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  1. That has nothing to do with karmichael's (or mine) scripts. That is an error generated from the UAV module itself. It happens when you tell the UAV module to add an entire side using: BIS_uav_1 setvariable ["rules",[west]] When the UAV module goes through and adds everything it needs to be synchronized to, it tries to synchronize to the WEST side. it errors, but it still works.
  2. See, that's weird. Cause thats all we play on is a dedicated server. And we've never had issues with the UAV. Now understand that if someone comes in after you've launched the UAV, they cannot control that UAV. But they should be able to control the next one that is launched. Did you notice the init of the UAV module? that's important as well. Everyone on west has access. If you don't have that, then yes, you'd not be able to control the UAV. (UAV has been destroyed)
  3. Big_Daddy

    Multiplayer Framework

    try: _nic = [objNull, unit, rprocessInitCommands] call RE; and you only have to run it once.
  4. Here ya go... download
  5. didn't have it listed there, but you do have the processInitCommands, right?
  6. well.... I use a script for teleporting using on mapclick. I allow the shift click (actually bypass shift click cause people were teleporting while flying. funny stuff) Couldn't a script be written that bypasses everything else, and just blocks shift click? Then run that script at player init? (the else at the bottom of the script is for getting ontop of buildings) _pos = _this select 0; _shift = _this select 1; _alt = _this select 2; //hint format ["%1 - %2 - %3",_pos, _shift, _alt]; if (_shift) exitwith {}; //<- This allows the bypass if (!(_alt)) then { player setPosATL [_pos select 0, _pos select 1,(_pos select 2)+5]; } else { _cone = "RoadCone" createVehiclelocal [_pos select 0, _pos select 1, (_pos select 2)]; _obj= nearestObject [_cone, "Building"]; deletevehicle _cone; _array = boundingBox _obj; _max = _array select 1; _max = _obj modelToWorld _max; _height=_max select 2; _height = ceil _height; player setPos [_pos select 0, _pos select 1,_height]; player allowDamage false; sleep 15; player allowDammage true; };
  7. Latest version of UAV script. /* ========================================================= Default values of all settings are: nul = this addAction ["Launch UAV", "uav.sqf",[xvec1,100,BIS_uav_1,"xvec2,xvec1",MQ9PredatorB,west],0,false] 1: spawn vehicle/building 2: spawn height 3: Name of UAV Module - ie BIS_UAV 4: units to be syncronized with Names, "xvec2, xvec1" 5: Version of UAV - MQ9PredatorB 6: side/group ========================================================= */ private ["_vec_array","_myarray"]; _myarray = _this select 3; _spawloc = _myarray select 0; _spawhei = if (count _myarray > 1) then {_myarray select 1} else {100}; _uavMod = if (count _myarray > 2) then {_myarray select 2} else {BIS_UAV_1}; _units = if (count _myarray > 3) then {_myarray select 3} else {xvec1, xvec2}; _uavType = if (count _myarray > 4) then {_myarray select 4} else {MQ9PredatorB}; _grp = if (count _myarray > 5) then {_myarray select 5} else {"west"}; _vclname="MyUAV"; _vec_array = [[getPos _spawloc select 0, getPos _spawloc select 1, (getPos _spawloc select 2) +_spawhei], random 360, _uavType, _grp] call BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle; _vcl = _vec_array select 0; _vcl SetVehicleVarName _vclname; _vcl Call Compile Format ["%1=_vcl;PublicVariable ""%1"";",_vclname]; _initCmd=format["this addMagazine ""4Rnd_Sidewinder_AV8B"";this addWeapon ""SidewinderLaucher""; this disableAI ""AUTOTARGET"" ; this disableAI ""TARGET"" ; this setCombatMode ""BLUE"";this setBehaviour ""careless"";%1 synchronizeObjectsAdd [%2,%3];",_uavmod,_vcl,_units]; _vcl setVehicleInit _initCmd; processInitCommands; clearVehicleInit _vcl; Player sideChat "UAV has been Launched";
  8. Big_Daddy

    arma shortcuts

    You don't.. The reason the map kept saying that you needed the addon after you removed it is inside the mission.sqm at the top, the addon was still listed. You'd just have to delete that entry. Also, with steam, you have to check 2 places for command line options. First, the actual icon. Second, In Steam Games, Properties on Arma 2, Set launch Options. For myself. I have all the options I use for programing, and playing, listed in the Second area. -nosplash -world=empty -winxp -maxmem=2047 -noPause Then in the programing icon I have: D:\Steam\Steam.exe -applaunch 33900 -window -showScriptErrors
  9. Well, do you have a plane flying? _plane = _this select 0; This line tells what plane is there to attach the bombs too. _nil = [myplanename] execVm "carpet.sqf";
  10. Big_Daddy

    Ammo check?

    ammo player sidechat format ["%1",veh_m1a1 ammo "m256"] You'll have to get the gun name. Armatech has a great layout of the info.
  11. Kronsky has a cool script that lets you get the information your looking for. Vehicle Browser Add whatever your wanting to his sample mission, preview it, and walk up to it. You'll get the exact info you are looking for. It works for buildings/vehicles. Whatever the script tells you, place that into the init of the object on your mission.
  12. Big_Daddy

    Map question

    that's what' he's saying. Ondoubleclick. if you set that for everyone. then the normal double click for just "text" isn't allowed. You'd have to script in to have a marker created, the text in the marker etc etc. then you can script whatever you wanted.
  13. Big_Daddy


    it's because it sends several every time a unit gets hit. if your doing a hint, you may only see the last time it was fired. try sidechat.. you'll see all of them.
  14. Go right ahead... Happy to have it out there.