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  1. ah, thanks, i just got linked to that page and put it there, no idea where the rpt file is but ill have a browse on google for it's location. as for the install, it has been working fine until I used six updater to update things, and now i am getting all these issues, so can you elaborate as to how six might have messed up my installs?
  2. so I made a ticket, no one is responding, I haven't found any fix myself, and I'm still getting these missing module errors. ---------- Post added at 12:02 AM ---------- Previous post was Yesterday at 10:56 PM ---------- i also got the error to reappear it says: "no entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgMagazines.ACE_Earplugs'." had to take a photo of it, since who would want to take screenshots lol ¬¬
  3. where is the button to add a new ticket :/ there only seem to be filter options everywhere. I am registered + logged in etc. edit: found it as a new tab.
  4. ok, so i updated everything, even got six-updater to work, and now i get the correct equip menu, but now it has generated a new problem: even though my name in the .hpp is a direct paste from in-game, so there is absolutely nothing wrong with it at all, the game does not put the earplugs in my gear at the start of a mission. this is during a user made campaign designed to be used with ACE2, which always used to give me earplugs before i updated, i just had no way of putting them on before. in addition, every time the game starts up or i try and resume a mission it says it couldn't find "ace_module_easa" any idea what that is or where it comes from? ---------- Post added at 08:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:01 PM ---------- so i did some digging, and tried to use the earplugs in the armoury as a selected weapon, however when it tried to load the scene it came up with an error saying that it couldn't find some cfg file in the binaries folder, and wouldn't show the error any more than that one time, so i don't know the exact address it was looking at. I'm guessing this is the issue, the question is how do i fix it? i have run six-updater about 4 times with various settings to force all the ace related files to be updated, and nothing has worked, even though the ace files have all been updated fully.
  5. i will do that, shame i cant get those auto updater's to work, off to armaholic ¬¬
  6. ace claims to be version 366, acex - 245, cba - 102, not sure what "RPT" is.
  7. yeah i don't get that all, just "bipod/rest weapon" and "wind direction"
  8. it isn't there, at least that's what the app key brings up for me, the one with "rest weapon" and "check wind" right? so unless there is a 3rd menu or a second app key...
  9. hey, I cant seem to get earplugs to work, I've double checked my profile name, and it is written correctly in the .hpp file. I have earplugs in my gear, but there is no option to wear them, in either the action menu or the "equipment/player" menu, what's wrong?
  10. Neo Prophet

    cd key conversion from binary

    good point, it is indeed not in the folder, do the files just go in /arma 2/? or a sub dir?
  11. Neo Prophet

    cd key conversion from binary

    well the game runs, however i cant seem to join any mp games, either complaining about missing dlc (mods im guessing?) or sometimes kicking me out the game after downloading the mission, and loading the game, ie just after the load would otherwise complete, it kicks me, no information given. the key is fine, and if that is the only place the key is stored, them im guessing its just because i haven't downloaded popular mods like ACE and set up any options, i just patched the game to 107 and when straight to multiplayer. will have a go again once I've downloaded ACE and set stuff up.
  12. Neo Prophet

    cd key conversion from binary

    so i put the new cd key in hex, in the right reg location, and it's not giving me "wrong CD key" when i try and patch the game to 1.07, is this a patch issue or a key issue? EDIT: sorry, scratch this, needed to change a 2 to a 3 ¬¬
  13. Neo Prophet

    cd key conversion from binary

    awesome, does that mean it is not a checksum, and will substitute the installation key fine? i don't want to start kicking my friend off servers i try and join with him :P
  14. Neo Prophet

    cd key conversion from binary

    could anyone at least confirm if this is just a checksum, and thus not retraceable to the original key?