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    OA campaign question...

    Just tried it again today and it worked, silly me. Thanks. I had completed the Campaign but wanted the missions I didn't get.

    OA campaign question...

    Shift + "-" (numpad minus) doesn't work for me either.

    Aiming the zsu

    I got this one first time it seemed easy, but I never remember the AA gun pausing after 20 rounds or pausing at all.

    Operation Arrowhead Campaign

    I agree the campaign was too short, I enjoyed what there was and also enjoyed the seperate single player scenarios. I would have liked atleast one warefare mission even if it wasn't in the campaign but as a single mission. I do hope the 'short' DLC campaign this month is atleast as long as OA's campaign but I doubt it.
  5. After a few shots I chose to save the POW's, shot the gaurds that I could see with the APC's machine gun (just missed a visable POW) then rushed and got the 3 scud launchers out of the way. Returned to save the POW's (with a quick stop in destroying the city statue) and found them all dead by then. Proceeded to the villa to find the SUV destroyed, killed everything I could find (found the dead pilot) but Aziz was missing. Roamed around for quite some time and eventually I got word he escaped and the mission finally ended. Next mission I got: As for performance I have no problems

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    Oh sorry, I think I have been getting the versions mixed up, No I haven't installed any 1.52. Just a 1.07 patch but I guess that is just for ARMA 2 itself. I will download and install the 1.52 OA patch then. In the mean time I have been playing and everything seems fine except from time to time I get a message telling me how the game can't find a roof texture, even after the reinstall (that didn't give errors). Otherwise I am enjoying it and it is performing very well.

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    Sold! For just $9.99USD? I am deep into Flight Simulator payware and for $9.99 you get very little.

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    Update I uninstalled OA ad set my CPU speed and settings back to standard, reinstalled and had no errors during install at all. I then installed 1.07 patch aslo without any errors.. BUT When I start the game it still says I am missing some roof texture/file (or something) and it only tells me I am at version 1.51?

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    I have just installed the Australian DVD retail version of OA and got a bunch of errors, it finished installing and when it starts I get "can't find xxx" errors. I will try to copy the DVD's contents to HDD and reinstall tommorrow. Oh and I will set standard clock speed too. I hope I don't have to exchange it for another copy. (I had to do that with the original Operation Flashpoint)
  10. Just tried both these tweaks and I got a 10-17% increase in frame rates, mostly from the max cores tweak but I think the HDR one makes it look better, thanks :) i7 920 mild OC (3.0ghz, stock cooler) 6gb DDR3 4870X2 2gb Oh and I will just point out I am pretty happy with my frame rates, it stays smooth (the odd stutter) and only ever getting choppy when I make my own insane war heavy missions for fun

    EW Campaign

    I heard there was a new ARMA II patch out that included a small campaign, so I pulled out my ARMA 2 disk and continued my RED HARVEST campaign before I installed it. I remembered then why I stopped playing, so many mission bugs (was upto Dogs of war anyway, but still on version 1.02) so I did everything I can in the mission and ended it with "shift+ (keypad) - 'endmission' " because it wouldn't end even after I do everything on it's own. I then installed 1.05 patch and went back to the "dogs of war" mission to find everything seems to be working now. Anyway I don't worry about doing it again for now so I try the new campaign. As for EW Campaign..... WOW, this was fantastic, really put me back into the Operation flashback (orignal) feeling, I REALLY enjoyed it, Kudos. I Hope this upcoming expansion is more inline with this type of gameplay, to be honest I enjoy being a member of the squad and not leading much more. I hope future campaigns take much longer before you're put in charge of the strings. I was so impressed I had to come here and mention it, Well done.