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  1. BoomBoomSate

    Light sources

    Why do lights attached to a static C130 dissapear when placed on fe 3000 mt height?
  2. BoomBoomSate

    Backpack Script

    I placed the two files in a subdirectory of my mission folder, called DOM, to keep things a bit organized: backpack.sqf // by Xeno private ["_p"]; _p = player; _p removeAction pbp_id; if (count player_backpack == 0) then { _primary = primaryWeapon _p; if (_primary != "") then { _mag_types = getArray(configFile>> "cfgWeapons" >> _primary >> "magazines"); _magazines = magazines _p; _mags_backpack = []; { if (_x in _mag_types) then {_mags_backpack = _mags_backpack + [_x]}; } forEach _magazines; _muzzles = getArray(configFile>> "cfgWeapons" >> _primary >> "muzzles"); if (count _muzzles == 2) then { _mag_types = getArray(configFile>> "cfgWeapons" >> _primary >> (_muzzles select 1) >> "magazines"); { if (_x in _mag_types) then {_mags_backpack = _mags_backpack + [_x]}; } forEach _magazines; }; player_backpack = [_primary, _mags_backpack]; _weapons = weapons _p; _pistol = ""; { scopeName "pistolsearch"; _base = inheritsFrom (configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> _x); for "_xs" from 1 to 3 do { if (configName _base == "Pistol") then { _pistol = _x; breakOut "pistolsearch"; }; _base = inheritsFrom (configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> (configName _base)); }; } forEach _weapons; if (_pistol != "") then { _p removeWeapon _pistol; }; { _p removeMagazine _x; } forEach _mags_backpack; _p removeWeapon _primary; _anim = animationState _p; WaitUntil {animationState player != _anim}; _s = format ["Weapon %1", getText(configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> _primary >> "displayName")]; if (_pistol != "") then { _p addWeapon _pistol; _p selectWeapon _pistol; }; pbp_id = _p addAction [_s, "dom\x_backpack.sqf",[],-1,false]; } else { // has no primary }; } else { // switch weapon _primary = primaryWeapon _p; if (_primary == "") then { { _p addMagazine _x; } forEach (player_backpack select 1); _p addWeapon (player_backpack select 0); _muzzles = getArray(configFile>>"cfgWeapons" >> (player_backpack select 0) >> "muzzles"); _p selectWeapon (player_backpack select 0); _p selectWeapon (_muzzles select 0); _s = format ["%1 to Backpack", getText(configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> (player_backpack select 0) >> "displayName")]; player_backpack = []; _p removeAction pbp_id; pbp_id = _p addAction [_s, "dom\x_backpack.sqf",[],-1,false]; } else { _mag_types = getArray(configFile>> "cfgWeapons" >> _primary >> "magazines"); _magazines = magazines _p; _mags_backpack = []; { if (_x in _mag_types) then {_mags_backpack = _mags_backpack + [_x]}; } forEach _magazines; _muzzles = getArray(configFile>> "cfgWeapons" >> _primary >> "muzzles"); if (count _muzzles == 2) then { _mag_types = getArray(configFile>> "cfgWeapons" >> _primary >> (_muzzles select 1) >> "magazines"); { if (_x in _mag_types) then {_mags_backpack = _mags_backpack + [_x]}; } forEach _magazines; }; { _p removeMagazine _x; } forEach _mags_backpack; _weapons = weapons _p; _pistol = ""; { scopeName "pistolsearch2"; _base = inheritsFrom (configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> _x); for "_xs" from 1 to 3 do { if (configName _base == "Pistol") then { _pistol = _x; breakOut "pistolsearch2"; }; _base = inheritsFrom (configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> (configName _base)); }; } forEach _weapons; if (_pistol != "") then { _p removeWeapon _pistol; }; _p removeWeapon _primary; sleep 1; _anim = animationState _p; WaitUntil {animationState player != _anim}; { _p addMagazine _x; } forEach (player_backpack select 1); if (_pistol != "") then { _p addWeapon _pistol; }; _p addWeapon (player_backpack select 0); _muzzles = getArray(configFile>> "cfgWeapons" >> (player_backpack select 0) >> "muzzles"); _p selectWeapon (player_backpack select 0); _p selectWeapon (_muzzles select 0); player_backpack = [_primary, _mags_backpack]; _s = format ["Weapon %1", getText(configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> _primary >> "displayName")]; pbp_id = _p addAction [_s, "dom\x_backpack.sqf",[],-1,false]; }; }; if (true) exitWith {}; x_setupbackpack.sqf // by Xeno private ["_p","_pos","_trigger","_s"]; if (!local player) exitWith {}; _p = player; _pos = position _p; player_backpack = []; pbp_id = -1000; _wCName = ""; _wDName = ""; _wModel = ""; _wType = ""; _wscope = ""; _wPic = ""; _wDesc = ""; prim_weap_player = primaryWeapon _p; _s = format ["%1 to Backpack", getText(configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> prim_weap_player >> "displayName")]; if (prim_weap_player != "") then { pbp_id = _p addAction [_s, "dom\x_backpack.sqf",[],-1,false]; }; // No Weapon fix for backpack _trigger = createTrigger["EmptyDetector" ,_pos]; _trigger setTriggerArea [0, 0, 0, false]; _trigger setTriggerActivation ["NONE", "PRESENT", true]; _trigger setTriggerStatements[ "primaryWeapon player != prim_weap_player"," prim_weap_player = primaryWeapon player; if (pbp_id != -1 && count player_backpack == 0) then {player removeAction pbp_id;pbp_id = -1;}; if (pbp_id == -1 && count player_backpack == 0 && prim_weap_player != """") then {pbp_id = player addAction [format [""%1 to Backpack"", getText(configFile >> ""cfgWeapons"" >> prim_weap_player >> ""displayName"")], ""dom\x_backpack.sqf"",[],-1,false];}; ",""]; while {true} do { waitUntil {!alive player}; _p = player; _weapons = weapons _p; _magazines = magazines _p; if (pbp_id != -1000) then { _p removeAction pbp_id; }; waitUntil {alive player}; _p = player; removeAllWeapons _p; {_p addMagazine _x;} forEach _magazines; {_p addWeapon _x;} forEach _weapons; _primw = primaryWeapon _p; if (_primw != "") then { _p selectWeapon _primw; _muzzles = getArray(configFile>>"cfgWeapons" >> _primw >> "muzzles"); _p selectWeapon (_muzzles select 0); }; if (count player_backpack == 0) then { _s = format ["%1 to Backpack", getText(configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> (primaryWeapon _p) >> "displayName")]; pbp_id = _p addAction [_s, "dom\x_backpack.sqf",[],-1,false]; } else { _s = format ["Weapon %1", getText(configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> (player_backpack select 0) >> "displayName")]; pbp_id = _p addAction [_s, "dom\x_backpack.sqf",[],-1,false]; }; }; if (true) exitWith {};
  3. BoomBoomSate

    Backpack Script

    Thanks for a reminder of a nice scripter Xeno. :-) Use this on the addaction preperaton to change to visual displayname: _configname = prim_weap_player; _s = format ["Weapon %1", getText(configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> _configname >> "displayName")]; (Change at appr. places in both scripts value of _configname to: prim_weap_player; primaryWeapon _p;(player_backpack select 0);_primary; Also use actiontext "weapon"/"to backpack" as applicable.) Thanks to nice ammoscript http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=12204
  4. We do let it run as admin... Why did we need a userconfig also on the server? I will try and get more specific details from the members that have issues on starting it, and report the issues seperately with their own details. Thank you very much for your quick response. The digging goes on!
  5. My 3PARA clan is trying to investigate the usage of ACRE now, but we get all differnet problems on installation. First problem started on our dedicated server, it needed a userconfig directory as well !!! Many running just 32-bit version can get it working (damn it sounds COOL & Realistic :-) ) Mostly the guys with a 64-bit OS have trouble! "Not connected TS3" is the most common problem. Also errors reported on DSOUND.DLL not being correct. Seems the file dsound.dll has different sizes for the different guys !!!! Mine is working (Vista 32bit), dsound.dll (in both rootfloder and JayArma2Lib and expansion/beta folder) is 93Kb reported by windows. We download from: http://dev-heaven.net/projects/a2ts3/files Tried both .RAR and .EXE for manual & auto installation. We run TS3 latest version as supplied by the autoupdater. (3.0.0-beta63 [build 12815] ) We do not use ACE. Any help is very much appreciated. (3PARA Teamspeak:
  6. BoomBoomSate

    editing domination

    Not adviseable to remove intro cam. I masks the startingup of many scripts when joining. Think it's controlled within the description.ext. (And it gives the proper credits to the original builder :-) )
  7. wandering oftopic i think ... :butbut: Depending on your windows version. Its probably a hiddenfolder. For Vista fe. it's: c:\users\BoomBoomSate\AppData\Local\Arma2 OA\MPMissionsCache Easiest to look for your arma errorlogifle: arma2oa.RPT :j:
  8. @LockJaw: Here at the 3para-gu clan, we love this domination and keep tweaking it continiously to our pleasure. We are a british based clan so we have integrated BAF. Also we place PSB's and IED's for more 'fun' ! We have a version on Takistan and Fallujah (V1.0) And NO ACE is needed! (not allowed on our server) :cool: We don't think our creations are for public release here on armaholic, because we don't want to go into any hassle with the huge community and think all credits belong with the original builders already present here. :o We www.3para-gu.com do have a public server up an running 24/7 which you can join, and then u will have that version in your local cache folder! Dig it up there, un-PBO the stuff and you can change it to your convenience! :eek: Again all credits belong to original builders like Xeno, Norrin, Shezan74, MrMurray, and all others that do supply wonderfull scripts, map & mods on armaholic. We are only able to do so because of the all the wonderfull releases here on Armaholic, and some little knowledge & great effort from one of our teammember 2Lt Rob. (We eagerly hope for a new Domination release)
  9. BoomBoomSate

    Fallujah 1.0

    Thanks for this wonderfull map-update Shezan74 ! Our mapmaker has already ported our Domination-NOACE (fe. with suicidebombers & IED's) to your new version Fallujah. Thanks for the headsup in advantage on our website. Quick impression: Damn nice map, good atmosphere in the city & surroundings with the extra objects :), and as could be expected, a little more lag :( I still love this map and i am curious how it will perform with 30 people running domination on it. You are welcome to join our public 3para-gu server anytime.
  10. BoomBoomSate

    Fallujah City

    Wooo, can't wait. Our 3PARA-GU clan is already enjoying the previous version very much. We gratefully use your material (and others) to build our own public & personal missions (ALL WITHOUT ACE). Fe we got BlackHawk Down, Domination, Takistan Force. It will be nice to rework those for your 1.0 version asap. Thanks you for your efforts, we are not worthy :)
  11. BoomBoomSate

    CO MCC USMC - All Island (generator)

    Not working for us. Getting ACE-kind errors, does it need it :-( ? (our server doesn;t like ACE)
  12. BoomBoomSate

    BattlEye Installers (A2:OA, A2: RFT, A2)

    We still have very many people being kicked of by battleye, whilst running domination. We didnt have this at all before. It seems quite random. First time they try to cennect they get kicked, second or third time without any changes, they geton without problems or oing issues! Also we get hackers while running battleye. Today i noticed our public server running uptodate battleye, was invested with a script kicking everyone login onto the game (even admin) O NOOOO :eek: Gone after a reboot, but still not desirable!!! ( error of unknown script in arma2.rpt: 17:19:52 Error in expression <} do { _luckyWinner = playableUnits select round(random(_cpt)); if (isPl> 17:19:52 Error position: <select round(random(_cpt)); if (isPl> 17:19:52 Error Zero divisor ) help !
  13. Just wanna say THANKS for a great build. Me and my whole 3para clan are lovin' it !
  14. BoomBoomSate

    Server Start up params - Yellow (?)

    To be honest, our fix (Blade73) was done on trial and error base. Today we again reinstalled our server (hosted by UKGAME, which seems to be a STEAM version !!!). I also reinstalled my local game to exactly the same 1.54 version (all from disc, not steam). And again the all files in EXPANSION/DTA are different (except the core.pbo & bisign) We replaced ALL files again with client version (including product.bin) and our server is green again and no "weird" errors in errorlog (profiles/arma2.rpt). So it works for us (3para.com) (make sure u pick the right dta folder, on the client there are 4 differnet Dta folders!!!! 1. Root of game directory /dta 2. expansion/dta (use this one!) 3: expansion/beta/dta 4: expansion/beta/expansion/dta ) Like said no real knowledge on my side, just logic. I would think the steamfiles are NO different than the disc version, only the way/location they are installed on the client. But thats just guessing ... We have given our solution to our provider UKGAME, and are awaiting there response on it. To me it seems they have a wrong/defective installer. (other arma2 server at UKGAME are all yellow as well !!!) Or could it be a steam issue indeed!
  15. BoomBoomSate

    Server Start up params - Yellow (?)

    I'm with Blade73. We finaly solved it on our CombOps server hosted by UKGAME, by doing a reinstall, upgrade to only 1.54 and then replacing all files in expansion/dta folder with the ones from a CLEAN installed client. ( just to make sure u dont copy old sh*t accross again :-) ) GREEN ICON , and publics can find us again :-) :-) :-) pchaxor, i'm not a expert but use spock-approach (logic). I dont understand why u have BAF in your -mod for the server. BAF-full is only needed clientside as far as I know, serverside has enough baf-lite content in version 1.54. Also the expansion in your -mod is strange to me. ANd don't get me started on ACE, nice as it is, it's a damn hassle keeping it working alright. My advise to you: start from scratch, install only originals and slowly progress to newer versions & addons/mods. It will cost you much less time to do that then figuring out what is causing your issue in this jungle of @#$:-/@*#-software :-) and gives solid ground to work & sleep over.