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    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    I don't mind them adding new content but I really hope that any engine optimizations and tweaks to make the game run better are free. I'm not going to whine and cry yet though, if I feel like BIS is turning into Activision I'll just fade quietly into the night (with my pocketbook). All I ask BIS is that you don't split the community up with various versions that work and won't work with each other. It's hard enough for me to get people to buy your products with out having to tell them they'll have to buy a bunch of DLC too if they want to be compatible.
  2. Thanks for the quick update it works great now, haven't ran into any thing weird. Been having some great battles in the valleys now :)
  3. I'm still running into the Chernarus dependency, the error pops up and then shows me the menu "How do you want to set it up" but I can't click on any of the options. Can't back out of the menu either, have to do a hard shutdown of the game. I do have Arma 2 but they are both on steam and launching the Combined Operations doesn't work (waiting on a patch from BIS for that!) :P
  4. AmnesiacJack

    [SP] Flashpoint: Chernarus

    Great work! Having loads of fun with this mission, never know what type of insanity I'll find my self in. Nice change of pace any ways and can't wait to see what you add onto it next (my 2 cents, throw it on another island by chance?) Thanks for the hard work :)
  5. Been using this setup for a few days so far and have to say it's really helped round out some of the rough edges for me that were just annoying. Hope to see some missions made specifically with this set in mind as there is a ton of fun possibilities that I'll never be able to take advantage of in the editor by my self :P So cheers and thanks for the great write up, it helped me get every thing sorted out and working smoothly.
  6. AmnesiacJack

    Helicopter scenerios

    I've tried to make a few missions like this for my self but never have much luck. Some times instead of blowing stuff up I'd like to just pick up some troops from base or a hot LZ and then fly them some where and avoid getting into trouble. 30+ minutes of flying with no shots fired might not be most peoples idea of fun but it'd be like meditation for me.
  7. AmnesiacJack

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    Is there a working rocket any where? I'll explain my need I guess might be able to use something other than a rocket. I'm making a scene in my mission where a rocket takes off / launches and the person is just left there watching it fly off into the atmosphere. Is there any thing I can use that will do that? Doesn't need to look like any thing but a fireball flying up into the air though just to simulate the feeling of "goodbye".
  8. AmnesiacJack

    Space Hulk / Stations Interiors?

    Yeah sorry I read this "ArmA 2 - ADDONS & MODS: DISCUSSION This forum is for discussing addons or mods that are currently work in progress, as well as for discussing ideas or requests for addons" at the top of the forum and figured I was good to go. Next time I'll look at the stickies too.
  9. So I've been looking around for a model I could place in the editor that would resemble the interior of a space ship but haven't had any luck finding even one. None of the Sci-fi mods here seem to have a finished interior to walk around in. I realize it's a weird request in it's self but I really need one for a few scenes I'm scripting. The dilapidated interiors of all the buildings I've found so far (not to mention windows + being able to see outside) just don't have the right feeling. It doesn't need to move, think, kill, etc: being solid and room for a few AI to stand is good enough. Any one know where I could find a model or something that might be similar that already works with the game? Thanks
  10. AmnesiacJack

    Guerilla Warfare [SP-Dynamic]

    Great update MrN! My favorite mission on my favorite island, what more could one ask for.
  11. AmnesiacJack

    Albatros D.III

    Wow, honestly. Gonna have some great immersive dog fights in these puppies! Great work and can't wait :)
  12. AmnesiacJack

    co12 Weitmanns Heil @Quesh-Kibrul V2

    Me and a buddy are trying to get this but are being given an invalid download link for the mission file (addon links work fine).
  13. AmnesiacJack

    Guerilla Warfare [SP-Dynamic]

    Awesome work MrN, been releasing a lot of holiday family "cheer" with this mission!
  14. AmnesiacJack

    Copy My Stance -UPDATED

    Thank you thank you thank you. Another feature I've been waiting to see tackled (AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN STANDARD BIS).
  15. AmnesiacJack

    RTS - Farm Wars

    Thanks Schwab! Will check this update out when I get home from work, still my favorite mod around :)