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    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    hehe yeah sorry. I know my english sucks hard. As it has been already told, I meant "stability" Excuse me Regards
  2. z0rrer0

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    Well, I think I understand your point. But I mainly refer to the base. I think all those things you mention can be established on a new engine base. I'm not talking bout changing everything. I think they can adapt those things to a new base. What I want bout that new engine base is: - Optimization. I don't wanna get the snipe out with an ACOG and see how my fps goes down to crap with an i7, 6GB RAM on triple channel and a GTX card. - Better stability - Better animations - Move fluid. I don't wanna take control of a robot. See how BF3 feels on that These changes are needed to have a real experience on this game. Everything acomplished is wonderful, that's why I love this game, it's incredible awesome. But I really think too that it needs some changes on the base to feel it even better. I don't care bout particles and those new physics and swimming and tank crates if I don't have a strong and fluid base to take them into. So for me, and in my humble opinion, what is needed first are those base changes. Don't patch the actual ArmA 2 to look better. If they do, It will become a game with pretty damn good features but unplayable. I hope you guys understand me Cya around
  3. z0rrer0

    Arma 3 engine

    Absolutely true +10
  4. z0rrer0

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    I'm not trolling, it's just my opinion. Could you explain yourself a bit more? Regards
  5. z0rrer0

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    All these things are ok but superfluous. In my opinion, all arma 3 needs is a brand new engine to keep the gameplay more fluid and immersive. Maybe a better netcode yeah and of course better AI behavior. But the main thing is the game engine... please make a new one from scratch Regards
  6. z0rrer0

    Alpha (Special Forces)

    Nice work. But why do they hold the weapons by the ammunition clip? xDD
  7. Hi, sorry if this has been already posted, anyway i couldnt find it... my question is about updating ACE on the server. Which is the best method to do this? you just have to overwrite the files with new ones by ftp on the server or is there another way more... automatic? Thanks in advance! : ]
  8. Hi gonza! First of all thanks a lot for this incredible editor. I use the panthera island version and I have a problem when using camera mode... I just can't get back to the menu. Is there any way to do this? Thanks in advance and regards, John