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  1. Just use: [this] call compile preprocessfile "script.sqf" In .sqf file you need to use "private" command to pass the "this" to your script. private ["_variable"]; _variable = _this select 0; {rest of the code} Remember not to use "this" in your script, it is replaced by "_variable". Everything should be ok by now
  2. RazorX

    Arma 2 1.06 Patch Suggestions

    Another thing... The International Hotel building (Chernarus map) has an interior but can't be entered by AI. It would be a nice place to garrison IMO.
  3. I'm having trouble with making units get into a chopper. It's an evac test mission. I've set the group name by: team1 = group this A chopper name: "heli" and then, when a chopper reaches it's proper waypoint, in the "on activation" field of a waypiont: {_x AssignAsCargo heli; _x OrderGetIn true} ForEach units team1; I've placed a H (invisible) on the ground. But the chopper doesn't load the team members, it flies to it's next waypoint, and the group does not receive the command to get aboard. Well, this worked in OFP, but now what am I doing wrong? ArmA2 1.05 Steam
  4. damn, how could I overlook it. Thanks
  5. In editor, when I placed a vehicle on a road (static) and placed another vehicle which was driving along that road on the same road lane, in my opinion it should try to avoid that car. Instead it's just smashing into it.
  6. RazorX


    the script goes to your mission's folder in "Documents/ArmA2/missions". It's pretty good when you're using it at the start of the mission. I've put "[] execVM lightup.sqf" in the init.sqs file (I've called the script "lightup.sqf"). I did it this way, beacause I'm having trouble when I try tu run it using execVM in the init field of a unit - returns me a strange error, don't know why though.
  7. 1.05 In a barn with barriers I can walk through some of the barriers AI driving skills are really poor. The AI doesn't avoid obstacles on a road but smashes through it. On corners like in Kamishovo while turning on the first corner (the next one after turning from the main road), the AI smashes into a fence, which stands a bit far away from the road. Also vehicles that move in a column have many problems when closing on to one another, It seriously prevents from creating missions using convoys.
  8. RazorX

    [62017] - Vehicles' AI

    In OFP this was OK, I don't remember such bugs, or maybe I'm wrong...
  9. I want the unit to go to a building's door, and then it will disappear, but the problem is that it disappears a meter or sometimes two away from the door. I'm using the GetMarkerPos to get coords and UnitReady to check wheter the unit has stopped, and the marker is set very precisely.
  10. RazorX

    The Living Island Project

    Well, Just click the link beneath ;)
  11. RazorX

    The Icarus Project

    No, it will be a single player mission. Not available to play in the editor
  12. Can I change the faces of women to the desired ones? If yes then how? I didn't see any female faces in the object class library.
  13. RazorX

    The Icarus Project

    Anyone interested in beta testings? Sign in! More info about how to sign in on the project's website.
  14. RazorX

    3rd Person Motion Blur?

    It's a bit strange for me that you want to add the blur effect to the 3rd person perspective. I always wanted to exclude it from the FPP either. First of all it lowers FPS. It's more difficult to see anything and it is NOT realistic, because a computer game can't simulate the movement of your eyeballs. Just compare human vision with what you experience in ArmA2. Pardon me, but when I move my eyeballs I don't have a blured vision (or maybe I'm a superhuman :P ), and when you look around in ArmA the blur effect is seen also in very slight moves, which makes the vision unrealistic and me pissed off. Human eyeballs move and focus vision hundreds times faster than in a computer game so you can hardly see the blur in real life while just moving your head and eyeballs. The game also doesn't have the depth of field effect which should be included at first place rather than MB. Just get drunk if you want a good blur effect
  15. RazorX

    Bigfoot...has anyone found him?

    All right, I'll tell you my little secret. I'm gonna destroy the world..... wait just a second, I'm spawning cows.....
  16. Can this feature be disabled in the editor?
  17. RazorX

    A choice driven campaign - Worth it?

    It's a good thing for a campaign not to be linear. But even in campaigns in which missions have several different endings after playing a couple of times player will start looking for something new. So I don't back campaigns but complex and dynamic single player missions. In example the project which I'm currently working on: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=80589
  18. RazorX

    The Icarus Project

    Well, I'm not concentrating on the website's graphics as you might have seen :P the work is currently going on pretty well, much have been done already. Don't worry, I'll port it to ArmA 6 :P
  19. RazorX

    The Icarus Project

    OFFICIAL WEBSITE!!!!!! http://icarus.cba.pl OFFICIAL WEBSITE!!!!!! More informations about the project are here. Feel free to comment. The site is still with poor graphics, but I'm working on it :P
  20. RazorX

    The Icarus Project

    I have thought about giving the player the opportunity to choose between different starting conditions. Whether the country is at war or not and much more. I think that your scenario is very innovative and I'm quite apt to use it. I look forward to see more suggestions and ideas about the gameplay. The project's official website will be created soon.
  21. RazorX

    The Icarus Project

    You're right. Everything on a local scale for now.
  22. RazorX

    The Icarus Project

    Well, some scripts may work with the copy/paste method, but using this, villages/towns will be isolated. Reality level downgraded :P This thing is very complicated and a detail may cause serious bugs during gameplay. But my team is ready ;)
  23. RazorX

    The Icarus Project

    Well, It is a singleplayer project, so I need to close literally a whole living country in one mission. I can do this even not using any 3rd party addons, but I really think they will be needed to make a good effect. However, there's gonna' be a lot of scripting, but scripting itself is easy, creating the algorithm is a challenge :P So, there's gonna' be a lot of brainf***ing :P