ( 552M) 409.830s: 0.158ms 4096k at:0x5c3d0000 Free ( 548M) 409.830s: 0.162ms 4096k at:0x5bfd0000 Free ( 544M) 409.830s: 0.169ms 4096k at:0x5bbd0000 Free ( 540M) 409.830s: 0.194ms 4096k at:0x5b7d0000 Free ( 536M) 409.830s: 0.163ms 4096k at:0x5b3d0000 Free ( 532M) 409.830s: 0.163ms 4096k at:0x5afd0000 Free ( 528M) 409.830s: 0.158ms 4096k at:0x5abd0000 Free ( 524M) 409.830s: 0.157ms 4096k at:0x5a7d0000 Free ( 520M) 409.830s: 0.163ms 4096k at:0x5a3d0000 Free ( 516M) 409.830s: 0.203ms 4096k at:0x59fd0000 Free ( 512M) 409.830s: 0.211ms 4096k at:0x59bd0000 Free ( 508M) 409.830s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x597d0000 Free ( 504M) 409.845s: 0.162ms 4096k at:0x58400000 Free ( 500M) 409.845s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x58000000 Free ( 496M) 409.845s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x57c00000 Free ( 492M) 409.845s: 0.193ms 4096k at:0x57800000 Free ( 488M) 409.845s: 0.165ms 4096k at:0x57400000 Free ( 484M) 409.845s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0x57000000 Free ( 480M) 409.845s: 0.157ms 4096k at:0x56c00000 Free ( 476M) 409.845s: 0.167ms 4096k at:0x50950000 Free ( 472M) 409.845s: 0.169ms 4096k at:0x56800000 Free ( 468M) 409.845s: 0.193ms 4096k at:0x56400000 Free ( 464M) 409.845s: 0.163ms 4096k at:0x56000000 Free ( 460M) 409.845s: 0.162ms 4096k at:0x516b0000 Free ( 456M) 409.845s: 0.581ms 14400k at:0x541f0000 Free ( 442M) 409.845s: 0.544ms 12352k at:0x51ae0000 Free ( 430M) 409.845s: 0.167ms 4096k at:0x50550000 Free ( 426M) 409.845s: 0.170ms 4096k at:0x50150000 Free ( 422M) 409.845s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x4fd50000 Free ( 418M) 409.845s: 0.200ms 4096k at:0x4f950000 Free ( 414M) 409.845s: 0.184ms 4096k at:0x4ed50000 Free ( 410M) 409.845s: 0.160ms 4096k at:0x4e550000 Free ( 406M) 409.845s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0x4e150000 Free ( 402M) 409.845s: 0.158ms 4096k at:0x4a910000 Free ( 398M) 409.845s: 0.163ms 4096k at:0x4a510000 Free ( 394M) 409.845s: 0.169ms 4096k at:0x4a110000 Free ( 390M) 409.845s: 0.160ms 4096k at:0x49d10000 Free ( 386M) 409.845s: 0.155ms 4096k at:0x49110000 Free ( 382M) 409.845s: 0.160ms 4096k at:0x2aa70000 Free ( 378M) 409.845s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x2a670000 Free ( 374M) 409.845s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x29e70000 Free ( 370M) 409.845s: 0.170ms 4096k at:0x48480000 Free ( 366M) 409.845s: 0.162ms 4096k at:0x48080000 Free ( 362M) 409.845s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0x47c80000 Free ( 358M) 409.845s: 0.160ms 4096k at:0x47880000 Free ( 354M) 409.845s: 0.155ms 4096k at:0x47480000 Free ( 350M) 409.845s: 0.165ms 4096k at:0x47080000 Free ( 346M) 409.845s: 0.219ms 4096k at:0x46c80000 Free ( 342M) 409.845s: 0.162ms 4096k at:0x46880000 Free ( 338M) 409.845s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x46480000 Free ( 334M) 409.845s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x46080000 Free ( 330M) 409.845s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x45c80000 Free ( 326M) 409.845s: 0.204ms 4096k at:0x45880000 Free ( 322M) 409.845s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0x44480000 Free ( 318M) 409.845s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0x44080000 Free ( 314M) 409.845s: 0.158ms 4096k at:0x43c80000 Free ( 310M) 409.845s: 0.156ms 4096k at:0x43880000 Free ( 306M) 409.845s: 0.165ms 4096k at:0x42480000 Free ( 302M) 409.845s: 0.158ms 4096k at:0x42080000 Free ( 298M) 409.845s: 0.196ms 4096k at:0x41880000 Free ( 294M) 409.861s: 0.165ms 4096k at:0x41480000 Free ( 290M) 409.861s: 0.168ms 4096k at:0x40c80000 Free ( 286M) 409.861s: 0.156ms 4096k at:0x40880000 Free ( 282M) 409.861s: 0.156ms 4096k at:0x40480000 Free ( 278M) 409.861s: 0.157ms 4096k at:0x3dc80000 Free ( 274M) 409.861s: 0.177ms 4096k at:0x3d480000 Free ( 270M) 409.861s: 0.461ms 4096k at:0x3cc80000 Free ( 266M) 409.861s: 0.201ms 4096k at:0x3c880000 Free ( 262M) 409.861s: 0.166ms 4096k at:0x3c480000 Free ( 258M) 409.861s: 0.164ms 4096k at:0x3c080000 Free ( 254M) 409.861s: 0.162ms 4096k at:0x3b480000 Free ( 250M) 409.861s: 0.168ms 4096k at:0x3b080000 Free ( 246M) 409.861s: 0.175ms 4096k at:0x3a880000 Free ( 242M) 409.861s: 0.178ms 4096k at:0x3a480000 Free ( 238M) 409.861s: 0.175ms 4096k at:0x3a080000 Free ( 234M) 409.861s: 0.164ms 4096k at:0x39c80000 Free ( 230M) 409.861s: 0.162ms 4096k at:0x39880000 Free ( 226M) 409.861s: 0.175ms 4096k at:0x39480000 Free ( 222M) 409.861s: 0.179ms 4096k at:0x39080000 Free ( 218M) 409.861s: 0.173ms 4096k at:0x38c80000 Free ( 214M) 409.861s: 0.167ms 4096k at:0x38880000 Free ( 210M) 409.861s: 0.173ms 4096k at:0x36b70000 Free ( 206M) 409.861s: 0.171ms 4096k at:0x36770000 Free ( 202M) 409.861s: 0.170ms 4096k at:0x36370000 Free ( 198M) 409.861s: 0.173ms 4096k at:0x35f70000 Free ( 194M) 409.861s: 0.172ms 4096k at:0x35b70000 Free ( 190M) 409.861s: 0.171ms 4096k at:0x35770000 Free ( 186M) 409.861s: 0.176ms 4096k at:0x35370000 Free ( 182M) 409.861s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x34f70000 Free ( 178M) 409.861s: 0.227ms 4096k at:0x34b70000 Free ( 174M) 409.861s: 0.164ms 4096k at:0x34770000 Free ( 170M) 409.861s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x34370000 Free ( 166M) 409.861s: 0.162ms 4096k at:0x33f70000 Free ( 162M) 409.861s: 0.172ms 4096k at:0x33b70000 Free ( 158M) 409.861s: 0.172ms 4096k at:0x33770000 Free ( 154M) 409.861s: 0.174ms 4096k at:0x29a70000 Free ( 150M) 409.861s: 0.162ms 4096k at:0x301c0000 Free ( 146M) 409.861s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x2fdc0000 Free ( 142M) 409.861s: 0.159ms 4096k at:0x2f5c0000 Free ( 138M) 409.861s: 0.478ms 12352k at:0x26d40000 Free ( 126M) 409.861s: 0.171ms 4096k at:0x24150000 Free ( 122M) 409.861s: 0.168ms 4096k at:0x23d50000 Free ( 118M) 409.861s: 0.153ms 4096k at:0x23950000 Free ( 114M) 409.861s: 0.172ms 4096k at:0x23550000 Free ( 110M) 409.861s: 0.516ms 12352k at:0x22130000 Free ( 98M) 409.861s: 0.183ms 4096k at:0x1e480000 Free ( 94M) 409.861s: 0.176ms 4096k at:0x1e080000 Free ( 90M) 409.861s: 0.171ms 4096k at:0x1dc80000 Free ( 86M) 409.861s: 0.157ms 4096k at:0x1d880000 Free ( 82M) 409.861s: 0.157ms 4096k at:0x12090000 Free ( 78M) 409.861s: 0.167ms 4096k at:0x11c90000 Free ( 74M) 409.861s: 0.150ms 4096k at:0x11890000 Free ( 70M) 409.877s: 0.167ms 4096k at:0x11490000 Free ( 66M) 409.877s: 0.178ms 4096k at:0x11090000 Free ( 62M) 409.877s: 0.179ms 4096k at:0x10890000 Free ( 58M) 409.877s: 0.157ms 4096k at:0x10490000 Free ( 54M) 409.877s: 0.191ms 4096k at:0x10090000 Free ( 50M) 409.877s: 0.173ms 4096k at:0x0fbf0000 Free ( 46M) 409.877s: 0.173ms 4096k at:0x0f7f0000 Free ( 42M) 409.877s: 0.168ms 4096k at:0x0f3f0000 Free ( 38M) 409.877s: 0.174ms 4096k at:0x0eff0000 Free ( 34M) 409.877s: 0.144ms 4096k at:0x0ebf0000 Free ( 30M) 409.877s: 0.147ms 4096k at:0x0e7f0000 Free ( 26M) 409.877s: 0.155ms 4096k at:0x0e3f0000 Free ( 22M) 409.877s: 0.177ms 4096k at:0x0dff0000 Free ( 18M) 409.877s: 0.175ms 4096k at:0x0d7f0000 Free ( 14M) 409.877s: 0.102ms 4096k at:0xff000000 Free ( 10M) 409.877s: 0.189ms 8192k at:0xff400000 Free ( 2M) 409.877s: 0.041ms 2048k at:0xffc00000 Free ( 0M) 409.877s: regAllocTotalDur: 28.043ms LOCstat: 58778/62133:94.6% TLSLeft: 2 edit: I'll try reducing it down to 4GB and seeing if that makes any difference, reboot, wait a few days and try running arma again. THe only solution I see is to reboot before running A3 with the custom allocator. But, the performacne appears to be the same. When I run Benchmark Altis to get an average framerate or run a FPS log with MSI afterburner or fraps the difference in average and minimum framerates is always within about 1-2 FPS, so no significant performance increase for me whether I reboot or not. However, the game may be ever so slightly smoother after a fresh reboot compared to when my system has been running for a week. If I am looking at the logs correctly; A B C D E F G 0.015s: 0.420ms 2048k at:0xffc00000 Alloc LP ( 2M) A) The far left column is a time stamp of the overall time the exe is running in seconds, made when a memory allocation is made. B) The 2nd column is how long that operation took in milliseconds. C) 3rd is the memory block size in kbytes D) followed by the address E) the action (allocated, freed) F) page type (large page, small page) G) and the total memory being handled by the allocator in Megabytes. Hm. Can you help me understand how the pagefile helps in this case? I'm not seeing a difference between the logs with and wtihout the pagefile after a fresh reboot. For example, looking at the logs from the Memory Benchmark mission after the reboot; http://pastebin.com/0cSL3jYV and with virtual memory enabled; http://pastebin.com/UD5W8WQt, I see no major differences. They are almost exactly the same line for line. It is not until the MFCA req at line 43 that the left column differs significantly, but that can be explained as how long I took to hit Play for the mission. There are a few differences in the ammount being allocated further down in the logs, but they are being allocated at different addresses which could have had other data round them, so some ares a 16kb block or a 14366k block differ, but are all very close to each other in the overall time stamp. What I am getting at, is I see no evidence to say having virtual memory enabled benefits the arma exe in any way shape or form when there is plenty of physical ram available after a fresh boot and after the system has been running for a while. I'm just trying to understand how having virtual memory enabled helps when it is not being used.
  9. @fred41 Below is a run with the settings you listed with the latest malloc file (posted 2 days ago as of Jan 6, 14). No Swapfile Benchmark Altis http://pastebin.com/zA2wWecr my Memory Benchmark http://pastebin.com/JiXdNhc7 ---------------------------------------------------- No Swapfile 'Empty' memory: Benchmark Altis http://pastebin.com/4jutb0tf my Memory Benchmark http://pastebin.com/9GF4kQnx ---------------------------------------------------- No swapfile After Reboot (no fallbacks): Benchmark Altis http://pastebin.com/CP6Upeix Memory Benchmark http://pastebin.com/0cSL3jYV ---------------------------------------------------- Swap file enabled (32GB): Benchmark Altis http://pastebin.com/S8cD2NHr Memory Benchmark http://pastebin.com/UD5W8WQt And, Very High preset, Ultra textures. Doing the Benchmark Altis followed right after by my Memory Benchmark http://pastebin.com/20TpRrJT There was no disc activity to the swap file so it remained untouched. ---------------------------------------------------- I tried to get a log of an MP coop mission but it doesn't appear Play Withsix followed the -malloc=tbbmalloc parameter so no log was created.
  10. By pagefile size do you mean system memory or the maxmem startup parameter? My current system has 32GB of ram, I had run with 16GB while I RMA'd one of the 2x8GB paired sticks that had been unstable at times, but this was many months ago back when A3 just entered the public alpha. I have been running arma 3 pretty similar to how I run arma 2. Since the usual minimum framerate is around 30fps, I adjust my settings so it doesn't get much above that. Running High textures seems to almost completely get rid of the chance of the vmem dump and in A3 I run around a 3k view distance. The only real option to reduce the chances of the vmem dump I was seeing is to reduce textures to High. But along with texture detail and view distance and how they play with each other that can make viewing certain objects less than optimal for a game play perspective (i.e. not being able to see an enemy in a building from a couple hundred meters because it turns into a blurry wall with no windows, or soldiers becoming very difficult to ID). But I guess that is what we are going to have to deal with until performance related things can be sorted out.
  11. Using 'Empty' in Process Hacker appears to be the same as in Rammap. If I 'empty' the ram before running arma with the custom memalloc I still get a lot of failed-fallback errors in the log. I have to run after a fresh boot to see a clean run. I have noticed that when I use Rammap to look at what-is-where in the memory, it is a little bit of everything everywhere. Even shortly after a fresh boot. (CCC for ATI drivers, chrome, svchost, windows system DLL and other system files, audioDG.exe and other vital system processes) With that said, I notice no real-world performance difference between running A3+malloc after a fresh boot or if my system is up for several days and I get all those failed-fallback errors. Though, this could just be evidence that my system is bottle-necked somewhere else, and not in the memory/memory controller.
  12. ACRE 'radio' key-cap. What do you think? design by Nid.
  13. Anyone have any leads on how to prevent RAM fragmentation on a modern OS like 7? About 20 minutes of googling I'm only finding user experiences and data from years ago (XP and early vista days, mostly early to mid 2000's, nothing that appears useful from 2009 onward since 7 came out). About all I've been able to gather is that a lot of the fragmentation comes from the memory allocators certain programs use. So throw in a few programs that might have a less-than-optimal memory allcoator, and your system ram will get fragmented pretty quickly. Some examples are here, here and this tool for analyzing memory fragmentation in dumps. I'll have time later this week to look into trying to trace where the usage is coming from on my system. I believe some of it has to do with the caching that Win7 does with the extra ram. After a few hours of system uptime my ram is maxed out if you include "Standby" in windows Resource Monitor. In fact right now after 4 hours of up-time I'm at 2MB free (watching the Resource Monitor its jumping between 1 and 5MB every now and then), while about 12GB is in use by running programs and a ramdisk, out of a total of 32GB. I have a theory that if I were to run A3 right now with the custom mem-alloc, I'll see those 'failed - fallback' messages in the log. Is there a way to make the memory allocator dll reserve space to free up the windows 'standby' memory? I can imagine that this would not be ideal for those with lower amounts of memory, but with 16-32GB, you'd think nothing would have problems with finding free ram.
  14. If you follow the Setup-Guide linked in the first post you should have no issues. If you are getting errors you probably didn't do something you were supposed to. (besides being in A3 outfits when doing IF missions)
  15. 12/21/13 Binary Frag85's Memory Benchmark: http://pastebin.com/PUzPdwcu Benchmark Altis http://pastebin.com/QQwVsNVe Specs (same as before).