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    OS suggestions plz

    WOW - thanks! I wouldn't have believed that if i hadn't just tried it. I switched HT off in BIOS and re-tried Win 7 RC Once initial model/texture load has concluded, NO STUTTER. So there definitely appears to be a problem with HT, Win 7 RC (in my case 64-bit) and this game. HT can be enabled in XP 32-bit with no obvious stuttering, so what is Win 7 doing differently? The game code is surely IDENTICAL? So i'm not sure who's issue this is to fix? Is this something Microsoft needs to look at? Are there other good examples where HT causes similar problems?
  2. Merefield

    OS suggestions plz

    My experience does not concur with this. I get terrible "Juddervision" (stutter) in Win 7 RC, no such issues with XP 32-bit. My rig is: 920 Core i7/6 Gig/GTX295 Very odd!
  3. Who's theory? I dual boot and can play in both XP and Win 7 RC. Only difference is O/S and drivers. Experience in XP is far smoother than Win 7 RC. IMPLICATION: Win 7 RC display drivers are in need of significant optimisation.
  4. To be fair its probably a display driver issue. Wait until Nvidia and ATI have optimised their drivers for this game. It runs on 64 bit XP very well (see above).
  5. So ArmA II doesn't have any DX10 enhancements? XP and Win 7 LOOK the same on all settings? Yes, as i said, 32 bit XP works well with ArmA II - it runs smooth as butter on my 920 Core i7/GTX295/6Gig rig, just not when i boot to Windows 7 RC, which is a shame, but i look forward to updated drivers I don't mind only 30FPS if its consistent, just not the present JUDDERVISION, its unbearable in Win 7
  6. XP? I think its Nvidia's drivers at fault on Win 7 RC.
  7. This i have concluded, is good advice. But necessity might be short lived. My bet is that Win 7 drivers just need an update to address preformance issues. Given that ArmA II is the "game stress test" of the day i'm fairly sure Nvidia and friends will be focussing on it right now ...
  8. OK i just did this (created XP 32-bit system partition, set it up with latest Nvidia drivers) and guess what? Results were interesting! Smooth game with almost everything except FSAA and Anisotropic on "Very High" @ 1920x1200!! Of course, on XP you may lose out on some graphical nice-to-haves (are there DX10 optimisations?) but the scenes were so complex I couldn't tell. So effectively this was an IDENTICAL setup, aside from running on XP 32-bit instead of Windows 7 RC 64-bit. So now i'm thinking its either the DX10 path, Win 7 RC, or the Win 7 RC Nvidia drivers that are causing the problem. I think we're closing in!!! This pretty much proves its NOT the core game code, the GTX295 card or the Core i7 chip causing the problem. So whilst a lot of ppl here are giving BIS a hard time, perhaps its the drivers afterall?!? ---------- Post added at 11:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:41 PM ---------- This didn't work for me
  9. You could dual boot ... now where's my old XP disk .... lol
  10. Hmmmm, given 200 series cards are so popular amongst true enthusiasts (as are latest ATI cards), it would have made sense for BIS to have worked with the hardware vendors during a test phase prior to release, dont you think? So yeah, if we need updated drivers, fine, but couldn't BIS have anticipated the issues a bit better? They can surely afford a few different configs to test on? The number of posters with issues suggests a real lack of a good testing strategy.
  11. The simplest and most current solution is to replay/play ArmA 1!! :) With my Core i7/GTX295/Win7RC/6Gig rig i get horrible unplayable stuttery performance with ArmA II.... ...30 FPS would be fine if it were consistent, but YUK, its not! ... ...even the opening menu aircraft carrier automated fly-past is JUDDERVISION! .... ...But on ArmA 1 (Version 1.16 Beta) i can max everything out and its super smooth, with incredible view distance and terrain complexity, and no balance issue with AI seeing through eye-candy-ridiculous long grass which i can't do! OK, its not the perfect solution, but will tie you over. It was a pleasure to return to the smoothness of Arma 1 in fact. Enjoy PS BIS, please let us know when we can return to ArmA II, thanks!