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  1. I had similar trouble when my disc arrived ages ago. Couldn't install as the DVD was faulty and couldnt read certain files. I sent it back to the palce I bought it from and they sent me a replacement which worked perfectly (that was gameplay.co.uk ). Unless you bought the games months ago the shop has to replace the disc for you by law if it's not working.
  2. My original Arma2 DVD was faulty - got it replaced by the shop I bought it from after a couple of days of trying to get it to work, got the new disc and all was well. Sony G170A drive for info :)
  3. SylverFyre

    BIS: CHEERS for the new patch!

    Tried to install this Beta patch but I'm getting the .exe complaining that I'm only on 1.03. This is wrong, but I tried to re-install 1.04 anyway, the 1.04 patch won't re-install because it detects that it's already been done :S So I'm stuck, can't re-patch because it's already done, cant try the beta because it thinks I'm not on 1.04:( Any suggestions would be appreciated :)
  4. SylverFyre

    Game CPU-Optimization - no troubleshooting !

    Few people are, but I'm amazed that you have managed to diagnose ArmA2's performance problems as being down to the number of threads it runs all by yourself! How long did it take you to disassemble the code and analyse it? Do you understand that every thread has its own overhead involved with managing it? The fact that Firefox might launch more threads on a system than a game means nothing significant. Breaking down a task into threads is done as a sensible number of threads for what the program is doing and how it's written shows a performance benefit, the amount depending on the capabilities of the platform it's being run on and the way the OS works. Please go read up on some SMP/SMT information and some programming theory before making big posts that look like you know what you're talking about. All said in the nicest possible way, of course :)
  5. SylverFyre

    Game CPU-Optimization - no troubleshooting !

    +1 threading is only adding granularity as is not an automatic benefit or performance boost
  6. SylverFyre

    Coloured Square dots

    I replaced my Hiper PSU (it went pop :() with a Corsair 750w and I think its great. Seasonic have a reputation for greatness, but youll pay for the privilege. Can you swap out the gfx card and or PSU to identify where the problem lies before spending your cash?
  7. I get this too it sounds like the bike is constantly looping an accelerating engine sound and it gets annoying on a long ride :)
  8. Maybe I'm in a minority (I don't think so) but I like this game, and it's SP campaign. The multiplayer rocks and although I haven't played with it much, the editor is obviously great too otherwise there wouldn't be all those cool missions to play on servers.... The graphics are good in this game, although it is a system hog, and there are other flaws too - but it's ambitious and I reckon pulls a lot of it off well enough :)
  9. SylverFyre

    Why does it say "Hold Breath"?

    But it wasn't lost in translation - the English phrase "Hold youre breath" means cease breathing in or out, and the OP asked the question why does it say that when he thought that it meant something else. The devs got it spot on Anyway, at least some people who really do know have posted what really happens during training and real life combat so we learned summat :cool:
  10. SylverFyre

    How to FIX ATI graphical bugs

    this payload option is controlling a basic function of communication across the PCI-E bus - thats what the BIOS does, basic system settings virtual memory is a function of the OS which is why those options reside there - windows manages memory allocation and pagefile usage.
  11. SylverFyre

    BIS - help us help ourselves!

    I'm not actually having problems with this game - my posts in this thread are trying to help with the understanding. The thread title is "help us to help ourselves" and thats what Im trying to do too. Although I appreciate others are having problems with crashing etc and are trying allsorts to fix that - I'm happy playing with my 3 year old rig on low/very low settings and getting a lot of enjoyment from it. If some understanding of whats happening under the covers so to speak can help some track a cause to their particular problem, all well and good although I appreciate that nothing I post is likely to help that much. The developers cant spend all their time reading these boards and instead have their programmers working on the engine and their content guys working on a new expansion... :)
  12. SylverFyre

    BIS - help us help ourselves!

    dxdiags Display section reports 1012Mb total graphics memory - combine the local and nonlocal VRAM reports from the ARMA config file (and do the divide by 1024 twice) and that comes out as a match. Thats gotta be the VRAM section of config explained, apart from I cant think of any good reason to tweak this manually unless the game has managed to mis-detect the amount of RAM on your graphics card.
  13. SylverFyre

    BIS - help us help ourselves!

    I have an ATi X1950XT 256Mb and my localVRAM config is 265662464 (256Mb * 1024 * 1024 = 268435456 so its pretty likely that this line is the game reading the amount of RAM on the card in bytes - maybe some is reserved by the cards firmware so that the game sees a little less than the true amount?) Does that tie in with other peoples video RAM and config file contents? The text itself implies that its the amount of RAM on the card, but the developer response of "resources" implies that my thought above may be true, that it's what's left available on the card after any firmware has allocated some. My nonlocalVRAM is showing as 795791360, or a little under 759Mb when divided by 1024 twice. I'm on a 2Gb machine running Vista32 and my thought on this is that maybe there are around 759Mb available in system RAM after the game engine is loaded to use to cache graphics into? The use of nonlocalVRAM certainly implies that too, ie VRAM that is not locally on the card itself. I think the -winxp switch, while a bit of a misnomer, has been cleared up. Reference the link in Dwardens post "use it in Vista/W7 to enable multi-GPU support", that shows that whatever code the switch activates also enables the Vista/7 graphics system to use multi-GPU with the ArmA2 engine
  14. SylverFyre

    Why does it say "Hold Breath"?

    Hold Breath to me means exactly that, cease breathing either in or out. Deep Breath means to fill your lungs to capacity as far as Im concerned. I'm probably wrong but I thought during firing a weapon that soldiers were taught to partially breath out and hold their breath with *some* air in their lungs