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    Dedicated server - status

    Any timeframe on the server binaries > surprised this wasn't in a robust state at the time of release. Early days, however please give us a rough timeframe.
  2. Many thanks for the reply Spamurai > I'm really surprised by this that the alpha is not utilizing GPU PhysX!
  3. PhysX - Nvidia: Is it best to leave this at the default automatic setting, or perhaps select the GPU only in the Nvidia control panel? I know the common answer for most games would be Auto - but for Arma 3.. anybody seen any improvement? I've got a OC'd 3570k and a GTX 670 btw. Any opinions?? Many thanks:)
  4. bogroll

    [GUIDE] AI Squad Command

    Superb post.. yup sticky this now!! )
  5. bogroll

    Optics and Zoom

    I would really like a way to be able to map both Optics and zoom onto my RMB. I'm pretty sure OFP did this by default. When i bring up the optics I don't want to fart around using two buttons: At the moment you have to bring up the optics then zoom. The latter involves holding down the zoom key (no toggle for it as far as I'm aware). This is a pain. If I bring up my rifle and look down the sights then for all intents I'm concentrating on what's in front of me ie utilising the Zoom feature of the game any ideas>?:rolleyes: