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  1. *I haven't read the review* Don't you need to run the -winxp switch for ArmA2 to utilise multi GPU cards? Perhaps that's what they did wrong? It could explain the slightly lower score for the X2 because the X2 will have a slightly lower clock speed I'd imagine (compared to the 5870). Jero. EDIT: just read it and I'm now convinced they would have seen different results with the -winxp switch. Pitty, because I'd like to see the proper results. Also, I wonder what version of ArmA2 they used... If they'd patched it with the latest update?
  2. doakwolf

    what does arma 2 look like on low settings?

    Operation Flashpoint :D
  3. Nope. And the 4800s cards will not get you the performance you want. Consider the (expensive) 5870 for anywhere near what you're wanting performance-wise. My 4890 @ 1GHz doesn't perform that well. Well enough for me though. Had no choice.. Couldn't afford any better! Jero.
  4. doakwolf

    Nvidia SLI or 5870 for ArmA 2?

    Nice! I'm most jealous of you!!! (about the 5870 - not the diabetes and insurance pay-out). I'll have to wait until the price drops somewhat. Particularly in Australia, the mark-up is high. About $650 here and only $369 in the USA (which is about $420 once converted so $230 for import..). Not to mention I've only had my 4890 for a few months, and I'm happy enough with that for now! :D I'm keen to see the potential these 5800s can show once we see some DX11 games on the market! Jero :)
  5. doakwolf

    Can You Run It ?

    I just ran it on my work PC and failed big time! LOL I've been trying to tell my boss to upgrade for ages!
  6. doakwolf

    just bought ARMA2. Can I go straight to 1.04

    I don't think there will be a problem with 6GB DDR3. I have the same rig as above (minus 1x 4890!) with no dramas or need to use maxmem commands.
  7. doakwolf

    275GTX or 4890 ??

    ^ Yep, I'd wait for the 5800s to be released. If not to get a 5800 series card, at least the prices on the 4800s will drop right down when the new range is released. Then a 4890 will be cheaper!
  8. doakwolf

    little question

    Try different formations too. You can get them to follow you in a file (walking behind you) if you want. There are heaps of combinations. Often they'll move slightly out of formation though when they spot enemies etc which is realistic behaviour IMO.
  9. doakwolf

    ArmA 2 players

  10. I haven't had any dramas with hold fire. I often do what you describe above (prepare for attack and have units 'hold fire' until in position and then order them all to unleash at once) and there are times when a unit will start shooting early but only if an enemy gets too close to them and they feel threatened. If I were in a war and was told to hold fire, I would obey, but if some mofo enemy came along and I thought he spotted me, I'd shoot the f^cker and apologise to my CO. I think it's realistic behaviour from the AI. Perhaps I've just not experienced what others are experiencing though.
  11. For the record - I'm not convinced you'll NEED to get a new PSU. The friend I referred to earlier is using 2x OC'd 4890s and an i7 @ 3.6GHz with an 850w PSU and has no dramas. I reckon 800w is enough the proposed system, isn't it?
  12. From what I've read there are mixed opinions with SLI/Crossfire performance. I know a friend who purchased a second ATI 4890 and it made no difference to his ArmA2-Mark score - yet Gamer just posted his/her results in the ArmA2-Mark thread and got insanely high scores using quad-fire. Who knows :confused: Out of principal, I'd down-grade the media centre PC's GPU and throw the second 280 into your gaming maching anyway since you've already paid for it and it's kind of being wasted in the media centre. Even if it doesn't greatly improve ArmA2's performance, it will improve your overall gaming performance! :) EDIT: I just noticed you'll need a new SLI MoBo.. OK, then it will cost more than I thought.. Ah, things to consider!!! :D
  13. doakwolf

    Saving Games CTD

    For my issue (mentioned above) I've decided I'm going to have to edit the difficulty setting so the AI are crap so that I can manage to finish the mission I'm stuck on without dying. That's the only thing I can think of. Apparently it's just a problem with the Manhattan mission. Good luck to me :D It's annoying because I don't have fast internet so can't play online. That's why I wish I could play campaign with no dramas.
  14. doakwolf


    No, it's not cheating because it's not a competition - but it doesn't give an accurate rating to compare to other user's results on this thread (unless we all use run #2). When playing the 'game', there is no opportunity for the PC to 'pre load' the textures prior to entering a town or new part of the map etc (unless it is, in fact, coded that way, somehow) so using your second score in ArmA2-Mark doesn't give an accurate result, IMO. But that said, half the ppl on this thread are quoting first run scores and the other half quoting second run scores so it's impossible to compare specs and see how your PC is going compared to other's. My 2c :)
  15. doakwolf

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    As long as your case has sufficient air flow and space for whatever GPU you decide to get, you should be OK salvaging the case/monitor/peripherals etc. But as ch_123 said, you'll probably require a new PSU to drive the new parts. If I were in your shoes, I'd strongly consider spending just a little bit more on a new case which comes with a half-decent PSU. They can be bought quite cheap these days and sometimes don't cost much more than buying a PSU on it's own. I won't link any though because I'm in a different country and don't know what a good price is in your country.