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  1. It's the greatest, you can try it out now. So many possibilities. Once I have a few months off, I'm sitting down and making the Vietnam campaign I have always dreamed out.
  2. thanks for sharing! looks great so far, and obviously the simple plug and play format is always an achievement in itself. a bit too scary to play on my own, looks like I'll need to find some buddies to help out.
  3. thanks, that helps a lot! I had been reading about a Campaigns folder, but I did not have that folder anywhere as this is my first downloaded campaign. So I just made a Campaigns folder within my main Arma2 folder and dropped the pbo into it.
  4. this looks amazing, thanks for sharing. How do I install a campaign? I created a mod folder, and put in the required add ons which start up just fine. And I put the key in the keys folder. But then I have the campaign pbo file, which I'm not sure what to do with. I put it into my Missions folder in OA & Arma 2 (tested both), and it doesn't appear under scenarios or campaigns.
  5. Here's a mission by Nomad using DAC3 on SEA, works great : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=113515&highlight=sweep
  6. There is an actual campaign within the mod? Or do you mean all the different scenarios? I haven't been able to find a campaign. When I open up the campaign section of the game with the Mod running it only has Harvest Red, Arrowhead, Operation Black Gauntlet, and EW.
  7. page 103 of this thread http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=108476&page=103
  8. you can't just copy and paste from the handbook because of formatting or something. So just copy and paste from the handbook, whatever shoulder patch you want, into a blank note pad. Then copy and paste from the notepad into the unit's initialization.
  9. thanks for sharing EggBeast. Just so I understand...does this Dynamic sound for VietCong AI replace the Russian voices, so that when VietCong are nearby you hear their voices?:bounce3: And the GITS fixepack is in relation to the thrown weapon error and other various issues?
  10. If you are using vanilla arma2, then navigate to your Arma2 base folder under Program Files. Create a folder there and name it: @UNS Create a folder within the new folder and name it: addons Put all files except UNS_.bikey (that goes into your Keys folder), into the new addons folder. (also, put the mission files into the correct folders as described above, but it sounds like you did that OK) Now right click on arma2.exe, and create a shortcut. Drag the new shortcut to your desktop (or wherever) and right click it, go to Properties. Under the Shortcut tab go to 'Target'. Add one space, then copy and paste this to the end of 'Target': -exThreads=0 "-mod=@UNS;" Click on the newly created shortcut and you should be playing UnSung.
  11. I believe portions of ACE do work, while other features do not (like the radio module). You'd just have to test it out. At some point I believe I did see an Addon that makes it all work, but not sure what came of that. Your first step would be to simply verify that the files you downloaded are within the @UNS/addons folder -- many times you can put them in there and they will create their own folders. Second step, make sure you put the Single Player missions you downloaded into your MISSIONS folder. Then make sure you put the Multiplayer missions into the MPMissions folder. Then put the UNS_.bikey into your KEYS folder. Are you running ARMA2 or Combined Operations or Arrowhead? Using Steam? If you are using Steam with Combined Operations, there is _runA2CO.cmd within your Arrowhead folder.... throw that into notepad and scroll down until you see the following line and that is where you should change the target line, then make a shortcut for it on your desktop: "%_STEAMPATH%\steam.exe" -applaunch 33930 -nosplash -showScriptErrors -exThreads=0 "-mod=%_ARMA2PATH%;EXPANSION;ca;@CBA;@UNS;@DAC;@CLAY_CarRadio;" I bolded optional commands I'm using, you'll definitely want to add the -exThreads=0 so your maps load quick.
  12. that's everything, you are all good
  13. I'm currently waiting on my ArmedAssault download to complete. I just grabbed CSJ's addons to fix his map errors, and noticed the link for the R2 SP/MP missions..... Is that a new download, or is that mission download listed on ARMANAM also included within the big download I'm getting from ArmedAssault? thanks!
  14. sweep

    GITS Evolution Vietnam

    looks amazing, thanks for sharing. Are those support scripts (airstrike/mortars) something I can use on my own missions? Or are they custom for Vietnam Evo?
  15. woot! can't wait. Any updates on the sound front? My biggest hope was VietCong voices replacing the Russian ones.